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WatchPoint has introduced, a new cyber security tool aimed at protecting businesses from harmful ransomware that infiltrates computer networks and hijacks valuable data. protects business networks from all forms of ransomware, saving money and time resulting from lost or stolen data. protection

CryptoStopper safeguards the most critical aspect of a business, its data. Our system of traps and decoys is more than just defense. It lowers the time-to-discovery, and gives an advantage over the attackers, said Greg Edwards, Founder and CEO at WatchPoint.

Exclusive Network Protection from the Inside-Out is a dedicated solution for the ransomware problem. Unlike anti-virus which requires signatures, is a signature-less system that stops ransomware seconds after it's started. CryptoStopper.ioTM gives businesses and technicians a way to test the product before buying it with a free trial and a safe ransomware simulation system to test and existing defenses.

Deception Technology seeds the network with files to encrypt, creating a trap for ransomware. When ransomware encrypts the seed files, detects the activity and isolates the threat.

Signature-Less Traditional antivirus relies on a signature to detect a threat, an approach that is all or nothing. Either the threat is stopped, or the threat causes maximum damage. is signature-less and uses the encryption process of ransomware as a trigger to mitigate the damage.

Bait and Switch Turn the tables on would-be attackers using their own encryption technology against them. Bait and switch the hackers using the WatchPoint decoy files.

Cyber-crime is at an all-time high, and the numbers are staggering. Over a million new threats are launched every day. Traditional anti-virus failure rates are greater than 50%. The average time-to-discovery of a network threat occurrence is 203 days. detects ransomware threats in-progress and removes the workstation from the network. WatchPoint's solution is able to fill the gap between perimeter defenses and the exposed internal networks of the businesses it serves.

Today's cyber criminals are more malicious than ever, Edwards said. Companies have massive amounts of critical data and information that are accessible and vulnerable to attacks. WatchPoint is dedicated to helping these companies maintain security and control over their data. Our solution is affordable even to the smallest of businesses and will save them money, time and in some cases their reputation.

Edwards, a serial tech entrepreneur, launched WatchPoint in 2015 after selling his former data backup and disaster recovery company, Axis Backup to J2 Global (NASDAQ: JCOM). While leading Axis Backup, Edwards and his trained team of data engineers saw firsthand the rapid increase in damage that cyber criminals were causing with debilitating malware, which resulted in high costs for vulnerable companies. Edwards understands effective cyber security can save businesses costly downtime and compromised systems. WatchPoint was established to focus exclusively on cyber security. is just one of the tools available today, with more on the horizon.

About WatchPoint

WatchPoint is the only cyber security company to use true deception technology against ransomware. The company's mission is to protect your business from the most common and prevalent cyber attacks with inside-out technology. WatchPoint was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA.

For more information, visit or call 319/383-0165.
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Publication:Computer Security Update
Date:Sep 1, 2016

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