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WATCH IT RUSELL CROWE and Ryan Gosling make for an engaging team in The Nice Guys (tonight, ITV, 10.45pm).

Hired heavy Jackson Healy (Crowe) is paid by a young woman called Amelia Kuttner (Margaret Qualley) to scare off the low-rent private detective Holland March (Gosling), who has been asking for her around town.

The first meeting of these two men ends in bloodshed and broken bones, but they reluctantly agree to work together when Amelia vanishes without trace.

Unfortunately, a hitman called John Boy (Matt Bomer) is also on her trail. The Nice Guys is an enjoyable caper set in sexually liberated 1977 Los Angeles. Crowe and Gosling eat up writer-director Shane Black's snappy dialogue as they gleefully contend with fashions of the era.

Playing nice: Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 22, 2019
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