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WATCH: Elderly Japanese man bashed online for dirty act on fellow train passenger.

A video showing an old man flicking his pubic hair at a sleeping train passenger was uploaded on social media and has been receiving negative feedback among Japanese netizens.

According to Japanese news outlet Jin via SoraNews24, the video was uploaded by Twitter user @momo773716. The video clip, appearing to be shot from a smartphone camera, showed an elderly Japanese man on a train unzip his pants and flick what was believed to be his pubic hair at a sleeping passenger beside him.

Momo described the passenger as a high school girl or 'joshi kosei,' (JK): 'Oh no! The JK is getting sprinkled with pubic hair.' The man in the video repeatedly plucked pubic hair from his crotch, examined it and flicked it at the girl's head without a second thought until the video ended.

When noted by one commenter at how well he shot the video, @momo773716 said he found it in YouTube first, then shared it on his account.

'You really got a nice video. That old man is the worst. The girl is cute though.' Image: Screen grab of comment from Twitter/@momo773716

One artist quickly adapted the 'salt bae' meme to match the circumstances.

Image: Screen grab of comment from Twitter/@momo773716

But while a few netizens managed to poke fun, majority were still disgusted by the act and did not mince words in expressing their thoughts.

One commenter aired her concern because she rides the train everyday.

Image: Screen grab of comment from Twitter/@momo773716

'Wait, what's with this guy? I ride the morning train a lot, he opened his trousers and fiddled with his thing. The bastard,' said @TSUBASA66322061.

Some asked about whether the man's act should be punishable by law.

Image: Screen grab of comment from Twitter/@momo773716

'Isn't this a crime? That's creepy,' asked @mikanmama94.

Image: Screen grab of comment from Twitter/@momo773716

'Let's hope these kinds of things can be dealt with legally. It might go unnoticed and I feel sorry for high school girls,' said @eitobiito.

The Twitter post featuring the video has already received over 50,000 retweets, as of this writing.

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Date:Sep 18, 2017
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