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WATCH: Characters reunite to show Arnold love in 'Hey Arnold: the Jungle Movie' sneak peek.

90s kids who grew up with the show 'Hey Arnold' love it because main man Arnold is earnestly cool and selfless to everyone in his neighborhood and PS 118.

Serious nostalgia hit 'Hey Arnold' fans when a TV movie and new character designs were revealed in the 2016 San Diego Comic Convention.

Here are the Hey Arnold Movie character designs Craig Bartlett revealed at our #NickAnimation25 #SDCC panel!

- Nick Animation (@NickAnimation) July 21, 2016

'Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie' is set a year after the last episode, placing Arnold and friends in the fifth grade. It will answer the mystery behind Arnold's parents' disappearance in a jungle, a pain point for him throughout the series.

In the 2017 Comic-Con, Nickelodeon unveiled a clip from the movie where characters are gathered to celebrate Arnold for helping them out-and also serves as a review of the show's most memorable episodes.

Hey Arnold

Image: Screen grab via Youtube/Nickelodeon

BFF Gerald with an updated 'do is behind the surprise video, which starts with the cowardly Stoop Kid who never left his stoop because of deep-seated insecurities.

Rich girl Rhonda, reclusive Pigeon Man, and washed-up singer Dino Spumoni whose career Arnold helped revive were some of the personalities who thanked the football head.

The video turns out to be an entry to win a trip to the fictional country of San Lorenzo in Central America where he believes his parents went missing.

The children's show ran from 1994 to 2004 and tackled heavy themes like broken families, bullying and personal struggles with a slew of multidimensional characters.

The movie is set to be released in 2017.

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