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WATCH: 'Downward Dog' Season 1 Finale Sneak Peek.

Martin (voiced by Samm Hodges) finds himself lost in the forest in the Season 1 finale of ABC's "Downward Dog."

In a ( sneak peek from the episode, Nan (Allison Tolman) bravely roams the woods with a flashlight in hand to look for his pet dog, Martin. "Come on buddy! Come on back!" a worried Nan shouts.

Elsewhere in the forest, Martin regrets his decision to wander the forest by himself. "Things don't quite go as it planned," the scared dog tells the camera. "I guess one of the things that I didn't realize is that there's no one out here to turn on the lights or to put out the pillows. ... And honestly, whoever designed the food system [in here] really dropped the ball. [There's like] uneven distribution [because] I can't find anything out here. And there lots of creatures making scary, scary sounds. I'm pretty sure there's definitely something in the lake and I couldn't hear Nan anymore." 

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The ( synopsis for the season finale (Season 1, episode 8) reveals that Nan goes on a vacation with Martin to take a break from the pressures of a major decision at work and the mess she's made of her life. On the way to their destination, Nan stops by her estranged father's place in the country, hoping to say hi and go. But when she discovers that he's selling the family home, Nan stays longer that she expected.

While Nan tries to pack up some childhood treasures, Nan's dad takes Martin out for a walk, but Martin runs off into the woods, hoping to prove he's wild and free like a wolf.  He later realizes that he's not a wolf, but a dog that is lost.

In ( Season 1, episode 6 , Nan shared with her best friend Jenn (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) that she hasn't seen her father in three years. At the end of the episode, after watching a video of her when she was 7, Nan finally decided to call her dad.

"Downward Dog" Season 1, episode 8 airs back-to-back with the show's ( Season 1, episode 7 on Tuesday,  June 27  starting at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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