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 WASHINGTON, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. David Green issued the following:
 Dr. David Green, a Washington dermatologist and hair transplant specialist, today announced that he is suing the C&P Telephone Company for $5 million in damages for business lost as a result of the telephone company's misconduct in failing to correct mistakes in the Yellow Pages, the White Pages and Directory Assistance over a period of seven years.
 The case will be heard in the D.C. Superior Court and, if successful, will be a precedent-setting case, opening the door for other businesses and consumers to take court action in similar cases.
 What began in 1985 with a simple mistake has, for Green, turned into a costly seven-year consumer battle between C&P Telephone Company on the one hand and a small business owner on the other. Over the past seven years, C&P Telephone Company:
 -- listed disconnected numbers for Green's practice in the Yellow Pages, White Pages, the Directory "Physicians and Surgeons Guide" and Directory Assistance;
 -- in 1988, listed Green's office address and telephone number at a hospital with which he has never had an affiliation;
 -- in 1990, omitted Green from various directories completely;
 -- omitted Green's business name from the various directories;
 -- listed incorrect numbers and then failed to provide call forwarding to the correct number despite assurances from C&P senior management.
 During the seven year fiasco, Green continued to pay up to $1,100 a month for bold and special listings while maintaining a regular and detailed stream of correspondence with Bell Atlantic and C&P executives in an endeavor to correct the situation. The documented correspondence includes assurances from senior C&P management that corrective action would be taken -- action that never occurred and, in at least one instance, further exacerbated the situation.
 The C&P errors first came to light when Green, a nationally renowned specialist in the field of sclerotherapy who has been written up in The New York Times, USA Today, Business Week, McCalls and the Washingtonian Magazine, failed to receive any phone call inquiries what-so-ever as a result of the press coverage he was receiving.
 It was only when a patient -- who managed to obtain the correct telephone number through a referral -- expressed that it was "impossible" to locate him in the telephone books and with directory assistance, did Green first realize there was a problem.
 So began the "David vs. Goliath" saga which has now gone to the D.C. Superior court for resolution.
 Green is seeking $5 million to compensate him for revenue lost as a direct result of C&P's actions.
 C&P Yellow Pages claim that their Yellow Pages advertising generates higher returns over the long term than either television or newspaper advertising. The C&P figures are confirmed by independent studies, including a 1991 Gallup Study which showed that 96 percent of Washington-area residents rely on the C&P Yellow Pages to provide serve numbers each week.
 "As I have struggled with the telephone company bureaucracy, I have been met at every corner with indifference, unresponsiveness and a failure to communicate -- the ultimate irony for a company in the business of communications," Green stated today.
 "It is my intention to pave the way for others to be compensated when errors extend beyond one month -- even up to seven years! C&P Telephone has to learn that they cannot ignore their customers. It's time for them to put their money where their mouth is!" he said.
 -0- 6/2/93
 /CONTACT: Bill Stern, 202-333-4040, for Dr. David Green/

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Date:Jun 2, 1993
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