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The touching messages of love and support from Record readers to our brave troops in the Gulf are still flooding in. Here is the latest batch


Tell us about your loved ones in the Gulf - call us on 0141 309 3251


We'll print your messages .

Text on 07740 101 101 or email

I am praying for all of you..stay strong for us and Iraqi innocent

Megan, Fife

Good luck to all our British troops, especially TPR Callum Griffiths of Scots DG - Love Sam and your wee nephew Ryan x.

To my best mate Scott, who is serving with the RAF. Keep your chin up lad and come home soon. Respect to you and all of the forces. See you soon - Joe, Glasgow.

Edward Green, First Battalion, Black Watch. Thinking of you. Take care - love the family from Blairhall.

To my wee brother Scott, 21, Scotland RAF. Miss you. Stay safe. So proud of you. Lots of love - Big Sis Joanne xxx.

Good luck Billy. Keep your chin up and watch your back, hope to see you home safely - Lots of love grandpa and Joanne xxx.

To L/cpl Robert Salmond and the rest of the valley boys in the Black Watch. Take care - Lots of love Denise, Valleyfield.

To Steven Scoular and Colin Russell, thinking about you. Come home safe - Luv auntie Shani, uncle Tam, Nana, Pamela, Ashley, Wee Harry.

To my son, LAC Scott MacGillivray, RAF Lossie. Thinking of you 24-7. Stay safe. So proud of you. God bless you and all the troops in the Gulf - Mum, Glasgow.

Cpl Dave Dimmock, 7th Armoured Brigade. I love you so much and really miss you. Can't wait until you're home - Luv Lynn xxx.

L/cpl Sheree McAuslan, 32 Engineer Regiment. Hurry up and come home sis, so we can get back to partying. Missing you loads. Take care - Love Donna xxx Bonnybridge.

To Sgt Gary Bissett, Love You. Missing you lots - All The Family.

To Gordon Sangster of 7 BTY 42 CDO RM. Thinking of you every day, miss you like crazy. And to all the lads and lasses, come home safe. Luv you G! - Lorna xxx.

To my babe, Tony Baird. Happy 21st. Love you forever - Kate xxx.

Private Barry Candlish and Private David McBride and the rest of the valley boys of the Black Watch. Thinking of you all the time - Love Mum,Dad, Angela and Cole xxxxxx.

To my son Dean Robertson 45 CDO simply the best. Take care and come home safe. Lots of love - Mum, John and all the family XXX.

Trooper David Steel, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. God bless and keep safe - April, Scott and the boys xxx.

Dear Jason P Sumner, our dear uncle, we miss you and look forward to you coming home soon. Love you, our hero - Rose, Holly and Laura, Lancashire.

To Corporal Kevin Brooke RLC. Thinking of you. Come home safe - Love from Aunty Mary, Tracey and Michelle.

Tam Spence and Alex Fitz, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, thinking of you both. Take care - Love George and Nicky xx.

W.O. 1 David Bruce 1st Black Watch. Thinking of you. Take care - Love Mum and all from Arbroath.

L/Cpl Sheree McAuslan, 32 Reg. Thinking of you day night. We are all very proud of you. Come home safe and sound - Nana fae Falkirk xxxx.

Natalie, Lynsey and Jodie. We're very proud of you and every other member of the armed forces fighting in Iraq xxxxx See you soon.

Happy birthday David, 25 on March 27. Serving with RAF supply squadron. Miss you and hope you stay safe and keep well. Lots of love - Mum, Dad, Gordon, Rachel.

To Uncle Tam and cousin Ducky Alex RSDG, good luck - Love George and Chloe.

To Corporal Stevie Airzee. Thinking about you every day. Hurry back so we can go for a swally - K and W Conners and family.

To Duncan Stevenson, para. Thinking of you every day. God speed you all safely home. Take care - all our love Vicki, Jocelyn and Joanne xXx.

Colin Russell, do what you have to do and get back here to a get a drink - love your wee cousin Derek.

To my brother Barry McCullow, Black Watch, I am so proud of you all. Lots of love - Jen, lnverkeithing, Fife.

John Todd, 221 Sqd, we love and miss you loads babe. Come home safe and soon - Joyce and Kerry xxx.

To Robert Kane, lots of love. Take care. Hope to see you soon - Mum, Dad, and Jodie xxx.

To Jamie Brennan, Royal Scots Guards. Take care and stay safe, thinking of you - Love from Kerry xx.

Wishing the best to all the men and women of the British military. We are thinking of you all and wish you a safe journey back home.

Never prayed before but I am now, for each and every one of you. Stay strong for our country and the Iraqi innocent - Megan, Fife.

To all on the HMS Ocean, especially Kenny MacLeay from Isle of Lewis. Be safe and hurry home. Love and God's blessing - from Ma, Nicola and family xx.

Best of luck to my bonnie wee boy, CFN Robert Kane REME - Love Granny Gray xx.

Sapper Alan Faulds. Take care - Love from Michael, Lis, Michael, Kirsty, Steven, Clair and Carol.

Alan Faulds, Royal Engineers. We are with you every step of the way. See you soon - Ian, Catrina, Paul and Catherine, Cumbernauld.

To Man, Junior, Rat, Fat Matt, Skippy, Mowell, Greenie, Wee Man, Sandy, Jagger, Cherry and Kev in Scots DG. Keep safe - from Bobo.

Uncle Martin Fraser HMS York, keep safe. Thinking of you see you soon - Shaun and family.

To Sgt Mark Smith of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. I am living for you coming home to me and our family. May God keep you safe. I love and miss you - Ashleen xxx.

Sheds, 45 Commando. Miss you - Shabba, Mouse, KD, Chip, P-nut, Nerak, Pat, Pammy, Elaine, Jen and the bump!

To all troops in Iraq. We're backing you all the way. Take care, especially Mike Davies 7 Tpt Rgmt - Love from the Scottie XXX .

To my baby, Chris. Miss you lots, thinking of you. Love you - Jennifer xxx.

L/Cpl Sheree Mcauslan, hurry home so we can get back to partying!


Sgt Mark Smith, I am living for you coming home to me and our family

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 31, 2003
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