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WAPDA seeks NoC from Punjab to resale spoil bank land of Ghazi Barotha.

Byline: Pervaiz Awan

TARBELA GHAZI -- WAPDA has sought NoC from the Punjab government for resale of Spoil Bank land of Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project to their original owners which had become spare from WAPDA usage after completion of the project.

According to the details, Ghazi Barotha Hydro Power Project is one of the most important and vital hydel power projects in the existing energy crises situation of the country which has capability to contribute 1450 M.W electricity in the national grid during all the 12 months of the year without sustaining any affect of less or low water level in the water reservoir due to its designing.

Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project with a generation capacity of 1450 MW and an average energy output of 6600 GWH is located on the Indus River downstream of Tarbela Dam in Distt. Attock (Punjab) at a distance of 92.7 KM from Islamabad. The project was completed during the fiscal year 2003-2004. This is a major run of river and environmentally sustainable project designed to meet the acute shortage of peak power demand in the country.

Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project is spread in two provinces from Ghazi (KP) to Barotha, Attock (Punjab) on more than 52 km area. During the digging of its 30 feet deep, 300 feet wide and 52 kilometer long Power Channel WAPDA had acquired a huge quantity of extra land along with the both side of the power channel for dumping the excavated material and mud of power channel which include some 2500 kanal land in KP and more than 12000 kanal land in Punjab area.

According to the Resettlement Action Plan specially prepared for the Ghazi Barotha Project on the recommendation of the loaning agency World Bank and with the approval of the government of Pakistan, WAPDA had to resale back the land of spoil banks to its original land owners after completion of the project and its usage. After the completion of Ghazi Barotha Project during the financial year 2003-04 WAPDA had already re-sold almost all land exist in the province of KP to their original land owners where as re-sale of spoil banks in the Punjab area was still pending due to non issuance of NOC from the Punjab government. WAPDA had asked several time to the Punjab government and a series of the meetings had also been held between the WAPDA and government of Punjab for issuance of NOC for resale of the spoil Bank but remained the matter inconclusive so fore.

Later when matter was brought in to the notice of existing Chairman WAPDA Lt: General (R) Muzamil Hussain after taking over his charge as WAPDA Chief some while back, he took a serious notice of the matter and started his efforts for resolving the longly outstanding issue on highest level.

The Chairman WAPDA Lt: General (R) Muzamil Hussain had now sent again a letter to the Chief Secretary Punjab for issuance of NOC while describing the all situation and history of the case. The chairman WAPDA also explained in his letter that maintenance and complete rehabilitation of the spoil bank land which was spread over 40 kilometers in the Punjab area had become difficult for the project authority due to lack of funds and other resource.

It was further explained in the letter that original owners of the spoil banks area land had become aggravated and were agitating over delay in re-sale process as KPK government had issued NOC for re-sale of the spoil Bank land in 2006 and all most all land in KP province had been re-soled to their original land owners whereas matter for re-sale of spoil banks situated in the Punjab area was delaying due to non issuance of the NOC. It is worth mentioning here that WAPDA would get an amount of more than 500 million rupees from the re-sale of the spoil bank land existing in the Punjab area.
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 15, 2017
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