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WE ENJOYED the Ellis/Fuoss exercise on the power of the press, as we always do when the press in question happens to be Scholastic Coach, even though we occasionally wind up with a little egg on our face.

Our most embarrassing moment occurred in the spring of 1989 when we decided to invite several of the most famous football coaches in America to write something special for us.

We started with a letter to Bill Walsh, the guru behind the West Coast Offense. Would he care to enlarge on the marvelous invention with which he laid waste to the NFL?

His response floored us. Check his letter on this page. Bill Walsh was a Scholastic Coach alumnus. How could we have forgotten that!

We rushed to our card file and found three entries under his name: "May 1961: Multi-Stage Passing Action (#1)"; "June 1961: Multi-Stage Passing Action (#2)"; "September 1964: Scouting and Exploiting Your Opponents' Kicking Game."
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Title Annotation:Bill Walsh writes
Author:Masin, Herman L.
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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