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 ATLANTA, Oct. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Wallpaper Atlanta, an Atlanta-based

division of Mobile Paint Manufacturing Co., Inc., located in Mobile, Ala., today acquired Myron Dwoskin's Wallcoverings of Atlanta.
 The firms are privately held and terms were not disclosed.
 "This acquisition will give us greater opportunities to provide complete decorating services to the Atlanta market, while allowing customers to benefit in their decorating needs from our stronger buying power and customer service capabilities," said Robert A. Williams, president of Mobile Paint. "Atlanta is a growing market and we want to be positioned for providing full service to our customers throughout the area."
 Wallpaper Atlanta, which began operations in 1977, has 18 stores in Atlanta and one in Athens, while Dwoskin's has 15 stores in Atlanta. Together, these stores employ about 120 people and will be the largest group of home decorating stores in the Atlanta market specializing in wallcoverings, window treatments and decorating accessories. The two groups of stores will continue to operate under their respective names.
 "Myron Dwoskin's is a natural fit to our company because it has strong management and a high visibility in Atlanta," said Williams, who acquired Wallpaper Atlanta about 2-1/2 years ago and has seen the division grow steadily in that time under the direction of Bobby Williams, Atlanta Division manager. "The Dwoskin's name has been associated with quality wallcoverings in Atlanta for almost 70 years, and we're proud to have them join us."
 Dwoskin's Wallcoverings will become part of the Atlanta Division of Mobile Paint, with Myron Dwoskin remaining a part of the management team. Existing employees and management of Dwoskin's will remain in place. The acquisition will not disrupt customer service or warranties of either group of stores in any way, plus all service and orders will be fulfilled completely.
 "Dwoskin's currently offers wallcoverings in either an installed or a do-it-yourself version," said Williams. "We now plan to extend this Dwoskin procedure to our Wallpaper Atlanta stores. It will enable us to offer designer quality to customers at either installed or do-it- yourself prices, at all 33 locations."
 Mobile Paint is a regional paint manufacturer which markets in 12 southern states as well as the Caribbean and Central America. Its products are marketed under the "BLP" name (which stands for Beautiful, Lasting and Preservative) to the residential, commercial, industrial, marine and special specification markets. The company, founded in 1921, employs over 400 people in five divisions -- retail, trade sales, industrial, international and wallcoverings.
 -0- 10/9/92
 /CONTACT: Peter G. Mathon of Mathon and Associates, 404-352-8015, for Wallpaper Atlanta/ CO: Wallpaper Atlanta; Myron Dwoskin's Wallcoverings of Atlanta; Mobile
 Paint Manufacturing Co., Inc. ST: Georgia IN: REA SU: TNM

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Date:Oct 9, 1992

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