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WALES IN A WEEK ... Welsh New Year Honours.

What's the real purpose of the New Year's Honours list?

That's easy. Its purpose is to help hard-pressed editors fill their newspapers and broadcasting slots.

But there's plenty of other news.

Not on New Year's Eve there isn't. Everyone's out getting drunk instead of robbing,murdering, organising invasions or concocting whopping political fibs. All you get is the Pope or somebody hoping we'll have a peaceful New Year. The Pope is big news! The Pope is no news at all if he's saying what everyone expects him to say. News is the unexpected, the unknown.That's why the Daily Post tells you about houses that catch fire rather than list the ones that don't.

That means the Press is biased towards bad news?

Would you really bother to read a story that began: ``No homes in Anglesey burned down yesterday and no heroic dads rescued their children from the blazing ...''? So it's all a conspiracy between the Queen and journalists?

Exactly. Next to her corgis, there's nothing the Queen cares about more than ensuring that the editor and staff of the Daily Post have enough stories to publish on New Year's Day. Sad thing is,all the readers are too hung-over tocare. Tomorrow ...Dishonour List
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 8, 2004
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