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DRAMATIC photos and video footage shot by a North Wales woman shows the damage and devastation caused by the Chinese earthquake.

Judy Ling Wong from Llanberis was visiting the world-famous Wolong Giant Panda Reserve, when the quake struck.

Judy was just 20 miles from the epicencre of the quake which killed more than 70,000 people and made hundreds of thousands homeless.

The 58-year-old director of the Black Environment Network (BEN)was among a group which had to spend 72-hours on a bus before being airlifted to safety.

After returning home late on Monday evening she has given the Daily Post exclusive access to her photographs and videos.

It showed holiday stills of her with the party before the devastating quake hit.

The video shows her at the reserve with the pandas playing - all seemed well. Then there are stills of rocks falling as the disaster struck.

Video footage shows people in temporary accommodation in the aftermath, with others huddled round fires to keep warm. It also shows rubble from cracked and collapsed buildings littering the road side.

Following her terrifying ordeal Judy said: "We looked at each other and tried to comfort each other though we didn't know the others very well.

"It was a miracle that none of us were hurt.

The rocks flew right over our heads. And none of us had even a scratch."

Now she hopes to set up a link between North Wales and the nature reserve to raise funds for restoration work and help develop their facilities.

Judy said: "Supporting and giving money to the centre means driving the economy of the whole area through restoring the major tourist attraction and the important research and protection of this endangered animal.

"BEN would like to link as an organisation to the Wolong Panda Nature Reserve and fundraise for them.

"I'd like to see the development of a panda club. Maybe later we can go and visit to see the progress of repair.

Three of the pandas are missing, believed killed by the earthquake.

Five staff members were killed and the animals' homes were badly damaged, but most of the 60 or so pandas survived.

A reserve spokesman said some of the pandas were still acting nervously, eating and sleeping less since the quake.

He said: "Rescuing the missing pandas and taking care of the others in the centre are our top priorities now."


See a selection of Judy's pictures and video of the dramatic earthquake at...


Judy's picture of the disaster (main) and other snaps show her sightseeing on the Great Wall of China (top), just after the quake (middle) and fleeing the devastation
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
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Date:May 22, 2008
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