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WALES: I will kill myself if they send me back; SOLDIER'S THREAT OVER BULLYING HELL.


A SOLDIER claims he was driven to attempt suicide to escape army bullies.

The 18-year-old fusilier from Bethesda claims he was head butted and then thrown through a partition wall by a higher ranking officer.

The teenager, who did not want to be named, says he needed stitches to his eye after the incident while he was serving abroad with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

He says he was hauled in to be reprimanded after a drinking binge landed him in hospital, but he claims the officer launched into a violent attack.

Back on duty he says he was regularly sent for "beastings" (unofficial "punishments") over the state of his uniform and was regularly "picked on" during parade.

Then back in the UK he claims a senior officer launched an attack on him punching him in the head.

Three weeks ago he says he tried to take his own life by swallowing six packets of pain killers in his barracks.

He was taken to hospital, and then sent home to recover. He has now been temporarily signed off from active service, and psychiatrists are assessing him to see whether he can return to army duties.

Speaking to the Daily Post last night, the solider says he will kill himself if he is sent back to base.

He said: "I don't want to go back into the army now, I will shoot myself or attempt suicide again if they try and send me back."

His ordeal mirrors the case of his older brother Welsh Guardsman Darren Williams who last year took an overdose claiming he could not cope with being "bullied."

The Williams' family withdrew allegations that Darren had been bullied and humiliated in September, on the advice of their solicitor who said there was not enough evidence to go ahead with a case.

But yesterday their mum Elen said she was determined to get justice for her younger son, and has lodged a fresh complaint about his latest claims with the MoD.

Speaking from the family's home yesterday the fusilier said: "I was involved in an accident when I was serving (abroad), I fell off the back of a Landrover and suffered a serious head injury. I was in intensive care and it was touch and go.

"I was sent home to recover for two months and when I went back, I went out and got very drunk with my friends to the point where I ended up in hospital where I was kept in overnight.

"Because of this I was called in by a senior officer. He butted me and threw me into a wall and I had to have stitches above my eye.

"After that, I was constantly getting picked on during parade and was sent for beastings for the state of my kit, even though there was nothing wrong with it."

He added: "Then I was sent for another beasting then called back into the office where the officer punched me repeatedly in the head. That night I decided I'd had enough and wanted to end it all so I took the pills."

The teenager joined the army when he was 16

Mrs Williams said: "After Darren's ordeal it seems history is repeating itself, only Darren suffered verbal harassment and my other son is getting physically abused and it can't go on."

Last night a Ministry of Defence spokesman said he couldn't comment on the individual case.

He said: "The Army takes allegations of bullying seriously and any suspicion of bullying is dealt with immediately.

"Following the Deepcut (Blake) Review a new system for dealing with Service complaints was introduced on January 1 this year.

"The Service Complaints Commissioner (SCC) provides an independent route for complaints which does not compromise the chain of command.

"The SCC provides an alternative point of contact for Service personnel and others (such as family members or friends) who wish to make an allegation of wrongdoing against a Service person in relation to bullying, harassment and other improper behaviour."


A young soldier from Bethesda has claimed he was assaulted by an officer abroad. His brother Darren Williams (above) also made allegations of harassment during his time in the Army
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 29, 2008
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