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WALES: Fined for wedding assault.


A WEDDING-NIGHT party ended in violence when a woman admitted to her boyfriend that she had slept with his best friend.

A court heard how hotel guests ignored Julie Curran's pleas for help as she fled from her bedroom, her nose bleeding heavily after Craig Tutton had punched her.

Ms Curran was eventually taken to hospital, but at Prestatyn magistrates' court yesterday District Judge Andrew Shaw said she was likely to have permanent scarring.

Tutton, 26, of Lon Lindus, Rhws Point, Glamorgan, was ordered to pay her pounds 1,500 in compensation. He was also fined pounds 1,000 after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harmand pounds 250 for a charge of common assault.

Tracey Willingham, prosecuting, said the incident occurred on August 18 when the couple travelled to North Wales for a friend's wedding

The row first broke out at the reception at the Bryn Howell Hotel, Llangollen, after both had been drinking.

Tutton started shouting at Ms Curran that she had ruined the last year of his life.

When Ms Curran went to the car Tutton followed and hit her in the face.

With Ms Curran lying on the back seat, he then drove to the Brony Graig Hotel in Corwen, where they were staying, but, said Ms Willingham, Tutton lost his temper again when she threatened to tell his brother.

Tutton, it was alleged, then punched her on the nose and she ran to the reception area, but there was no-one around.

One couple appeared from their bedroom, but the man ushered his wife back inside.

Andy Hutchinson, defending, said Tutton admitted "losing it".

"He says she embarrassed him in front of his friends and, though things calmed down at their hotel, she admitted that not only had she slept with his best friend but had done so in his house," he said.

Mr Hutchinson said Ms Curran had since returned to her native Australia and had not wanted to press charges.


Reception: Bryn Howell Hotel
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 18, 2007
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