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WALES: Airplane pilot, 62, in runway crash escape.

A PILOT escaped unscathed after a gust of wind blew his plane onto its nose.

An Air Accident Investigation Branch report revealed the 62-year-old pilot made an uneventful landing at Caernarfon Airport in a single engined Auster plane on March 11.

After a brief stop to let a passenger get out the pilot began taxiing towards the runway when the wind started to turn the aircraft left towards a hangar.

The report said: "The pilot applied full rudder and braked to correct the turn, which brought the wind onto the aircraft's tail, whereupon it began to rise.

"The pilot immediately released the brakes and closed the throttle, in an attempt to lower the tail, but it continued to rise until the nose of the aircraft struck the ground, damaging the propeller and engine cowlings."

After repairs the aircraft was able to return to its base at RAF Mona.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2006
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