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WAC Revisited: You Get What You Pay for.

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In 1982, the author wrote an essay for the second issue of "The Writing Instructor," "Approaches to Comprehensive Writing: Integrating Writing into the College Curriculum," reviewing the early stages of the modern Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)/Writing in the Disciplines (WID) movement. In this article, the author revisits his essay and provides an update on the status of the WAC/WID programs. He briefly outlines the various forms of the programs, reexamines the six programs he discussed in the 1982 article, and then discusses the evolution of WAC initiatives at MIT. The point of this discussion is to demonstrate that WAC efforts require money and resources. No matter how great the enthusiasm for WAC is at the beginning, without an institutional commitment to support these efforts, they will often whither. (Contains 1 note.)

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Title Annotation:Writing Across the Curriculum
Author:Perelman, Les
Publication:The Writing Instructor
Article Type:Author abstract
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Dec 1, 2011
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