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Vs. Josh Kasper.

Lights out ladies. Vanessa, Elissa, no more horse play. We have a full day of skating tomorrow. Hey, who's the new girl?

That's our new friend Katie. She's filming with us tomorrow.


There's something's fishy here. Time for a ... PACKAGE CHECK! A-HA, it's Josh Kasper!


I Just wanted to start over, Coach. There are so many rumors and misconceptions about me--benihanas, websites, rollerblading, and demo madness--I Just wanted a fresh start.


We need to embrace these half-truths and make them whole. We'll make you so uncool that you're cool again. It can't fail!


Fly on, you golden-haired demo-god!

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Title Annotation:THRASHER[R] comix
Article Type:Cartoon
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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