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Vs. Jamie Thomas.

Why the long face, son?

I've done it all Coach, but I never got to land the Leap of Faith.

I think I can help here ...


This Leap of Faith tour will be a hit. We'll hit every Wal-Mart in the area for big fun and big gaps.


Hurry up! We've got three more towns to hit today. And smile, you're an entertainer!


We might have to cancel the tour, Coach. I think I damaged my legs on that thing.

Nonsense! We're booked solid all summer, I'll show you how commited I am.


We did it! We landed the Leap of Faith! Hey, I thought you were goofy-foot, Coach.

We? We didn't do anything. I landed it and I did it switch, son.

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Title Annotation:THRASHER[R] comix
Article Type:Cartoon
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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