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Vroom on the roads for dad's kiddie car.


A DAD spent thousands converting his children's toy car into the world's first road-legal kid's vehicle - capable of hitting speeds of up to 22mph.

James Scudder, 35, souped up his kids' PS800 RiiRoo Super Sports XL during lockdown.

But after he was pulled over by police while taking it for a spin, he decided to transform the plastic toy car into a full motor.

He spent hundreds of hours in his garage wiring up indicators, brake lights, headlights and sidelights to make it legal on public roads.

He also kitted it out with a Pioneer sound system and subwoofer and put a spoiler on the back, making it look like a sporty Porsche Boxter roadster.

It has 10-inch moped tyres, an electric battery with a range of 12 to 15 miles and is MOT'd, taxed and registered with the DVLA.

The mini-car can reach 22mph in about 10 seconds, has a working horn and brakes, and can reverse.

IT worker James, of High Wycombe, said: "I don't want to figure out how much I've spent as I'm scared to tell my other half and it runs into the thousands but the kids love it."

YouTuber James, who is also known as Stitch76, has five children aged between one and 17.



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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 12, 2021
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