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Vox Tiger and VoiceObjects Team to Deliver On-Demand Phone Application Development Environment.

Service Removes Barriers to Phone Application Creation, Testing

SAN MATEO, Calif. & GLASGOW, Scotland -- VoiceObjects, the phone application server company, and Vox Tiger, a provider of online phone application development services, today announced the launch of an on-demand phone application development environment, which allows developers to create sophisticated phone applications that run on VoiceObjects Server, the world's leading phone application server. Vox Tiger's on-demand provisioning frees developers from the cost and other burdens of purchasing, configuring and administering their own phone application servers and other technologies, allowing them to focus on phone application development. Similar application environments would cost more than US$5,000-$6,000 to build for the software and equipment alone. Vox Tiger subscriptions begin at just US$65.00 per month. More information about VoiceObjects Server is available at; more information about Vox Tiger is available at

Vox Tiger provides each subscriber with a complete development environment, including:

* VoiceObjects Server for application execution and management

* Resource Server for storing the grammar, audio, and VoiceObjects XML files

* MySQL and Tomcat services for creating transactional applications

* A choice of IDEs, including the web-based VoiceObjects Desktop, the Eclipse-based VoiceObjects Studio, and the SpeechDraw Vox Tiger Edition Windows application

"Vox Tiger provides the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way for both novice and expert developers to create and test enterprise-class phone applications," said Gordon Suttie, chief executive officer of Vox Tiger. "Our on-demand provisioning completely eliminates the substantial up-front capital costs that have traditionally been associated with phone application development."

Applications created in the Vox Tiger environment can be deployed by Vox Tiger, transferred to on-premise VoiceObjects Server installations, or hosted by third-party VoiceObjects hosting partners and can work with all VoiceXML-compliant media platforms.

"Phone applications developed with Vox Tiger benefit from the full range of advantages that VoiceObjects Server provides," said Michael Codini, chief technology officer of VoiceObjects. "These applications are media-platform-independent, readily personalized for each caller, massively scalable, easily integrated into SOA environments, and capable of state-of-the-art multimedia interfaces."

What is a Phone Application Server?

All phone application servers, including VoiceObjects Server, have the following four capabilities and associated business benefits:

* The ability to dynamically generate VoiceXML to create personalized dialogs with each caller at call-time, using information in an organization's CRM or other databases. The resulting caller-specific conversations provide opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell and higher rates of customer satisfaction and service adoption.

* An application execution environment that supports remote management and monitoring of multimodal applications, online application maintenance for instant changes or rollbacks, and guaranteed high availability.

* Web services support for easy integration between an organization's phone-based self-service assets and its CRM, ERP, and other IT assets in service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments, dramatically reducing development time and cost.

* Support for multimodal phone applications that may include voice, video, graphics and text interfaces, allowing user-friendly interactive IVR applications that are unmatched in the phone-based self-service industry.

About Vox Tiger

Vox Tiger is revolutionizing voice application development with its innovative approach to rapid development, deployment, pricing and hosting. The company provides affordable access to high-end development tools to design, test and build voice applications and offer a comprehensive, integrated hosting environment for production. Vox Tiger offers an on-demand phone application development environment that eliminates price barriers and simplifies complexity.

About VoiceObjects

VoiceObjects is the phone application server company. VoiceObjects works with carriers and enterprises around the world to deliver a personalized customer service experience to more than 500 million callers every year. VoiceObjects Server, the company's flagship product, supports phone-based applications at more than fifty leading companies, including Adobe, T-Mobile and Volkswagen Financial Services. VoiceObjects is privately held and headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. For more information, please contact (650) 288-0299 or visit
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Date:Oct 18, 2006
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