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Votes for women.

Edmonton only escaped woman suffrage and the possibility of a petticoat government last night by Ald. Mays deciding to reconsider what he had done after he voted in favor of what Ald. Boyle called "socialistic legislation."

It was in consideration of a clause defining who should vote that the play came up. One amendment to the charter changes qualifications for mayor from $1500 leasehold to $500 realty only, so that a tenant-mayor could not be. And attached to this, is the clause which says that he shall be elected by male property-holders, unmarried females over twenty-one years, and widows owning property.


Ald. Bellamy said he thought all women property-holders should have a right to vote, so that a woman who married should not disenfranchise herself by entering into the matrimonial state. Ald. Mays thought the same thing and moved a construction of the clause which extended the franchise to all women property-holders, which Ald. Latta and Ald. Smith supported, and only Ald. Picard and Ald. Boyle voted against it. After the motion had passed and the city solicitor had his pencil in the draft amendments, Ald. Boyle took the discussion up again and in a ten-minute speech, convinced the aldermen, all but Ald. Bellamy, that they were making a very radical move which would cause a large discussion in the legislature, and might possibly have the effect of side-tracking the whole bill. When Aid. Mays saw it in that light he moved a reconsideration and the woman suffrage amendment was thrown out, although Aid. Bellamy stood pat for woman suffrage all the way through the piece.

Edmonton Bulletin, March 7, 1906

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Publication:Alberta History
Date:Sep 22, 2016
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