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Voters across the country elect mayors.

Indianapohs elected a new mayor last week, as NLC President Bart Peterson lost his bid for a third term. Greg Ballard, a retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel won the mayoral race, 51 percent to 47 percent.

Across the country, several cities re-elected mayors, including NLC Past President John DeStefano Jr., in New Haven, Conn.; Otis Johnson in Savannah, Ga.; Pat McCrory in Charlotte, N.C.; Gavin Newsom in San Francisco; Bill White in Houston; Michael Coleman in Columbus, Ohio; Bob Walkup in Tucson, Ariz.; and Dave Bieter in Boise, Idaho.

Two mayors were elected to full terms last week after serving as appointed mayors.

In Baltimore, Mayor Sheila Dixon became the first woman elected as the city's mayor; she had been appointed to the position in January after Martin O'Malley was elected governor of Maryland.

In Pittsburgh, Luke Ravenstahl won election; he became the city's mayor in October 2006 after the death of Bob O'Connor.

Several cities elected new mayors.

Michael Nutter, a former city councilman, will be the new mayor of Philadelphia. Ralph Becker is the new mayor of Salt Lake City. Voteres elected Mary Verner in Spokane, Wash. In Greensboro, N.C., voters elected the city's first black mayor in Yvonne Johnson.

In Arvada, Colo., former mayor Bob Frie defeated incumbent Ken Fellman, former chair of NLC's Information Technology and Communications Policy and Advocacy Committee.

Susan Burgess, a member of NLC's Board of Directors, won reelection as a member of the Charlotte City Council.

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Date:Nov 12, 2007
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