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Voter protection: the work continues.

The League's voter protection work isn't over simply because the 2008 election is over. Leagues will be hard at work in 2009 to help protect the voting rights of historically marginalized populations. The following Leagues have their plans in place to step up and protect voting rights and they urge you to join them in this important work. Here is what the two state Leagues are doing:


Missouri: For the third straight year, we expect to see legislation requiring photo identification and proof of citizenship as a prerequisite to voting. We worked in coalition with various like minded organizations last year to ensure the defeat of such legislation and are hopeful that with the help of our allies we can once again succeed in defeating measures designed to exclude underserved populations from full participation in democracy.

--Jo Sapp, LWVMO President

Michigan: In conjunction with the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS), we will be continuing to work to improve our state's compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which requires DHS to assist all their clients in registering to vote. We will help DHS implement a permanent, efficient and effective program to provide their clients access to "one-stop voter registration" so that Michigan has true compliance with the NVRA.

--Pat Donath, LWVMI Special Projects Director

Without Leagues' continued vigilance, voters' rights will be limited by those who want to manipulate the election system. We urge you to step up with the LWVs of Missouri and Michigan.

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Title Annotation:STEP UP AND DO YOUR PART!
Publication:National Voter
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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