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Delays at polling centres as Kiems kits malfunction. Aug 10, 2022 2284
Woman arrested for 'buying' voter identification cards. Aug 10, 2022 373
Ministers urged to scrap voter ID plan after government report branded it 'unachievable'; The policy was forced through by Boris Johnson's Tories despite no evidence of widespread in-person voter fraud taking place, and amid warnings it could strip thousands of people of the right to vote. By, Mikey Smith Aug 6, 2022 364
Raila Odinga's big win in battle over manual register. Aug 5, 2022 1051
Voter ID buying rife, Kwale administrator says. Aug 4, 2022 297
Council allocates PS50k to deal with voter ID changes. OLLIE HEPTINSTALL Local Democracy Reporter @OliHepy Jul 14, 2022 507
Lobby groups wants IEBC to use manual register. Jun 23, 2022 537
Supreme Court: Legislatures May Intervene to Defend State Laws in Court. Frederick, Susan Jun 23, 2022 409
IEBC touts electronic voter identification in new plan. Jun 13, 2022 829
THE GOP'S PLAN TO RIG THE 2024 ELECTION. Jun 1, 2022 611
Local elections 2022: How to vote and find local polling station, do you need voter ID? Voter identification laws recently passed through Parliament. Though criticised, the law means elections in the future will require people to come with their ID; Voter identification laws recently passed through Parliament. Though criticised, the law means elections in the future will require people to come with their ID. By, Benjamin Lynch May 4, 2022 995
Tory minister accused of trying to 'fool' peers with claims on voter ID crackdown; Lord True defended the move because in Northern Ireland, where photo ID was introduced in 2002, turnout was higher than in other parts of the UK -but turnout levels in NI dropped for more than a decade after the change. By, Mikey Smith Apr 7, 2022 545
Boris Johnson's law forcing all voters to show ID suffers crucial Lords defeat; The House of Lords voted to expand the list of approved ID voters can show at polling stations from next year under the Elections Bill -but a move to kill off the law entirely did not go ahead. By, PA Media & Dan Bloom Apr 6, 2022 551
Calls for voter ID bill to be scrapped over barriers it creates for LGBT+ communities; A report released in collaboration with Stonewall and the LGBT Foundation has found various issues surrounding voter ID for the LGBT+ community, in particular the trans and non-binary communities. By, Joseph Ali Feb 10, 2022 598
Forcing voters to show ID will hit black, trans and disabled Brits, says damning report; In 2019, there was only one conviction in the UK for 'personation' fraud, which voter ID is meant to prevent. The Elections Bill is being pushed through the Commons. By, Aletha Adu Dec 13, 2021 600
Voter ID likely to send council costs spiralling; Concerns over proposal. STEPH BRAWN Nov 24, 2021 539
Voter ID law a cinch, or is it? GRANT SCHULTE Associated Press Sep 12, 2021 623
Voter ID plans 'threaten our democracy' - MP. JAMES ROBINSON Reporter Sep 8, 2021 317
Voter ID plan labelled a 'threat to democracy' Warnings issued over voter ID. ROBERT LLOYD & MAX CHANNON Sep 6, 2021 924
What is voter ID, and why is it so controversial? The government's plans could make it harder for disadvantaged groups to vote, a report warns; The government's plans could make it harder for disadvantaged groups to vote, a report warns. By, Tom Blackburn Sep 2, 2021 540
'This is another attempt by the Tories to attack the poorest' Councillors' fury after request to ditch voter ID plan refused. STEPHANIE BRAWN Aug 20, 2021 507
Voter ID plan for elections blasted; Council will pen letter to PM opposing scheme. STEPHANIE BRAWN Jun 26, 2021 539
Voter ID plan is about. Jun 10, 2021 251
Paisley MP Gavin slams voter ID plans as 'a barrier to human rights' Politician calls for rethink on bid for new ballot box regulations. STEPH BRAWN LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTER Jun 3, 2021 562
Voter ID is 'right-wing power grab', says Labour; Move will 'disenfranchise' opponents, claims councillor. Tom Dare Local Democracy Reporter May 27, 2021 569
Voter identification key to ballot security. May 24, 2021 1698
Voter ID a way to exclude poor; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER May 17, 2021 648
Boris Johnson's plan for voter ID cards will damage democracy in the UK - Scotsman comment; Hot on the heels of the record turnout at the Scottish Parliament elections came news that the UK government aims to introduce a requirement that will, without any real doubt, cause a fall in voter numbers. Scotsman comment May 15, 2021 433
Ruth Davidson savages Tories' 'total b*****ks' plan to force voters to show photo ID; The former Scottish Tory leader did not hold back about the Queen's Speech 'Voter ID' policy -which she branded a 'solution to a problem that doesn't exist'. By, Dan Bloom May 13, 2021 452
Drop these cynical plans for voter ID cards now. May 13, 2021 396
Tory minister says voter ID proposal motive is 'nothing to do with party interests'; Civil liberties groups and MPs have criticised the proposal to force voters to bring ID with them, which critics say will disenfranchise voters. By, Simon Meechan May 12, 2021 528
Johnson defends voter ID scheme. May 11, 2021 513
Show Me Your ID: Missouri Voter Identification Laws and the Right to Vote. Ludwig, Tyler M. Sep 22, 2020 12608
President Akufo-Addo registers for Voter ID Card. Aug 6, 2020 337
Awuah-Darko secures Voter ID for 2020 polls. Jul 26, 2020 386
Bawumia secures new Voter ID card. Jul 3, 2020 251
COMELEC warns public on Voter ID scam. Jun 25, 2020 248
Provide legal basis for exclusion of voter ID card -Court orders EC. Jun 11, 2020 327
EC hot as Supreme Court questions exclusion of voter's ID for new register. Jun 4, 2020 513
My Voter ID And My Non-identity. Mar 31, 2020 1177
GRENADA-POLITICS-New voter ID cards to be re-issued as technology hiccup causes them to have expired. Jan 11, 2020 535
Joe Biden Touts His Opposition To GOP Voter Suppression. Zaid Jilani Dec 23, 2019 468
Concerns over voter ID move. Dec 8, 2019 117
Voter ID plan branded discriminatory. Report by Peter Madeley Oct 29, 2019 326
Voter ID plan branded discriminatory. Report by Peter Madeley Oct 29, 2019 326
Academics questioned on Government voter ID plans and election challenges. Oct 25, 2019 282
Court dismisses Atishi Marlena's complaint over Gautam Gambhir's two voter ID cards. ANI Oct 22, 2019 182
JAMAICA-POLITICS-Jamaicans urged to renew national voter ID cards. Oct 19, 2019 525
Voter ID is a misguided solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Ben Ramanauskas Oct 16, 2019 677
Tech alternatives to Government's voter ID plan. Oct 16, 2019 670
What is the motive in voter ID plan? Oct 15, 2019 359
Tory plans for voter ID branded 'suppression'. Oct 15, 2019 228
New Tricks for an Old Dog: Deterring the Vote Through Confusion in Felon Disenfranchisement. Zhang, Emily Rong Sep 22, 2019 7053
Is Mariga a registered voter? What the law says. Sep 11, 2019 698
Pinoys abroad to get voter ID. Aug 5, 2019 248
BREAKING 740 people denied a vote in this year's UK elections because they didn't have ID; Labour say the shocking figures prove the Tories' voter ID crackdown is a "blatant attempt to rig elections". Jul 22, 2019 572
Campaigners call for halt to voter ID trials. May 15, 2019 581
Gautam Gambhir voter ID case: Atishi to record her statement; matter fixed for May 31. May 13, 2019 321
Voter ID more powerful than IED: PM Modi after casting vote in Ahmedabad. Apr 23, 2019 505
Voter ID Laws Don't Seem To Suppress Minority Votes. Apr 5, 2019 1476
Voter ID pilots; IN BRIEF. Nov 21, 2018 157
Voter ID rules change, and change again. Nov 5, 2018 1118
Taking the Initiative: Voters across the country can choose to expand their own power in November. Levy, Pema Nov 1, 2018 485
Migori senatorial by-election: What you need to know. Oct 8, 2018 686
Snap Poll: Narrow majority favors closed primary. Sep 13, 2018 443
Voter ID 'ineffective' MINUTE BRIEFING. Sep 11, 2018 127
Huge PS20m bill for voter ID proposals. Sep 11, 2018 117
Tories quietly admit their voter fraud crackdown could cost [pounds sterling]700,000 per fraud claim in 'stupidest idea ever'; The huge cost, buried in analysis slipped onto the government's website, has prompted fresh calls for ministers to drop the national rollout of voter ID checks. Aug 12, 2018 523
Plaintiffs say Texas voter ID fight is over. Aug 8, 2018 601
Promoting voter ID, Trump claims ID needed to buy groceries. Aug 2, 2018 674
Texas won its redistricting fight at the Supreme Court. Now it hopes to use that win to wrap up its voter ID suit. Jun 27, 2018 700
Government evaluates Woking voter ID figures before decision on national roll out; Results from the voter ID pilot in Woking are being evaluated before a decision is made on rolling it out across the country. May 29, 2018 630
Woking voter ID trial hailed 'great success' as council reveals turnout figures; The borough had an overall turnout of more than 37%, in line with previous elections. May 21, 2018 573
Hundreds may have lost their vote in Woking ID pilot scheme, claim Lib Dems; Woking chief executive Ray Morgan said the voter ID trial was a success - but also said a review is already being carried out. May 14, 2018 675
In Oklahoma, voter ID wins in a landslide. May 14, 2018 842
No connection with 'voter ID card' flat, says 'reported' tenant. May 10, 2018 367
Fake voter ID: JD(S) urges EC to ensure fair K'taka polls. May 9, 2018 250
Fake voter ID row: BJP leader's son denies being tenant of the flat. May 9, 2018 308
Fake voter ID: Siddaramaiah accuses BJP of misusing govt machinery. May 9, 2018 337
Fake voter ID: Don't know anything, says Siddaramaiah. May 9, 2018 321
Fake voter ID: Flat owner Manjula Nanjamari rejects Congress' allegations. May 9, 2018 336
Fake voter ID: BJP delegation to meet EC. May 9, 2018 349
K'taka voter ID row: BJP supporter rejects being tenant of flat. May 9, 2018 292
Cong calls fake voter ID row 'stage-managed'. May 9, 2018 484
Fake voter ID row has BJP, Cong in blame game. May 9, 2018 416
Fake voter ID row: 2 arrested, says K'taka's chief electoral officer. May 9, 2018 293
'Fake' voter ID-card row hits India's Karnataka days ahead of poll. May 9, 2018 887
Fake voter ID cards recovered in poll-bound Karnataka. May 8, 2018 395
Voters turned away in botched voter ID trial. May 4, 2018 117
Federal appellate court upholds embattled Texas voter ID law. Apr 27, 2018 713
Solution to our democratic deficit not yet identified; argues that voter ID checks will do nothing to remove barriers that stEPHEN Lambert stop people from taking part in democracy. Mar 23, 2018 614
Here we go. Mar 22, 2018 770
New figures expose Tory plans to make it harder to vote as a sham; There were just 28 alleged cases of in-person voter fraud in Britain last year. But they're still pushing ahead with voter ID plans. Mar 2, 2018 489
What to expect in Texas' voting rights court fights in 2018. Jan 3, 2018 1274
NEC releases new voter's listing. Dec 21, 2017 334
Citizens in full support of Aadhaar, voter ID card linking. Dec 16, 2017 464
Distribution of voters ID cards suspended. Dec 12, 2017 324
The Brief: Texas voter ID law back in court, Cornyn knocks Dems, U.S. Supreme Court greenlights travel ban. Dec 5, 2017 119
Federal appeals judges question challenge to revised Texas voter ID law. Dec 5, 2017 1467
Split over biometric voter ID cards lingers. Oct 27, 2017 816
Bangladeshi man arrested in Ghaziabad with voter ID, Aadhar. Sep 22, 2017 121
Federal court says Texas can use new voter ID law for November elections. Sep 5, 2017 430
Trump's Justice Department wants Texas to keep invalidated voter ID law. Sep 1, 2017 846
Video: Court throws out Texas' voter ID law (video). Aug 25, 2017 112
The Brief: Texas loses yet another voting rights battle in court. Aug 24, 2017 1040
Texas Federal Judge Rejects Revised Voter ID Law Over Discrimination. Aug 24, 2017 624
Federal judge tosses new Texas voter ID law; state plans to appeal. Aug 23, 2017 732
Seeking personal details for passport, voter ID does not violate privacy: Centre tells SC. Jul 27, 2017 386
Trump administration: Trust Texas on voter education spending. Jul 18, 2017 960
Video: Trump administration says Texas' new voter ID law checks all the boxes (video). Jul 7, 2017 130
Trump administration: New Texas voter ID law fixes discrimination. Jul 6, 2017 940
Appeals court to weigh Texas voting law limiting language interpreters. Jun 8, 2017 1119
Scrap new Texas voter ID law, plaintiffs tell federal judge. Jun 7, 2017 911
Texas may expand ballot access for elderly and voters with disabilities. Jun 2, 2017 1262
House, Senate OK compromise on bill to soften voter ID law. May 28, 2017 885
Watch as House debates voter ID legislation. May 23, 2017 305
Texas House backs voter ID overhaul, with changes. May 23, 2017 1318
Texas Republicans fear federal oversight as voter ID overhaul stalls. May 21, 2017 1270
Effort to overhaul Texas voter ID rules survives -- for now. May 21, 2017 559
Everything you need to know about voting in Texas. May 12, 2017 1454
State's failures led to voter ID problems in 2016. May 2, 2017 9609
Video: Texas' voter ID law again takes a hit in the courts (video). Apr 14, 2017 233
Voter ID bill makes progress; MINUTE NEWS BRIEFING 5NATIONAL. Nov 24, 2016 109
In latest voter ID filing, feds argue Texas discriminated on purpose. Nov 19, 2016 781
Both in court and under Trump, Texas Voter ID law faces uncertain future. Nov 17, 2016 1170
After early voting glitches, officials hope new voter ID rules clear. Nov 7, 2016 1435
Obama administration sending monitors to 3 Texas counties for Election Day. Nov 7, 2016 1001
Voter ID Laws Affect Minorities. Nov 4, 2016 636
Voter ID laws will affect transgender people across the state. Beckman, Emily Nov 1, 2016 431
Texas civil rights advocates air concerns about voter ID issues. Oct 28, 2016 1302
Amid early voting rush, Texas sees voter ID hiccups. Oct 25, 2016 1223
Analysis: High Voter Registration Figures Are Great -- Sometimes. Oct 3, 2016 1006
State Voter Identification Requirements: Analysis, Legal Issues, and Policy Considerations. Fischer, Eric A.; Garrett, R. Sam; Whitaker, L. Paige Report Oct 1, 2016 18291
Texas Appeals Voter ID Rulings to U.S. Supreme Court. Sep 23, 2016 799
Judge Orders Texas to Rewrite Voter ID Education Materials. Sep 20, 2016 1030
Video: Cornyn's Non-Endorsement of Cruz, Voter ID, Pre-K Round Out the Week's Headlines (Video). Sep 9, 2016 118
Scholar: Trump's suggestion of 'Rigged' election could ignite resentment in politics. Abdul-Alim, Jamaal Sep 8, 2016 761
Feds Accuse Texas of Misleading On Relaxed Voter ID Requirements. Sep 7, 2016 570
Texas Launches Voter Education Campaign Amid Scrutiny of Voter ID Law. Aug 31, 2016 878
Texas Prosecuted 15 Illegal Voting Cases, None Involving Impersonation. Aug 22, 2016 2410
Review of States with Voter ID Laws Found No Impersonation Fraud. Aug 21, 2016 1910
Texas Leaders Mum on Trump's Plan to Enlist Election Observers. Aug 18, 2016 1145
Federal Judge Approves Plan to Weaken Texas Voter ID Law. Aug 10, 2016 848
Campus Carry, Zika, Voter ID Dominate the Week's Headlines (Video). Aug 5, 2016 146
Analysis: In Voter ID, Redistricting Cases, Justice Takes its Time. Aug 5, 2016 1172
Texas Agrees to Weaken Voter ID Law For November Election. Aug 3, 2016 877
Analysis: Texas Voters Take Hit While Judges Ponder Election Laws. Aug 3, 2016 1082
Audio: The Democratic Convention, the Castro Brothers and Voter ID (Podcast). Jul 27, 2016 126
Judge Orders Voter ID Fix for Texas House Runoff. Jul 25, 2016 442
After Appeals Court Ruling Against Texas Voter ID Law, Now What? Jul 21, 2016 1163
Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act, Court Rules. Jul 20, 2016 1368
Block the vote: the latest round of restrictions at the polls, just in time for the 2016 elections. Rios, Edwin Brief article Jul 1, 2016 318
Texas' Voter ID Defense Has Cost $3.5 Million. Jun 17, 2016 1411
Revisiting public opinion on voter identification and voter fraud in an era of increasing partisan polarization. Stewart, Charles, III; Ansolabehere, Stephen; Persily, Nathaniel Jun 1, 2016 12601
In High-Profile Case, Texas Defends Its Voter ID Law. May 24, 2016 1352
Five Years Later, Challenge to Voter ID Law Still Moving Forward. May 24, 2016 1317
Bing offers detailed information about 2016 Indian Assembly Elections. May 18, 2016 415
Analysis: A Texas Judge Takes Voter ID to Court. May 2, 2016 1007
Voter ID Law Will Stay in Effect For Now, U.S. Supreme Court Says. Apr 29, 2016 628
Video: Roundup: 2016, Voter ID Law, Hell and High Water. Mar 11, 2016 135
The Brief: Appeals Court Looks Again at Texas Voter ID Law. Mar 10, 2016 1152
Federal Appeals Court Will Revisit Texas Voter ID Law. Mar 9, 2016 656
Texas Asks Full Appeals Court to Hear Voter ID Case. Aug 29, 2015 793
Study: Law Discouraged More Than Those Without Voter ID. Aug 6, 2015 911
Court: Texas Voter ID Law Violates Voting Rights Act. Aug 5, 2015 1304
US court strikes down 'discriminatory' Texas voter ID law. Aug 5, 2015 274
Voting Rights Bill Would Address, Not Invalidate, Texas Voter ID Law. Jul 2, 2015 968
Perry Fires Back at Clinton on Voter ID. Jun 7, 2015 677
Clinton to Call for More Early Voting, Target Texas' Voter ID Law. Jun 3, 2015 376
Audio: TribCast: Abortion Bills, Tax Cut Drama and Voter ID. Apr 29, 2015 119
Judge: Why Didn't State Lawmakers Address Voter ID Concerns? Apr 28, 2015 1327
Federal Appeals Court to Scrutinize Voter ID Law. Apr 28, 2015 1096
Photo identification at the ballot: election protection or voter suppression? Milford, Sean Jan 1, 2015 6693
Voter ID makes sense. McManus, John F. Dec 22, 2014 850
Illinois uninterested in voter ID law. Nov 18, 2014 518
Race to the polls. Clarke, Kevin Nov 1, 2014 639
UT/TT Poll: Texans Favor Voter ID by 3-to-1 Margin. Oct 28, 2014 1456
Analysis: A Missing Piece in the Voter ID Debate. Oct 24, 2014 851
Analysis: Behind Voter ID, Federal Pre-Clearance. Oct 20, 2014 891
Supreme Court allows Texas to use voter ID law. Liptak, Adam Oct 19, 2014 600
U.S. Supreme Court: Texas Can Enforce Voter ID Law for Nov. 4 Election. Oct 18, 2014 872
Texas voter ID law opponents file appeal. Freedman, Dan Oct 16, 2014 870
Video: Video: Looking to Avoid Confusion Over Voter ID Shuffle. Oct 16, 2014 127
Plaintiffs Ask Supreme Court to Block Voter ID. Oct 15, 2014 353
Appeals Court: Texas Should Implement Voter ID Law for 2014 Election. Oct 14, 2014 865
Opponents of Voter ID Law Ask Court to Deny Stay. Oct 12, 2014 519
After Voter ID Ruling, Appeals Race Begins. Oct 11, 2014 1083
Judge Rules Texas Voter ID Law Unconstitutional. Oct 9, 2014 932
The battle over voter IDs: as more states adopt voter identification laws, college students are the latest group to cry foul. Potenza, Alessandra Oct 6, 2014 1655
What's the big idea? Brief article Oct 6, 2014 102
Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Vice President of JICA discuss introduction of voter identification system. Oct 3, 2014 119
Criminal Appeals Court Judge Sues State Over Voter ID Law. Oct 2, 2014 923
Federal Judge Hears Closing Arguments in Texas Voter ID Trial. Sep 22, 2014 948
Analysis: The Voter ID You Won't Need to Show When You're at the Polls. Sep 16, 2014 824
Inside Texas Politics: Voter ID. Sep 7, 2014 421
Democratic Lawmakers Ask For More Mobile Voter ID Units. Sep 4, 2014 585
Texas Voter ID Law Trial Begins in Corpus Christi. Sep 2, 2014 662
Fraud fighter or ballot blocker? Although voter ID legislation has dwindled, controversy over the laws continues. Underhill, Wendy Sep 1, 2014 1833
Voter suppression: how bad? Not since the 19th century has government suppressed rather than enlarged the right to vote. Weiser, Wendy Sep 1, 2014 3455
The Help America Vote Act and election administration: overview and issues. Coleman, Kevin J.; Fischer, Eric A. Report Jul 1, 2014 11248
Triumph and tragedy. Nelson, Michael Essay Jun 22, 2014 4674
People of Assam get voter ID cards for the first time. Mar 27, 2014 257
Sensible voter ID; Federal ruling strikes balance on federalism. Editorial Mar 25, 2014 440
The data on voter ID; Putting laws nationwide to the test. Editorial Mar 5, 2014 255
Elections Officials See Few Voter ID Issues During Early Voting. Mar 4, 2014 1091
Primaries offer 1st major test of voter identification laws. Beaumont, Thomas Mar 1, 2014 550
A tale of two states: challenges to voter ID ballot measures in Missouri and Minnesota. Harwin, Veronica Mar 22, 2013 13893
Guns become automatic issue with legislature. Carter, Mark Feb 25, 2013 660
Did democracy win in 2012? What we lost 2012: no matter the outcome, money and voter suppression crippled the election. This is no way to run the world's oldest democracy. Moser, Bob Jan 1, 2013 10940
Rock the vote, block the vote. Jan 1, 2013 1038
Making voting constitutional: our governing document creates no right to vote. It's time it did. Bouie, Jamelle Jan 1, 2013 3364
How to vote down voter ID: Minnesotans defeat the GOP's plan to restrict the franchise. Caldwell, Patrick; Rapoport, Abby; Fuller, Jaime Jan 1, 2013 4105
Voter ID laws go mainstream. London, Herbert; Zimmer, Brian Nov 1, 2012 2359
The structural constitutional principle of Republican Legitimacy. Rosen, Mark D. Nov 1, 2012 11546
The structural constitutional principle of Republican Legitimacy. Rosen, Mark D. Nov 1, 2012 18804
In Kenya, Most Registered Voters Lack Required Voting Card; Majority confident the electoral body can manage the coming elections. Tortora, Bob; Rheault, Magali Survey Oct 5, 2012 1040
A flood of voter ID laws. Bowser, Jennie Drage Oct 1, 2012 400
Selected shorts for the end of summer. Cook, Brad Sep 7, 2012 773
Defenders of the vote: can a small army of volunteers prevent hundreds of thousands in Pennsylvania from losing their right to vote? Rapoport, Abby Sep 1, 2012 2909

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