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Vote to pass C-250. (News in Brief: Canada).

On May 27, in what should be seen as shocking, even for secular Canada, Liberal members of the House of Commons Justice Committee voted to send homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson's private member's Bill C-250 back to the House of Commons for Third Reading without amendment. They, along with Progressive Conservative Peter MacKay, voted to send the bill to the House of Commons without voting on a Canadian Alliance motion that sought to address concerns over its effect on freedom of expression and religion.

The vote breakdown and contact emails for Committee Members follows:

Agreed to pass C-250: Peter MacKay (PC); Larry Bagnell (Lib); John Maloney (Lib); Marlene Jennings (Lib); Derek Lee (Lib); Paul Macklin (Lib); Hedy Fry (Lib); Lorne Nystrom (NDP); Richard Marceau (BQ); Real Menard (BQ).

Abstained from vote John McKay (Lib); Joe Peschisolido (Lib).

Voted against C-250: Vic Toews (CA); Kevin Sorenson (CA); Garry Breitkreuz (CA); Chuck Cadman (CA).

Pro-family groups are urging Canadians to contact every member of Parliament urging them to oppose C-250. Please note if any of these MPs represent your riding. Those who voted in favour or abstained should be opposed in the next election.

For MP Ottawa telephone and fax numbers see: guage=E&Parl=37&Ses=1&Sect=hoccur
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Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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