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Vote buying results in ousting of chief, councillor.

An investigation into vote-buying on the Mosquito, Grizzly Bear's Head & Lean Man First Nation has resulted in Chief Noel Stone Jr. and Councillor Milton Oxebin being removed from office on Feb. 22. Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada determined that the pair bought votes in the band election two years ago. A third councillor, Elbert Rahsaknunk, was also found guilty of vote buying, but resigned before his post could be declared vacant, the department said. Stone and Oxebin are barred from running in the upcoming general election, which is set for April 17. However, Rahsaknunk can still run for office as he resigned his seat.

Compiled by Shari Narine

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Title Annotation:Saskatchewan Sage: Special Section providing news from Seskatchewan; Chief Noel Stone Jr. and Councillor Milton Oxebin
Author:Narine, Shari
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Apr 1, 2013
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