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Volvo S80, a car that saved a life - Eric Brouwer tells the story of how he survived a fatal car accident in the UAE.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 3 august 2008: Eric Brouwer was in the horrific accident on Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway near Ghantoot where 200 vehicles crashed leaving 300 people injured due to thick fog on March 11 2008. Brouwer, who was driving his Volvo S80, survived the accident with only a small scratch on his forehead.

It is with no surprise that Volvo S80 was crowned the Executive Saloon of the Year 2007 at the first Car ME Awards held in Dubai last year. Volvo S80 is renowned for its luxury, Swedish manufacturing style, incomparable class, unparalleled driving experience, state of the art technology and most importantly its safety measures. Eric Brouwer, a national from Holland living in Abu Dhabi is a living proof that Volvo is committed to manufacture vehicles with high safety criteria.

Brouwer tells the story of his survival:" I was heading from my home in Abu Dhabi to my office in Dubai. However reaching the highway, the weather conditions were bad and visibility was awful. There was a bus accident in front of me, a lot of panic around and I just crashed with the car in front of me due to the chaos. However the air bags opened and whiplash seat protection system was on which protected my neck and spine from fatal injuries, the radio was still working so I was able to hear about the severity of this horrific accident".Brouwer added: "I felt safe and protected in my Volvo S80 however the nightmare started where all the cars started colliding and the 4 lane highway was completely blocked. The car behind me was burning and I couldn't get out of the doors because all the collided cars were so squeezed next to each other. So I opened my sun roof which was working and went out of the car. The only injury I had was a small bruise from the airbags. During the accident I really praised my self for driving a Volvo, all the options were still working and I witnessed all the safety and technology features coming to life and eventually saving me from a terrible death."

The testimony of Eric Brouwer is an attestation that the Volvo S80 has been developed to make it one of the safest cars in its class, with sophisticated options of incorporated safety systems. This car with its advanced body structure has been built to provide a high level of protection in different sorts of accidents.

Volvo provides security on 3 levels: * First of all the preventive safety provides driver support; one of its major options is the Blind Spot Information system (BLIS). * Second the protective safety measures which reduces the effects of a collision through WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System) that avoids neck injuries by provides improved spinal support by virtue of its modified backrest characteristics and close proximity of the head restraint's position to the occupant's. * Third, the personal security which protects the occupants and their property by reducing the risk of theft and enhances their personal security, whether in the car or when going to and from it.

About Volvo: The Volvo Group has its origin in 1927 when the first Volvo car rolled off the production line at the factory in Göteborg, Sweden. The brand Volvo has come a long way since then, covering about 100 countries, comprising some 2400 sales outlets and service workshops around the world, including about 1500 in Europe and 400 in North America. The brand Volvo exudes road safety, quality, excitement and environmental control. Being the pioneers of technologies such as dual-stage airbags, seat-belt pretension and the innovative BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) has enhances the brands own vision to "be the world's most desired and successful premium car brand", aiming to "create the safest and most exciting car experience for modern families".

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Date:Aug 3, 2008
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Volvo S80, a car that saved a life - Eric Brouwer tells the story of how he survived a fatal car accident in the UAE.
Volvo S80, a car that saved a life.
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