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Volunteers needed for 2003 USA Today tax hotline and tax chats.

CPA tax practitioners are needed to staff USA Today's 2003 tax hotline and its weekly online tax chats that are conducted throughout the tax filing season. Each year the national newspaper and the AICPA team up to offer readers and Internet users an opportunity to get immediate answers from the tax experts. USA Today's tax hotline and tax chats offer participating CPAs a chance to provide a valuable public service during tax season, and the profession is showcased through coverage of the hotline in the following day's paper.

USA Today notifies its readers and Internet users of the upcoming tax hotline in the newspaper and on its Web site, and invites them to e-mail their questions. Questions and answers from the hotline are the foundation of the newspaper's follow-up story the following day. The tax chats also are advertised on the paper's Web site. Volunteers who participate in the hotline or the tax chats answer questions online for an hour using their own computer. USA Today has not selected the date for the hotline, but traditionally has chosen an early Mar. date. The tax chats last year were held on Fridays.

Interested tax practitioners should contact:

[telephone] Shirley Twillman, 202/434-9220

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Publication:CPA Letter
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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