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Volunteer in India - a Guide by Knowledge Must.

New Delhi, India, May 26, 2010 --( Students, graduates, and professionals interested in working as a volunteer in India now have a resource to make their life easier. Knowledge Must is announcing the publication of its new guidebook 'Volunteer in India - A Guide by Knowledge Must,' which is available for free download from its website at This new in-depth resource features authoritative information on all important aspects of doing a stint as a volunteer in India.

Most people are not aware yet about the plethora of opportunities India presents. The country has emerged as one of the cultural and economic hotspots of the 21st century, and has developed into a major competence centre in fields as varied as IT, media, engineering, and the entertainment industry. At the same time, the manifold environmental and social challenges create a pressing need for intervention. As a volunteer in India, people can significantly contribute towards a sustainable future in India.

Knowledge Must invites everybody to take a chance to experience one of the most captivating societies in our globalising world and witness one of the oldest, and at the same time most forward-looking, cultures. With this guide Knowledge Must offers a complete resource for everybody who is interested in India's challenging volunteer environment.

"I have been wanting to volunteer in the health sector in India for several years now," says French university graduate Pierre Massaut. "To be honest, I was scared quite a bit - but with the assistance of Knowledge Must I finally made up my mind and came to India. Having a guidebook now on hand will make it so much easier for other people facing the same questions that I did. Once you make the extra effort to engage the Indian culture your personal experience will improve tremendously!"

In addition to answering the most pressing questions regarding volunteering in India, the guide features valuable insights ranging from logistics such as visa procedures and accommodation arrangements to cultural backgrounds and inspiration for how to spend one's leisure time. This publication guides readers to a deeply satisfying volunteer experience.

"Developing cultural awareness is certainly the most important component of enjoying your time in India," notes Knowledge Must's Daniel Ratheiser. "It doesn't matter so much whether you volunteer with an internationally renowned development agency or with a street-level NGO. The better you are prepared for immersing yourself in the local culture, the better the chances of realising your personal vision, while avoiding the disappointments related to unrealistic expectations."

Guide Overview

Format: This guide comes as a 47 page A4 PDF (Acrobat Reader required).

Pricing: It is available to you for free for individual, non-commercial usage.

Availability: Download your copy of 'Volunteer in India - A Guide by Knowledge Must' at You are even allowed to copy and share this guide with others.

Objectives of this Guide

Publishing the guide 'Volunteer in India', Knowledge Must once more underscores its commitment to contribute decisively to intercultural relations. Knowledge Must's mission is to help bring about a world where people value cultures different from their own, communicate more effectively across cultural boundaries, and are empowered to effect positive change. The Knowledge Must Team sees the world not only as it is, but as it could be, and sees itself as agents of change in that process. This guide is meant to foster cultural exchange between India and other cultures, and contribute to a world based on inclusion and mutual respect.

About Knowledge Must

Knowledge Must assists students, professionals, and organisations to successfully cross cultural boundaries. Based on its five divisions Career Must, Language Must, Training Must, Travel Must, and Culture Must, the organisation applies effective solutions for fostering intercultural understanding. Starting with career counselling, Knowledge Must provides study and work experience, language immersion, culture-specific and process-oriented training, individualised travel arrangements, and intercultural events. With its bases in India, Europe, and China, Knowledge Must specialises in customising intercultural solutions for its diverse clients. For more information please visit and contact Mr. Peter Braun at or via phone: +91-98-10990766.


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Date:May 26, 2010
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