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Voltage KOs Sport, MSD Cards.

If you use the internal combustion engine (ICE) box with the AN/PSM-95 Soldier's Portable On-system Repair Tool (SPORT) or AN/PSM-95A Maintenance Support Device (MSD), make sure the ICE box power switch is turned off before you connect their components for testing.

If the switch is on, voltage can damage the ICE test kit's DM224 PCMCIA circuit card, which costs almost $3,000. That means no more testing. Before hookup, also check the power/data cable for fraying at the connectors. A frayed cable can short circuit and also damage the card and the ICE box itself.

To help you remember to turn the switch off, stick a warning label on top of the ICE box. Get the label by calling the MSD/SPORT Help Desk at 1-877-564-1137 or emailing:

You can also contact MSD/ SPORT support through the dial-up connection that's part of the MSD desktop by clicking on the MSD homepage icon.

Info on removing and installing the MSD and SPORT PCMCIA card is in TM 96625-2301-12, which is the interactive electronic technical manual that came with the MSD. The TM can be accessed from the IETM icon on the MSD desktop. The computer-based training module that's part of the MSD and SPORT software gives additional training and info. To access it, hit the CBT icon on the desktop.

SPORT users will need to order TM 9-6625-2301-12 through their pubs account. If you have any questions about MSD or SPORT, call or write MSD/SPORT support at the numbers and addresses above.

For technical discussions on TMDE, go to the Army Knowledge Online website at:
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