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Breathalyser that could detect coronavirus in 2 minutes undergoes successful trial; Researchers at Indonesia's Gajah Mada University say the device is a pain-free test and simply requires patients blow into a tube before a result is achieved within minutes. By, Abigail O'Leary Dec 29, 2020 483
Sparc sets up graphene sensor project to detect human and animal diseases. Dec 18, 2020 528
Hayleys Fentons Partners Biozone Scientific International to Distribute Biozone Air Purifiers in Sri Lanka. Dec 10, 2020 474
Honeywell addresses smell-in-cabin issues with new catalyst. Dec 3, 2020 246
Honeywell addresses smell-in-cabin issues with new catalyst. Dec 3, 2020 236
BioLargo installs CupriDyne Clean air quality control systems for clients in 'break-out moment'. Dec 3, 2020 158
BioLargo says subsidiary ONM Environmental installed CupriDyne Clean air quality control systems at two landfills in California. Dec 2, 2020 392
Towards the Identification of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Causing Urinary Tract Infections Using Volatile Organic Compounds Analysis--A Pilot Study. Hewett, Keith; Drabinska, Natalia; White, Paul; Avison, Matthew B.; Persad, Raj; Ratcliffe, Norman; Report Nov 1, 2020 6189
Volatile Cues Influence Host-Choice in Arthropod Pests. Poldy, Jacqueline Report Nov 1, 2020 21675
Changes in Fatty Acid and Volatile Compound Profiles during Storage of Smoked Cheese Made from the Milk of Native Polish Cow Breeds Raised in the Low Beskids. Dopieralska, Patrycja; Barlowska, Joanna; Teter, Anna; Krol, Jolanta; Brodziak, Aneta; Domaradzki, P Report Nov 1, 2020 10194
How Volatile Compounds, Oxidative Profile and Sensory Evaluation Can Change with Vacuum Aging in Donkey Meat. Maggiolino, Aristide; Lorenzo, Jose Manuel; Centoducati, Gerardo; Dominguez, Ruben; Dinardo, Frances Report Nov 1, 2020 12014
A New High-Throughput Screening Method to Detect Antimicrobial Volatiles from Metagenomic Clone Libraries. Stocker, Franz; Obermeier, Melanie M.; Resch, Katharina; Berg, Gabriele; Bogota, Christina A. Muller Nov 1, 2020 8261
Wisconsin City's Failure to Report Contamination Site Deemed an 'Oversight'. Danielle Kaeding, Wisconsin Public Radio Oct 28, 2020 1045
New 'remote' flare stack monitoring to reduce harmful emissions. Oct 19, 2020 510
Evonik develops technology for VOC separation. Oct 6, 2020 308
Update: California Architectural and Industrial Maintenance VOC Rulemakings. Darling, David Oct 1, 2020 383
Effects of the Extraction Technology on Pomegranate Juice Quality. Catania, Pietro; Comparetti, Antonio; De Pasqual, Claudio; Morello, Giuseppe; Vallone, Mariangela Oct 1, 2020 7420
Tecogen issued two U.S. patents on Ultera emissions reduction technology. Sep 24, 2020 238
Evonik develops membrane technology for separation of VOCs. Sep 16, 2020 497
Formulating High-Performance Warerborne Acrylic: Direct-Metal Coatings Under 25 g/L VOC. Auld, Kathleen; Padaon, Matthew; Procopio, Leo Sep 1, 2020 5385
Volatile Profiling of Fifteen Willow Species and Hybrids and Their Responses to Giant Willow Aphid Infestation. Tun, Kyaw Min; Minor, Maria; Jones, Trevor; McCormick, Andrea Clavijo Sep 1, 2020 8326
Volatile Organic Compounds, Oxidative and Sensory Patterns of Vacuum Aged Foal Meat. Tateo, Alessandra; Maggiolino, Aristide; Dominguez, Ruben; Lorenzo, Jose Manuel; Dinardo, Francesca Report Sep 1, 2020 11988
Detecting Covid-19 in 30 to 60 seconds. Aug 20, 2020 507
REVIEW: One week use of this air purifier resulted to less sneezing, added peace of mind. Aug 18, 2020 718
Volatile Organic Compounds from Rhizobacteria Increase the Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites and Improve the Antioxidant Status in Mentha piperita L. Grown under Salt Stress. Cappellari, Lorena del Rosario; Chiappero, Julieta; Palermo, Tamara Belen; Giordano, Walter; Banchio Aug 1, 2020 9345
UV Coating Advantages for Pipe And Tube Applications. Aug 1, 2020 1056
Analysis of Apple Flavours: The Use of Volatile Organic Compounds to Address Cultivar Differences and the Correlation between Consumer Appreciation and Aroma Profiling. Roberts, Gareth; Spadafora, Natasha D. Jul 31, 2020 4527
The investigation of combined ventilation-biofilter systems using recycled treated wastewater on odor reduction efficiency. Febrisiantosa, Andi; Choi, Hong L.; Renggaman, Anriansyah; Sudiarto, Sartika I.A.; Lee, Joonhee Jul 1, 2020 4615
EPA measures air pollutant levels' 50-year descent. Jul 1, 2020 315
Modeling and Prediction of Gas Chromatography Relative Retention Times of Volatile Organic Compounds. Mounia Zine, Amel Bouakkadia, Leila Lourici and Djelloul Messadi Jun 30, 2020 8159
Measurement of Air Concentrations of Particulate Matters, Volatile Organic Compounds and Formaldehyde in Lahore. Shiraz Aslam, Maham Javed and Nadeem Reyaz Jun 30, 2020 2566
Marine Aerosols: Measurements by the Tara Pacific Expedition. Jun 1, 2020 2392
Laying Hens Biochar Diet Supplementation--Effect on Performance, Excreta N Content, N[H.sub.3] and VOCs Emissions, Egg Traits and Egg Consumers Acceptance. Kalus, Kajetan; Konkol, Damian; Korczynski, Mariusz; Koziel, Jacek A.; Opalinski, Sebastian Jun 1, 2020 7805
USP Class VI silicones for medical manufacturing. Testo, Dominic Jun 1, 2020 1101
ATS ELGI launches Ozone Air Steriliser. May 18, 2020 170
Novel Cashew Nutshell Liquid-based: Waterborne Curing Agents Designed for High-Performance and Low-VOC Protective Epoxy Coatings: A team of Cardolite scientists expands its research on Cashew Nutshell Liquid-based waterborne epoxy curing agents with two new agents in a range of direct-to-metal primer system formulations. Xu, Hong; Mauck, Joe; Tavares, Fernanda; Natesh, Anbu; Li, Jing Cover story May 1, 2020 5935
BioLargo seeks 'to make life better' when it comes to clean water, clean air, and health. Apr 25, 2020 1214
QNET launches new AirPure Zayn. Apr 22, 2020 344
LOW AND ZERO VOC COATINGS: Sustainable products--such as zero and low VOC--will continue to be a priority in the paint and coatings market to meet both DIY and pro demand. Pianoforte, Kerry Apr 1, 2020 1230
A Data-Driven Prediction Method for an Early Warning of Coccidiosis in Intensive Livestock Systems: A Preliminary Study. Borgonovo, Federica; Ferrante, Valentina; Grilli, Guido; Pascuzzo, Riccardo; Vantini, Simone; Guarin Report Apr 1, 2020 4151
Storage Stability of Volatile Organic Compounds from Petrochemical Plant of China in Different Sample Bags. Han, Fenglei; Zhong, Huangrong; Li, Ting; Wang, Yongqiang; Liu, Fang Mar 31, 2020 6393
Synthesis, Adsorption, and Recognition Properties of a Solid Symmetric Tetramethylcucurbit[6]uril-Based Porous Supramolecular Framework. Tian, Fei-Yang; Cheng, Rui-Xue; Zhang, Yun-Qian; Tao, Zhu; Zhu, Qian-Jiang Mar 31, 2020 5956
Astrotech developing screening tool for COVID-19, other lung diseases. Mar 25, 2020 362
BioLargo closes JV deal with South Korea's BKT for CupriDyne Clean products. Mar 19, 2020 464
Clean up your act (and boost your health); The effects of indoor pollution are estimated to cause up to 40,000 early deaths in Britain every year. Michele O'Connor reveals how you can spring clean your way to better health. Michele O'Connor Mar 3, 2020 710
The Environmental Footprint of Natural Gas Transportation: LNG vs. Pipeline. Shaton, Katerina; Hervik, Arild; Hjelle, Harald M. Mar 1, 2020 9151
Biological Functions of Volatile Compounds Extracted from the Rice Bran- A Review. Jasti, Tejaswi; Chintala, Rama Krishna; Kolluru, Viswanatha Chaitanya Report Mar 1, 2020 7422
Hempel unveils fire protection coating. Mar 1, 2020 659
BioLargo forms new JV to leverage economic opportunity of CupriDyne Clean. Feb 14, 2020 153
BioLargo sets up JV with South Korea's BKT and Tomorrow Water for CupriDyne Clean products. Feb 13, 2020 610
Hempel launches new fire-protection coating. Feb 12, 2020 389
Hempel launches new fire protection coating in Bahrain. Feb 11, 2020 385
Adaptation of plants to high-calcium content kart regions: possible involvement of symbiotic microorganisms and underlying mechanisms/yAdaptacao de plantas a regioes de kart com alto teor de calcio: possivel envolvimento de microrganismos simbioticos e mecanismos subjacentes. Li, F.; He, X.; Tang, M.; Tang, X.; Liu, J.; Yi, Y. Feb 1, 2020 4318
Airway Hyperresponsiveness, Inflammation, and Pulmonary Emphysema in Rodent Models Designed to Mimic Exposure to Fuel Oil-Derived Volatile Organic Compounds Encountered during an Experimental Oil Spill. Amor-Carro, Oscar; White, Kathryn M.; Fraga-Iriso, Rebeca; Marinas-Pardo, Luis A.; Nunez-Naveira, La Report Feb 1, 2020 11933
Volatile Compounds Pervade Nail Salons. Feb 1, 2020 336
New York Finalizes AIM Coatings Rule. Feb 1, 2020 305
Thermal Spray Coatings Market To Be Influenced By Rising Need To Enhance Durability of Machines Among Industries To Reduce Maintenance Costs Till 2025 / Million Insights. Jan 21, 2020 1111
Glasgow inventor uses Nasa technology to create world's first hypoallergenic hotel room. Jan 15, 2020 213
New screening tool developed by Iowa State University researchers can speed detection of bovine tuberculosis. Jan 1, 2020 718
Hempel Launches Passive Fire Protection Coating. Jan 1, 2020 191
Floral Scent Evaluation of Three Cut Flowers Through Sensorial and Gas Chromatography Analysis. Aros, Danilo; Garrido, Nicole; Rivas, Constanza; Medel, Marcela; Muller, Carsten; Rogers, Hilary; Ub Jan 1, 2020 6233
Investigating the Impact of Plant Phytoremediation on Indoor Air Quality in Work Environments: A Meta-Analysis. Parhizkar, Hooman; Elzeyadi, Ihab Jan 1, 2020 2729
Investigating How Occupancy and Ventilation Mode Influence the Dynamics of Indoor Air Pollutants in an Office Environment. Jiang, Jinglin; Stevens, Philip S.; Boor, Brandon E.; Wu, Tianren; Huber, Heinz J.; Wagner, Danielle Jan 1, 2020 3194
BioLargo's CupriDyne Clean effectively knocks out hydrogen sulfide, third-party lab tests show. Dec 11, 2019 518
Green Sand Emissions and the Concentration of Carbonaceous Additives: A replacement of seacoal with causticized lignite has the potential to reduce foundry emissions. Miller, Liam; Vakili, Ray; Onge, Jason; Wang, Zhen Dec 1, 2019 1700
Chemicals in blood. Dec 1, 2019 425
Modeling and Simulation of Refueling Emissions from Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Liu, Shu; He, Ren Report Dec 1, 2019 5978
Texas chemical fire rages for second day, thousands evacuated. Nov 29, 2019 327
Global $1.4Bn Gas Sensors Market by Gas Type, Technology, Application & Geography - Forecast 2024. Nov 14, 2019 2266
Eastman Regalite™ UltraPure hydrocarbon resin nominated for innovation award. Nov 5, 2019 492
Are women's hygiene products true to their purpose? ANI Nov 4, 2019 257
Water as the solvent for "oil-based" coatings. Ho, Jaddie; Cunningham, Michael F.; Jessop, Philip G. Nov 1, 2019 2562
Eco-friendly curatives. Nov 1, 2019 137
ENERGY CURING INK MARKETS ARE ON THE RISE: UV has found a sizable market in label and narrow web, folding carton and other packaging segments. Savastano, David Nov 1, 2019 2158
Studies: HPHCs in JUUL system aerosol emissions significantly less. Oct 31, 2019 511
BASF SE (ETR: BAS) - Hyundai Motor Company's plant in Ulsan to exclusively use BASF Elastoflex[R] for the production of car seats - 23/10/019. Oct 29, 2019 397
Safe Prints for Indoor Spaces with Canon Uvgel 460 Flexible Ink. Oct 22, 2019 586
North America UV Curable Resins Market Report 2019-2025. Report Oct 18, 2019 702
Indonesian Paint Company Adopts VOC Labelling Standards Based on California Air Quality Rules. Oct 18, 2019 650
Pet Coke Market Trends, Analysis by Key Manufacturers, Production Overview, Supply Demand and Shortage, Recent, Trends, Growth, And Regional Outlook and Forecast 2019-2023. Oct 9, 2019 904
E-cigarettes. Iftikhar Mirza - Islamabad Oct 5, 2019 131
Water-Soluble Paints Market 2019, Global Industry Trends, Size, Share, Demand, Growth Opportunities, Industry Revenue, Future and Business Analysis by Forecast - 2023. Oct 2, 2019 917
Environmentally Progressive Coatings Claim Their Spot: A more green-conscious world demands responsible choices. Oct 1, 2019 723
ACA Fall Webinars to Focus on TSCA Reporting and VOC-Exempt Compound Alternatives. Oct 1, 2019 269
California Regulatory Actions on PCBTF, Current Status and Looking Ahead. Oct 1, 2019 635
Volatile Organic Compounds as Biomarkers of Gastrointestinal Diseases and Nutritional Status. Rondanelli, Mariangela; Perdoni, Federica; Infantino, Vittoria; Faliva, Milena Anna; Peroni, Gabriel Sep 30, 2019 8804
Effect of Spices on the Formation of VOCs in Roasted Mutton Based on GC-MS and Principal Component Analysis. Xi, Jiapei; Zhan, Ping; Tian, Honglei; Wang, Peng Sep 30, 2019 8870
Private Well Water Practices Among Environmental Health Professionals in Kansas. Ablah, Elizabeth; Marrow, Mary Winston; Brown, Jack; Green, Sarah; Konda, Kurt; Gallagher, Lisa; Lee Survey Sep 28, 2019 3230
Activation of TRPA1 by Volatile Organic Chemicals Leading to Sensory Irritation. Martinez, Jeanelle M.; Eling, Thomas E. Sep 22, 2019 8438
India Air Purifier Market Analysis and Forecast Report 2019-2023. Report Sep 20, 2019 538
New emission detector to fight pollution in Korea. Sep 17, 2019 415
Bulgarian Government Has Adopted the National Air Pollution Control Program 2020-2030. Sep 11, 2019 287
Environment-friendly toilet paper now in the GCC. Sep 9, 2019 292
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Concentrator Market 2019 Emerging Technologies, Business Opportunities, Global Size, Industry Share, Financial Overview and Regional Forecast to 2024. Sep 3, 2019 947
PPG Introduces Newly Formulated PPG AQUAPON WB EP Ultra-low VOC Epoxy Coating. Sep 1, 2019 151
DSM Introduces New Waterborne Coating Resin. Sep 1, 2019 225
NHDES launches well testing effort. Aug 30, 2019 209
Automotive Air Purifier Market size in terms of volume and value 2018 to 2028. Aug 29, 2019 784
Lanxess to showcase latest leather innovations at China show. Aug 29, 2019 992
Johor rep: Stench causing Pasir Gudang pupils to fall ill believed to be sewage fumes. Aug 28, 2019 449
Global Automotive Adhesive Tape Market Report, 2019-2024: Worldwide Growth, Trends, and Forecasts. Report Aug 19, 2019 965
VOC Gas Meter Market is expected to see growth rate of 3.51% and may see market size of USD171.56 Million by 2024. Jul 31, 2019 1178
Portable Tech Sniffs Out Plant Disease In The Field. Jul 30, 2019 1115
Portable Tech Sniffs Out Plant Disease In The Field. Jul 29, 2019 1115
DOH warns on use of e-cigarettes. Jul 15, 2019 276
Johor education department wants gas detector to be placed in risky schools in Pasir Gudang. Jul 14, 2019 522
Is Your Mattress Releasing Toxins While You Sleep? Jul 10, 2019 754
MS BREAKTHROUGH; Breath test could lead to much quicker diagnosis. Jul 5, 2019 188
Direct to metal resin. Jul 1, 2019 191
Particle and Chemical Emissions from 3D Printers and Their Potential Health Impacts. Zhang, Qian; Davis, Aika; Black, Marilyn; Weber, Rodney Jul 1, 2019 1372
A Study of Chemical Exposure from Consumer Products Used in Residential Environments. Davis, Aika; Harris, Debra; Black, Marilyn Report Jul 1, 2019 1551
Versatile Pelletized Aluminum FOR POWDER COATINGS. Doll, Jonathan; Venturini, Michael; Rohrer, Anthony Report Jul 1, 2019 2784
Growth of MWCNTs on Plasma Ion-Bombarded Thin Gold Films and Their Enhancements of Ammonia-Sensing Properties Using Inkjet Printing. Pakdee, Udomdej; Thaibunnak, Ananya Jun 30, 2019 6724
Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors for Ammonia Detection at Room Temperature Based on Sn[O.sub.2]/[Co.sub.3][O.sub.4] Bilayers. Constantinoiu, Izabela; Miu, Dana; Viespe, Cristian Jun 30, 2019 3799
Minister says yet to ascertain cause of air pollution in Pasir Gudang. Jun 26, 2019 341
PACKAGING FIRM TOLD TO PAY PS6K; Court told volatile chemicals were released into the air. Jun 19, 2019 319
Environmental Sensing and Monitoring Technologies Market Scope and Opportunities Analysis 2018 -- 202. Jun 7, 2019 1117
PPG Debuts PPG MACHINECOAT Waterborne Weathering Stain for Commercial Cedar Shingles. Jun 1, 2019 159
Isopropyl Acetate Market industry to account for largest size by 2026. May 31, 2019 1103
Isopropyl Acetate Market industry to account for largest size by 2026. May 30, 2019 1118
Limassol sea 'cleaners' tackle remnants of oil spill. May 23, 2019 308
Assessment of Volatile Organic Compounds at Gasoline Filling Stations and Possible Impacts on Human Health in Lahore, Pakistan. Kashif, Saif Ur Rehman; Hanif, Ayesha May 1, 2019 2991
Isolation and Characterization of Antagonistic Bacteria Paenibacillus jamilae HS-26 and Their Effects on Plant Growth. Wang, Xiaohui; Li, Qian; Sui, Junkang; Zhang, Jiamiao; Liu, Zhaoyang; Du, Jianfeng; Xu, Ruiping; Zho Apr 30, 2019 7640
Automotive Air Purifier Market Global Trends Motivating Revenue Boost Across Prime Geographies durin. Apr 30, 2019 756
Earth Day: Revolutionary paint offers solution to air pollution. Apr 21, 2019 787
Newpoint to build facility for hydrogen production. Apr 17, 2019 412
Functional Coil Coatings Market Study Offering Deep Insight Related to Growth Trends until 2027. Report Apr 15, 2019 831
BASF & AAR OEM Solutions to Jointly Protect Aircraft Passengers & Crew from Ozone Levels & Improve Cabin Air Quality. Apr 8, 2019 688
ESMA develops green labels for paints, varnishes. Apr 6, 2019 189
First Mold Cleaner With Only EPA-Exempt VOCs. Apr 1, 2019 124
Cross linking Waterborne for Improved Corrosion: Coatings With Bipodal Silanes Protection Performance. Shevrin, Jacob D.; Bergman, Sheba D. Report Apr 1, 2019 5660
Benzene Levels Rise near Petrochemical Fire Site; Residents Told to Shelter-in-Place. Marfin, Catherine Mar 21, 2019 650
PPG Powder Coatings Featured on NYC's Newly Redesigned Pier 17. Mar 1, 2019 399
Sensor Development Kit for Power-Optimized IoT Applications. Mar 1, 2019 148
Volatile compounds and quality analysis in commercial medicinal plants of Camellia sinensis/Caracterizacao dos compostos volateis e analise da qualidade de plantas medicinais comerciais de Camellia sinensis. de Menezes, Joyce Castro; Borges, Gabriela Borba Vilela; Gomes, Fatima de Cassia Oliveira; Vieira, M Mar 1, 2019 7472
ABC of HVAC. Feb 28, 2019 1609
A non-invasive breath test for cancer; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy; HEALTH NEWS. Feb 25, 2019 183
Parents your child is carrying evidence of toxins from home flooring, furniture. Feb 18, 2019 504
R&D in EU Focuses on Climate Change Issues: Climate change is at the moment setting the R&D priorities for many European producers of coatings and their raw material suppliers. Milmo, Sean Feb 1, 2019 1116
Performance silicas. Feb 1, 2019 164
ACA Expands Offerings in Member Webinar Series. Feb 1, 2019 496
Driving advances in water-borne coatings. Jan 3, 2019 1069
Paints that make a green impact. Jan 3, 2019 877
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling Indoor Chemical Reactions under Varied Lighting and HVAC Operation Conditions. Won, Youngbo; Rim, Donghyun Jan 1, 2019 2937
Photocatalytic Activity and Durability of Commercial Ti[O.sub.2] Photocatalysts for Indoor Air Purification. Haghighatmamaghani, Alireza; Haghighat, Fariborz; Lee, Chang-Seo Jan 1, 2019 3852
Temporal Variations in Estimated Ventilation and Relative Performance based on Continuous C[O.sub.2] Monitoring in Offices. Novotny, Tomas; Aller, Rick; della Vecchia, Salvatore; Clinchard, Samy; Haverinen-Shaughnessy, Ulla Jan 1, 2019 2408
ANOTHER SMOG! Dec 31, 2018 930
Assessing Panelboard Volatile Organic Compound Emission Profiles through Renewables Use. Grigsby, Warren; Tohmura, Shin-ichiro; Miyamoto, Kohta Dec 22, 2018 4490
Global Coating Binders Market Forecast Covering Growth Inclinations & Development Strategies until 2. Dec 11, 2018 893
Merit. Dec 1, 2018 349
Lydall Introduces Gas Phase Filter Media. Nov 1, 2018 295
Ownership passed on. Nov 1, 2018 216
Robotic Sample Prep Platform Speeds GCMS Workflow. Nov 1, 2018 117
The Impacts of Pd in BEA Zeolite on Decreasing Cold-Start NMOG Emission of an E85 Fuel Vehicle. Xu, Lifeng; Lupescu, Jason; Cavataio, Giovanni; Guo, Kevin; Jen, Hungwen Technical report Nov 1, 2018 5187
Global Isopropyl Acetate Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2026. Oct 27, 2018 1262
Global Isopropyl Acetate Market to Showcase Vigorous Demand during the Period until 2026. Oct 26, 2018 1262
Eco-friendly idea that paint half hot. Oct 3, 2018 303
Sustainable, Low-Emissions, High-Performance Polyols for Wood Floor Coatings. Spilman, Gary E.; Moore, Scott; Marshall, Simone J. Oct 1, 2018 5767
Lydall launches new LydAir gas phase capabilities. Sep 28, 2018 111
Characterization of Odorants in Particleboard Coated with Nitrocellulose Lacquer under Different Environment Conditions. Wang, Qifan; Shen, Jun; Du, Jianhui; Cao, Tianyu; Xiwei, Shen Sep 22, 2018 6173
Hexion, Vanora Create New Biocide-Free Waterborne Binder Solution. Sep 1, 2018 203
MPCA, stakeholders address vapor intrusion from brownfields. Aug 29, 2018 916
Send your young adult off to college with a few houseplants. Aug 19, 2018 532
Send them off to college with houseplants. Aug 19, 2018 535
Hogan administration announces plan for $75.7M from VW settlement. Aug 2, 2018 462
ACA Offers Member Webinars. Aug 1, 2018 334
Catalyst for VOC control. Jul 1, 2018 116
Characteristics of Volatile Organic Compounds Released from Various Types of Decorative Particleboards. Liqun, Jiang; Jun, Shen; Hongwei, Li; Xiwei, Shen; Huajun, Dong Jun 22, 2018 5888
Unique Waterborne Alternatives to Traditional Solvent-based Coatings for Industrial Wood Applications. Boley, Laurie Morris Alberdingk Jun 1, 2018 2433
Novel Oil Modified Urethane for Wood Flooring Applications. Li, Yuting; Yang, Shi; Cooley, Scott Jun 1, 2018 3036
Novel Thirdhand Smoke Exposure Route Identified; THS exposure route ID'd from partitioning of surface volatile organic compounds into aerosol phase. May 10, 2018 266
Emission control system. May 1, 2018 144
Georgia-Pacific: New Resin Helps Achieve Lower VOC Coatings. May 1, 2018 124
Clean hair equals dirty air; HEALTH NEWS. Apr 2, 2018 103
Understanding biodegradable form release agents. Linn, Patrick Apr 1, 2018 1026
BASF Automotive Refinish Launches New Website. Website overview Apr 1, 2018 196
An Update on Sustainability in the Coatings Industry. Challener, Cynthia Apr 1, 2018 4484
Novel CNSL-based Waterborne Zn-rich Primer Systems for Protective Coatings. Xu, Hong; Tavares, Fernanda; Natesh, Anbu; Li, Jing Apr 1, 2018 4964
Proteins and Peptides as Replacements for Traditional Organic Preservatives: Part I. Hodges, Tyler W.; Kemp, Lisa K.; Mclnnis, Brittney M.; Wilhelm, Kyle L.; Hurt, Jonathan D.; Mcdaniel Apr 1, 2018 3798
Volatile Organic Compounds in Feces Tied to Diet Response; In IBS, fecal VOC profiling may be useful for predicting responses to dietary interventions. Mar 5, 2018 245
Excretion of Volatile Organic Compounds Up in Teen E-Smokers; Excretion of metabolites of acrylonitrile, acrolein, propylene oxide, acrylamide, crotonaldehyde up. Mar 5, 2018 260
Three houseplants you simply must own. Mar 4, 2018 573
These Everyday Products Can Create Smog! Mar 2, 2018 574
PPG Chrome-free Integral Fuel Tank Aerospace Coating Qualified to SAE Standard. Mar 1, 2018 197
PPG Introduces PPG AQUACRON 834 Water-based Shop Primer. Mar 1, 2018 148
VOCS ARE BACK IN THE NEWS. Branna, Tom Mar 1, 2018 349
Sources of protein as food baits for Anastrepha obliqua (Diptera: Tephritidae): tests in a wind tunnel and the field. Mesquita, Paulo Roberto Ribeiro; Magalhaes-Junior, Jairo Torres; Cruz, Maiara Alexandre; Novais, Hug Report Mar 1, 2018 4467
Modification of behavioral response in Copitarsia decolora (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) due to pre-exposure to sex pheromone and host plant volatiles. Robledo, Norma; Arzuffi, Rene; Reyes-Prado, Humberto Report Mar 1, 2018 4376
Polyurea coating. Mar 1, 2018 166
Update on U.S. EPA Exempt Volatile Organic Compounds. Mar 1, 2018 343
We pollute the air every morning. Feb 28, 2018 1004
Personal Products May Be Causing Transportation Level Pollution. Feb 23, 2018 397
Paints and perfume 'polluting urban air'. Feb 19, 2018 174
'Paints, perfumes causing pollution' NEWS IN BRIEF. Feb 17, 2018 164
New Device "Sniffs" Poop to Diagnose Colon Diseases. Jan 2, 2018 133
Rapid Screening of Volatile Organic Compounds from Aframomum danielli Seeds Using Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction Coupled to Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry. George, Mosotho J.; Njobeh, Patrick B.; Gbashi, Sefater; Adegoke, Gabriel O.; Dubery, Ian A.; Madala Jan 1, 2018 5068
Illinois EPA Out of Bounds Targeting Quarries That Accept CCDD. Jan 1, 2018 763
BASF's Next-Gen, Low-VOC Dispersions for Interior Paints Help Improve Indoor Air Quality. Jan 1, 2018 194
Detecting and Identifying Industrial Gases by a Method Based on Olfactory Machine at Different Concentrations. Sun, Yunlong; Luo, Dehan; Li, Hui; Zhu, Chuchu; Xu, Ou; Hosseini, Hamid Gholam Jan 1, 2018 4074
Response of Aspergillus niger Inoculated on Tomatoes Exposed to Vapor Phase Mustard Essential Oil for Short or Long Periods and Sensory Evaluation of Treated Tomatoes. Aguilar-Gonzalez, Ana Elena; Palou, Enrique; Lopez-Malo, Aurelio Jan 1, 2018 5202
Vehicle Emission Factors for Particulate and Gaseous Pollutants in an Urban Tunnel in Xi'an, China. Zhao, Danting; Chen, Hong; Shao, Haipeng; Sun, Xiaoke Jan 1, 2018 6980
Antenatal exposure to indoor air pollution and tobacco smoke associated with wheezing in infants. Farham, B. Brief article Dec 28, 2017 203
'Sanitary pads safe to use': food safety ministry. Dec 28, 2017 509
Environmental Regulation. Van Doren, Peter Book review Dec 22, 2017 187
Flexible electronic production for PIDs: Jonathan Newell finds out how flexibility of configuration for Photo lonisation Detectors is no longer a problem with Ion Science's new production facility. Newell, Jonathan Dec 1, 2017 564
Automotive refinish coating market to increase by 5.7pc by 2022. Nov 29, 2017 533
Illinois EPA tests show: Debris sites too toxic 80 percent, including some in the suburbs, surpass legal limit Toxic: Health not at risk, industry rep says. Nov 20, 2017 753
Study finds impact of exposure to benzene during pregnancy. Medical condition overview Nov 13, 2017 516
Sherwin-Williams Introduces Water-Based Floor Coatings. Nov 1, 2017 417
Green Coatings: A combination of regulatory trends and consumer demand help drive the market for green coatings. Pianoforte, Kerry Nov 1, 2017 981
Powder Coatings Break Into Wood Furniture Market. Wang, Arnold Oct 1, 2017 1041
Biochemical assessment of the hepatic functions of the petrol pump workers of Jaipur city. Rahul; Gupta, Nivedita; Vyas, Sangeeta; Sankhla, Manisha; Punjabi, Poonam Report Oct 1, 2017 3707
Hoists coated with environmentally friendly finish. Oct 1, 2017 101
Thermoplastic elastomers. Oct 1, 2017 108
Hoists coated with environmentally friendly finish. Oct 1, 2017 101
Aftertreatment Architecture and Control Methodologies for Future Light Duty Diesel Emission Regulations. Chilumukuru, Krishna; Gupta, Aniket; Ruth, Michael; Cunningham, Michael; Kothandaraman, Govindarajan Oct 1, 2017 5681
Ultra-Trace Real Time VOC Measurements by SIFT-MS for VIAQ. Zhu, Jennifer H.; Nones, Christopher; Li, Yan; Milligan, Daniel; Prince, Barry; Polster, Mark; Deart Oct 1, 2017 2129
Cloverdale Paint opens new research & development facility in Surrey, BC. Sep 1, 2017 166
ExxonMobil refineries are damaged in Hurricane Harvey, releasing hazardous pollutants. Aug 29, 2017 602
Volatile compounds and some physico-chemical properties of pastirma produced with different nitrate levels. Akkose, Ahmet; Unal, Nazen; Yalinkilic, Baris; Kaban, Guzin; Kaya, Mukerrem Report Aug 1, 2017 6703
Novel isocyanate-free moisture-curable polymers for single-component polysiloxane topcoats. Iezzi, Erick Aug 1, 2017 2995
Buses and trucks plus in for power. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 266
EPA investigates Delaware Hockessin Site for potential Superfund status. Jul 7, 2017 722
New Barrier Coating Combats Water & Contamination - Parex Paraguard. Jul 6, 2017 245
Your home needs a health makeover. Jul 1, 2017 1214
Central Sensitization and Sensitivity Syndromes: A Handbook for Coping. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 126
PPG completes [dollar]19m waterborne auto coatings production line in Wuhu, China. Jul 1, 2017 197
Effects of chronic exposure to Formaldehyde on micronucleus rate of bone marrow cells in male mice. Jun 30, 2017 1823
SCAQMD adopts VOC test methods for AIM coatings. Jun 1, 2017 523
A two-pack waterborne polyurethane: topcoat for military aircraft. Lyons, Christopher J. Jun 1, 2017 8845
Behavioral responses of Aphis citricola (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and its natural enemy Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) to non-host plant volatiles. Song, Beizhou; Liang, Yinping; Liu, Sizhou; Zhang, Linfeng; Tang, Guangbo; Ma, Teng; Yao, Yuncong Report Jun 1, 2017 7392
Laminar Burning Velocity Measurements in DIPK-An Advanced Biofuel. Almansour, Bader; Alawadhi, Sami; Vasu, Subith Report Jun 1, 2017 7699
Global Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersion Market Analyzed for Rising CAGR by the End of 2022. May 14, 2017 616
Axalta launches Imron 8460S Clearcoat for commercial transportation market. May 1, 2017 186
Low and zero VOC coatings: environmental legislation and increasing consumer awareness are driving the market for low and zero VOC coatings. Pianoforte, Kerry Apr 1, 2017 1309
Repsol develops new polymeric polyol grade for furniture markets. Apr 1, 2017 139
Portable GCMS weighs 32 pounds. Apr 1, 2017 137
DFT Study of Electronic and Optical Properties of Small Oligothiophenes Based on Terthiophene End-capped by Several Donor Groups. Alamy, Aziz El; Amine, Amina; Bouachrine, Mohammed Report Apr 1, 2017 4388
Don't Hold Your Breath. Mar 1, 2017 1606
PPG completes $19m waterborne automotive coatings production line in Wuhu, China. Mar 1, 2017 143
Biological Activity and Phytochemical Composition of the Volatile Oils from Basilicum polystachyon. Report Feb 28, 2017 4647
Effects of air flow rates on VOC removal performances of oxidation-based air cleaning technologies. Lee, Chang-Seo; Haghighat, Fariborz; Bahloul, Ali Jan 1, 2017 4647
Natural remedies for garlic breath. Jan 1, 2017 152
Uflex extends Comexi holographic equipment. Jan 1, 2017 203
A Comparison of the Volatile Components of Cold Pressed Hamlin and Valencia (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck) Orange Oils Affected by Huanglongbing. Xu, Brittany M.; Baker, George L.; Sarnoski, Paul J.; Goodrich-Schneider, Renee M. Report Jan 1, 2017 11952
The Aroma Composition of Baby Ginger Paocai. Luo, Songming; Li, Qiang; Chen, Anjun; Liu, Xingyan; Pu, Biao Report Jan 1, 2017 7192
Volatile Composition of Sweet Passion Fruit (Passiflora alata Curtis). Mamede, Alexandra M.G.N.; Soares, Antonio G.; Oliveira, Eder J.; Farah, Adriana Technical report Jan 1, 2017 6514
Snowflake-Shaped ZnO Nanostructures-Based Gas Sensor for Sensitive Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds. Han, Tianli; Li, Xuexue; Zhang, Xiaoman; Liu, Jinyun; Li, Jinjin Jan 1, 2017 3287
Effectiveness of Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Solid Phase Extraction, and Headspace Technique for Determination of Some Volatile Water-Soluble Compounds of Rose Aromatic Water. Canbay, Hale Secilmis Report Jan 1, 2017 5125
Influence of environmental factors on volatile organic compound emissions from plywood tested by a rapid detection method. Qifan, Wang; Jun, Shen; Yang, Zhao; Wanjun, Liu Jan 1, 2017 4033
Tyre burning an irrevocable loss to environment: Experts. Nov 22, 2016 445
Proactive valve, actuator programs for new EPA compliance. Leese, David Nov 1, 2016 1206
CSP Technologies introduces Pharmapuck scavenging devices. Nov 1, 2016 125
Modest Growth Forecast for Global Powder Coatings Market (2014 - 2022). Oct 9, 2016 571
Formulating to minimize film defects in 100 g/L VOC solventborne 2K polyurethane coatings. Seipke, Clifford; Akoum, Yasmin; Bruley, Kristen; Cherep, Aaron; Dolan, Sarah; Handlen, Donald Cover story Oct 1, 2016 3712
Monitors for leak detection. Oct 1, 2016 126
RPM Acquires Canadian Pipeline Coatings Maker Specialty Polymer. Sep 13, 2016 186
RPM Acquires Canadian Pipeline Coatings Maker Specialty Polymer. Sep 13, 2016 191
Dow direct-to-metal solutions in demand. Sep 1, 2016 778
Compounding silica-reinforced rubber with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission. Aug 1, 2016 113
Synthesis of novel acrylic modified water reducible alkyd resin: investigation of acrylic copolymer ratio effect on film properties and thermal behaviors. Akgun, Nagihan; Buyukyonga, Ozge Naz; Acar, Isil; Guclu, Gamze Report Aug 1, 2016 7369
New EPA rules to cut methane emissions, help global climate. Krisberg, Kim Aug 1, 2016 285
France's Avril Group, Bpifrance and Biopolymer Technologies create Evertree. Aug 1, 2016 396
Dubai\ s DEWA hosts EmiratesGBC air quality session. Jul 12, 2016 272
Clariant debuts zeolite solutions. Jul 11, 2016 322
ANGUS AMP additive granted VOC exemption status by environment Canada. Jul 1, 2016 375
Sustainable inks. Jul 1, 2016 191
I. Environmental quality. Jun 22, 2016 10202
Dubai Central Lab VOC tests failed by 22% samples. Jun 16, 2016 184
Ten EU Countries Violate Air Emission Limits, Watchdog Says. Jun 10, 2016 146
Ten EU nations still breaching pollution limits: EEA. Jun 10, 2016 154
Near-Zero VOC waterborne alkyd dispersions with solventborne alkyd performance. Vogel, Erin; Beebe, Marty; Bills, Bob; Ellison, Christina; Machelski, Sue; Sullivan, Jamie; Romick, Cover story Jun 1, 2016 4103
A new soybean oil-based reactive diluent for low-VOC solventborne wood stains. Yu, Wumin; Chen, Zhigang Jun 1, 2016 3168
US Announces Tough Rules On Methane Emissions. May 13, 2016 526
Plant & worker safety. May 1, 2016 227
ACI approaches CARB on cleaning products. May 1, 2016 363
Future Electronics Promotes Ultra-Low Digital Gas Sensors from Cambridge. Apr 6, 2016 370
PPG Asian Paints launches first waterborne automotive refinish paint in Sri Lanka. Apr 1, 2016 354
PPG PAINTS brand introduces new and improved formula for low-VOC BREAK-THROUGH! Paint. Apr 1, 2016 273
Co-oligomers Based on 2-Methoxy, 5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy) phenylene and Thienylenevinylene for Organic Solar Cells. Alamy, A. El; Amine, A.; Bouzzine, S.M.; Hamidi, M.; Bouachrine, M. Report Apr 1, 2016 4786
Characterization of odorant compounds from mechanical aerated pile composting and static aerated pile composting. Kumari, Priyanka; Lee, Joonhee; Choi, Hong-Lim Report Mar 23, 2016 3506
PPG launches HOBA PURAIR internal powder liner for aluminium aerosol cans. Mar 1, 2016 282
BASF launches polymer dispersions for coatings. Mar 1, 2016 275
Trichoplusia ni (Lepidoptera: noctuidae) survival, immune response, and gut bacteria changes after exposure to Azadirachta indica (Sapindales: Meliaceae) volatiles. Nunez-Mejia, Gricelda; Valadez-Lira, Jose A.; Gomez-Flores, Ricardo; Rodriguez-Padilla, Cristina; Ta Report Mar 1, 2016 7292
Pigment binding of Alkyd latex polymers. Danneman, Jeffrey H. Cover story Mar 1, 2016 4439
Elkhart, IN Superfund sites monitored to keep drinking water safe. Feb 23, 2016 383
Might your home be making you unwell? Feb 19, 2016 190
Might your home be making you unwell? Feb 17, 2016 190
Might your home be making you unwell? Feb 16, 2016 190

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