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      Erst in dem Doppelbereich
      werden dire Stimme
      ewig und mild

        --Rainer Maria Rilke *

   So now the flying lessons start.
   I should have known.
   For a long time I have been
   ready to go traveling.

   Old age consults its body parts,
   plays them like a creaky spinet.
   Say, which ones still make music?

   It's been a while
   since angels spoke to me
   calling on me at odd times and places,
   teasing in their childish voices:

   "What is it you want?
   What is it you're looking for,
   ye creatures here below?

   "And anyway, these monuments
   that so possess your mind
   are nothing more
   than a big old dresser
   stuck in time's doorway.

   "We prefer our way:
   half premonition,
   half intuition.

   Somewhere between body and being,
   known and unknown,
   between the visible and the unfeasible
   we make our home.

   "We have no distinguishing marks,
   but some have names
   and all have voices.

   "There is no color here,
   but all is light.
   Light and more light,
   enough to fill us all.

   "We are more like you than you know.
   Throw back your coat.
   Somewhere in your soul's false lining
   the angel that lies within
   stands revealed."

* First, in the dual realm, the voices become eternal and tender.
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Author:Weeks, Laura D.
Publication:the new renaissance
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2008
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