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Voice of the People: Johnny keep out.

WITH the Marching Season just around the corner let's hope that Johnny Adair dismisses his plans to come back to Ulster for a good old knees up.

Already there are signs of trouble brewing with this week's Tour of the North parade in north Belfast where serious violence flared last year at one of the flashpoints.

And the ex-UFF boss coming back to stir up trouble with his own side is just a recipe for disaster.

Drumcree is just one of a number of contentious routes where the Parades Commission have yet to make rulings.

It's unlikely to get the go-ahead to march along the Garvaghy Road and that area has been relatively peaceful in the past few years.

In some areas, like Derry, marchers and residents have shown that it's possible to reach accommodation without backing down.

And those signs of political maturity when it comes to the Twelfth are blocks to build on for a brighter future.

For most people in Ulster the Twelfth is no longer a reason to leave and go off on holiday fearing trouble or violence.

But all it takes is a few trouble makers to spark trouble. Johnny Adair should take note.
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Title Annotation:Leader
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jun 12, 2005
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