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Articles from Voice of Youth Advocates (December 1, 2017)

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A Candle in the Darkness: An Interview with Patricia McCormick (Part One). Horan, Timothy Interview 2063
A Girl's Guide. Munday, Courtney M. Book review 271
A Mixed Bag of Delights: This time around, I've got a mixed bag of recent and upcoming books, ranging from teen noir to space adventure to horror to memoirs to ... math--but the math is amazing! Kan, Kat Book review 1808
A Novel Series Adopts a Cause. Levy, Sheri S. 1920
A Visual Exploration of Science. Aman, Loryn Brief article 295
Abawi, Atia: A Land of Permanent Goodbyes. Willman, Hadley Young adult review 349
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, and Raymond Obstfeld. Becoming Kareem. Yan, Shirley Book review 387
Adult Mysteries with Young Adult Appeal 2017. Charles, John Recommended readings 4296
Ahmadi, Arvin: Down and Across. Yan, Shirley Book review 353
Ahmed, Samira: Love Hate & Other Filters. Wenk, Debbie Book review 259
Albert, Melissa. The Hazel Wood. Norton, Elizabeth Book review 223
Allen, Becky. Freed by Flame and Storm: Bound by Blood and Sand, Book 2. Hollingsworth, Charla Book review 216
Allen, Rachae: A Taxonomy of Love. Norwood, Caitlin Book review 445
Amplifying Unheard Voices: Shout Mouse Press. Johnson, Sarai; Page, Rachel 1956
Andelson, Amy, and Emily Meyer: Layover. Noone, Katherine Book review 260
Anderson, Lily: Not Now, Not Ever. Garrity, Amanda Brief article 225
Anthony, Lawrence, and Graham Spence. The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild. Hansen, Jamie Book review 278
At the Top of Their Game. Clark, Cheryl Book review 282
Bachang, Tianxia. The City of Sand. Williams, Sherrie Book review 260
Banerjee, Kyle, and Bonnie Parks, Eds. Migrating Library Data: A Practical Manual. Bayer, E. Frank Brief article 241
Barnard, Sara: A Quiet Kind of Thunder. Melilli, Amanda Book review 251
Beagle, Peter S.: The Overneath. Nebeker, Elizabeth Book review 206
Becoming a Manager. McDonald, Nicola 1821
Binge Worthy Mysteries. Rummel, Jennifer Video recording review 1762
Blackburne, Livia. Rosemarked. Lindberg, Anna Book review 345
Blakemore, Megan Frazer: Good and Gone. Wadham, Rachel Brief article 244
Blogier, Alexandra. The Last Girl on Earth. Jones, Christina Book review 270
Bloom, Naama. HelloFlo: The Guide, Period. Wika, Courtney Huse Brief article 270
Breathed, Berkley. Bloom County: Brand Spanking New Day. Washburn, Nichole Brief article 278
Broadway, Alice. Ink: The Skin Books, Book 1. Rademacher, Kristy Young adult review 267
Brockenbrough, Martha. Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary. Caron, Jes Young adult review 225
Brody, Jessica. The Chaos of Standing Still. Segreto, Erin Book review 240
Calonita, Jen: Turn It Up! Neff, Kate Book review 290
Camlot, Heather: Clutch. Coventry, Jennifer Brief article 286
Cane, Rachel, and Ann Aguirre. Honor Among Thieves. Arender, Kelsey Brief article 266
Castellucci, Cecil: Don't Cosplay with My Heart. Van Wiemokly, Jane Book review 262
Castle, Jennifer: Together at Midnight. Segreto, Erin Book review 302
Cause & Effect. Thompson, Pamela Book review 255
Chance, Kim. Keeper. Schall, Lucy Book review 245
Chao, Gloria. American Panda. Valdes, Aileen Young adult review 258
Chee, Traci. The Speaker: Sea of Ink and Gold, Book 2. Love, Barbie Book review 269
Ciocca, Gina: Busted. Woodruff, Laura Brief article 269
Cole, Olivia A.: A Conspiracy of Stars, Book 1. Kunzel, Bonnie Book review 273
Collins, A.L.: Homestead: A New Life on Mars. Johnston, Barbara Book review 267
Connecting Teens with Their Families through Genealogy. Homan, Joyce 1607
Connis, Dave: The Temptation of Adam. Brickey, Morgan Book review 257
Cook, Hope. House of Ash. Nebeker, Elizabeth Brief article 258
de la Cruz, Melissa, Ed.: Because I Was a Girl: True Stories for Girls of All Ages. Garrity, Amanda Book review 253
Delle Donne, Elena. My Shot: Balancing It All and Standing Tall. Van Wiemokly, Jane Book review 293
Deriso, Christine Hurley: All the Wrong Chords. Viviani, Deena Book review 263
Diversity in the Library. Colvin, Sharon 1788
DiVincenzo, Salvatore, and Elizabeth Malafi. Supporting Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age: The Public Librarian's Toolkit. Hopkins, Audrey Book review 289
Do You Listen to Audiobooks (Or Do You Just Buy Them for Your Students)? Perry, Karin 637
Drake, Raelyn. Realm of Mystics. Hayn, Judith A. Book review 281
Eagar, Lindsay: Race to the Bottom of the Sea. Phillips, Donna L. Book review 278
Ely, Lyndsay. Gunslinger Girl. Norby, Blake Book review 265
End of Year Wrap Up. Ludt, RoseMary 949
Etler, Cyndy. We Can't Be Friends: A True Story. Christensen, Heather Book review 278
Feld, Barry C.: The Evolution of the Juvenile Court: Race, Politics, and the Criminalizing of Juvenile Justice. Abdul, Alicia Book review 238
Ficklin, Sherry D: The Canary Club, Book 1. Nation-Vallee, Johanna Book review 247
Finlay, Adrianne. Your One & Only. Dostie, Kobi Book review 371
Free People Speak Freely, Part II. Macrae, Cathi Dunn 1053
Furze, Colin. This Book Isn't Safe! Johnston, Barbara Book review 273
Gardner, Bradley M.: China's Great Migration: How the Poor Built a Prosperous Nation. Lieberman, Marissa Book review 213
Gibaldi, Lauren. This Tiny Perfect World. Melilli, Amanda Book review 259
Glaser, Mechthild. The Forgotten Book. Crew, Hilary Brief article 273
Goedjen, Tara. The Breathless. Sykeny, Karen Book review 227
Goldsmith, Connie. Addiction and Overdose: Confronting an American Crisis. Hollingsworth, Charla Book review 433
Grant, Michael. Monster. Lieberman, Marissa Book review 265
Grant, Vicki. 36 Questions that Changed My Mind about You. De Groft, Lee Book review 286
Graves, Colleen, Aaron Graves, and Diana L. Rendina. Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace. Staller, Jennifer Brief article 230
Gray, Mila. Run Away with Me. Pittman, Heather Book review 259
Green, Dawn. How Samantha Smart Became a Revolutionary. Flesher-Duffy, Sharon Book review 299
Ha, Gene. Mae, Volume 1. Malinowski, Tom Book review 281
Harry, Matt. Sorcery for Beginners: Codex Arcanum, Book 1. Miskec, Jennifer M. Book review 273
Hartfield, Claire. A Few Red Drops: The Chicago Race Riot of 1919. Carpenter, Cassidy Young adult review 336
Hartman, Rachel. Tess of the Road. Wyatt, Erin Book review 270
Heathfield, Lisa. Paper Butterflies. Gibson, Rena Book review 237
Henson, S.F.: Devils Within. Martincik, Lisa Book review 290
Holland, Sara. Everless. Malinowski, Tom Book review 245
Hopper, Laura. I Never. Rummel, Jennifer Book review 271
Hounam, Donald. A Dangerous Magic. Rummel, Jennifer Book review 229
Human Rights in Focus. Crew, Hilary Book review 293
Hutchinson, Shaun David. The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza. Love, Barbie Book review 268
Iturbe, Antonio. The Librarian of Auschwitz. Bott, Cj Book review 261
Jae, Ava. Into The Black: Beyond the Red, Book 2. Levine, Sarah Book review 345
January, Brendan. ISIS: The Global Face of Terrorism. Aasi, Rummanah Book review 413
Jones, Kidada. School of Awake: A Girl's Guide to the Universe. Book review 259
Jordan, Cat. Eight Days on Planet Earth. McIntosh, Jennifer Book review 254
Judge, Lita. Mary's Monster: Love, Madness, and How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein. Nicosia, Jim Book review 278
Jurkowski, Odin L.: Technology and the School Library: A Comprehensive Guide for Media Specialists and Other Educators, 3rd Ed. Rauch, Elisabeth W. Book review 244
Kann, Claire. Let's Talk About Love. Clark, Cheryl Book review 221
Kinsella, Warren. Recipe for Hate: The X Gang, Book 1. Rapacki, Sean Book review 231
Konen, Leah. Love & Other Train Wrecks. Pavloff, Matt Book review 246
Kostakis, Will. The Sidekicks. Carter, Kim Book review 210
Kullab, Samya. Escape from Syria. Karpas, Beth Book review 271
Leaders of the Scientific Revolution. Abdul, Alicia Book review 240
Library, The Need to Know. Norton, Elizabeth Book review 271
Liggett, Kim. Heart of Ash: Blood and Salt, Book 2. Walker, Cat Book review 358
Llewelyn, Haf. An Empty Chair: The Tragic Story of Welsh Poet Hedd Wynn. De Groft, Lee Brief article 292
Locke, Thomas. Renegades: Recruits, Book 2. Cummins, Amy Brief article 208
Macvie, Meagan. The Ocean in My Ears. Miller, Matthew Brief article 332
Madison, Bailee and Stefne Miller. Losing Brave. Munday, Courtney Book review 268
Mafi, Tahereh. Whichwood. Wallace, Nancy K. Book review 346
Marino, Andy. Autonomous. Hogan, Walter Brief article 276
Marrin, Albert. Very, Very, Very Dreadful: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918. Beach, Kevin Book review 260
Mayhew, Julie. Big Lie. Wenk, Debbie Book review 295
McKillip, Patricia A.: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld. Schofield, Jo Book review 233
Mele, Dana. People Like Us. Rademacher, Kristy Book review 272
Mentoring ... What's Mentoring? Snow, Jessica 1521
Meyer, Marissa. Renegades. Hayman, Stacey Book review 343
Mills, Emma. Foolish Hearts. Meeusen, Meghann Brief article 259
MORE VOYA AT WWW.VOYAMAGAZINE.COM. Ludt, RoseMary Brief article 200
Morini, Manuel. Edgar Allan Poe: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. Hughes, Stefanie N. Book review 293
Muslim Representation: The Case for Expecting Diversity within Diversity. Ali, S.K. 1236
New Manga Series. Grey, Eden Book review 1973
Nijkamp, Marieke. Before I Let Go. Mills, Maggie Book review 325
Norfolk, Sherry, and Jane Stenson, Eds. Engaging Community through Storytelling. Jameson, Angie Book review 470
Nye, Naomi Shihab. Voices in the Air: Poems for Listeners. Jung, Rebecca Book review 260
Odysseys in Crime Scene Science. Libra, Suzanne Book review 258
Odysseys in Outdoor Adventures. Amborski, Adrienne Book review 138
Okorafor, Nnedi. Akata Warrior, Book 2. Rios, Lucero Book review 421
Oliver, Lauren. Ringer: Gemma/Lyra: Replica, Book 2. Allen, Susan Book review 277
Orlando, Kristen. You Won't Know I'm Gone: The Black Angel Chronicles, Book 2. Kirchhoff, Debbie Book review 226
Paranormal Investigations. Fenske, Cyndi L. Book review 263
Parker, Natalie C., Ed.: Three Sides of a Heart: Stories about Love Triangles. Keller, Anne Brief article 278
Parlato, Steven. The Precious Dreadful. Neff, Kate Book review 246
Patel, Sonia. Jaya and Rasa: A Love Story. Hazlett, Lisa A. Brief article 265
Patterson, James, and Emily Raymond. Expelled. Aasi, Rummanah Book review 288
Payne, Mary Jennifer. Solomon's Ring: Daughters of Light, Book 2. Vigdor, Richard Book review 238
Pierce, Tamora. Tortall: A Spy's Guide. Sullivan, Elizabeth Brief article 297
Pike, Aprilynne. Shatter: Glitter, Book 2. McIntosh, Jennifer Book review 274
Plozza, Shivaun. Frankie. Milillo, Linsey Young adult review 220
Poston, Ashley. Heart of Iron. Caron, Jes Book review 293
Presidents at War. Hogan, Walter Book review 348
Priemaza, Anna. Kat and Meg Conquer the World. Van Weimokly, Jane Book review 276
Purcell, Kim. This is Not a Love Letter. Barbour, Kimberly Brief article 280
Quinn, Jason. The Beatles, All Our Yesterdays. Dettmann, Molly Young adult review 271
Raughley, Sarah. Siege of Shadows: The Effigies, Book 2. Straub, Lauren Book review 244
Redfern, Nick. The New World Order Book. French, Cheryl Book review 275
Reed, Timmy. Kill Me Now. Valdes, Aileen Book review 268
Reich, Herb. Lies, Half-Truths, and MoreLies. Dettmann, Molly Book review 242
Reyl, Hilary. Kids Like Us. Matson, Elizabeth Book review 262
Rivers, Karen. All That Was. Allen, Barbara Young adult review 371
Rufener, Brenda. Where I Live. French, Cheryl Brief article 267
Saedi, Sara. Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card. Wilkes, Stephanie Book review 172
Sanders, Bernie. Guide to Political Revolution. Coventry, Jennifer Book review 262
Sanderson, Brandon. Oathbringer: Stormlight Archive, Book 3. Davis, Jewel Book review 279
Scarrow, Alex. Plague Land. Rauch, Elisabeth W. Book review 219
Schaumberg, Deborah. The Tombs. Kunzel, Bonnie Book review 276
Scheckel, Larry. I Always Wondered About That. Karpas, Beth Book review 242
Scheier, Leah. Rules of Rain. Martin, Bethany Book review 262
Sedoti, Chelsea. As You Wish. Hayman, Stacey Book review 292
Segel, Jason, and Kirsten Miller. Otherworld, Book 1. Davis, Jewel Book review 261
Self, Jeffery. A Very, Very Bad Thing. Wilkes, Stephanie Book review 246
Sheldon, Dyan. Just Friends. Walter, Dinah Book review 316
Shepard, Ray Anthony. Now or Never! 54th Massachusetts Infantry's War to End Slavery. Rademacher, Kristy Brief article 244
Shields, Breeana. Poison's Cage: Poison's Kiss, Book 2. Martincik, Lisa Book review 299
Smith, Amber. The Last to Let Go. Vigdor, Richard Book review 260
Social Media, Critical Literacy, and Multicultural Young Adult Literature: A Workable Union? Sun, Lina 5144
Solomon, Rachel Lynn. You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone. Pickel, Kirsten Book review 263
Stamper, Vesper. What the Night Sings. Weaver, Matthew Book review 270
Subban, Karl, and Scott Colby. How We Did It: The Subban Plan for Success in Hockey, School and Life. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Brief article 153
Summerill, Erin. Ever the Brave: Clash of Kingdoms, Book 2. Straub, Lauren Book review 263
Swanson, James L.: Chasing King's Killer: The Hunt for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Assassin. Panter, Laura Young adult review 303
TechTrack: Building Your Career in IT. Schofield, JoAnna Book review 277
The Amazing Human Body. Barbour, Kimberly Book review 278
The Road to College. Wright, Judith 1091
The Scoop on Teen Advisory Groups and Boards. Bostian, Laini 1613
Vehlmann, Fabien. Satania. Meeusen, Meghann Book review 253
Vick, Chris. Storms. Amborski, Adrienne Brief article 296
Visual Explorers. Allen, Barbara Book review 432
Voorhees, Coert. On the Free. Balog, Mary Book review 213
Wang, Jen. The Prince and the Dressmaker. Milillo, Linsey Book review 234
Ward, Kaitlin. Girl in a Bad Place. Abdul, Alicia Book review 237
Watson, Kate. Shoot the Moon. Schall, Lucy Brief article 242
Weaver, Corie, and Sean Weaver, Eds. 2018 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide. Pavloff, Matt Book review 253
Weber, Marina. The Global Warming Express. Kirchhoff, Debbie Book review 419
Wheatley, Daniel. The Zanna Function. Viviani, Deena Book review 375
Whodunits: A Roundup of 2017 YA Mystery Titles. Holley, Pam Spencer Book review 2893
Wiggins, Bethany. The Dragon's Curse: Transference, Book 2. Wadham, Rachel Book review 245
Zimet, Susan. Roses and Radicals: The Epic Story of How American Women Won the Right to Vote. Nation-Vallee, Johanna Book review 415

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