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Articles from Voice of Youth Advocates (October 1, 2015)

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About aligning teen programs with strategic initiatives. Rockefeller, Elsworth 1689
Alender, Katie. The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall. Williams, Sherrie Brief article 269
Almond, David. A Song for Ella Grey. Conklin, Kate Brief article 231
Alward, Amy. Madly: The Potion. Allen, Barbara Brief article 264
Anderson, M. T.: Symphony for the City of the Dead: Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad. Holbrook, Stacy; Quint, Victoria Young adult review 382
Anderson, Robert L. Dreamland. Anderson, Kristin Brief article 254
Anderson, T. Neill. Massacre of the Miners: Horrors of History. Phillips, Donna L. Book review 275
Angelini, Josephine. Fire Walker: The Worldwalker, Book 2. Rauch, Elisabeth W. Brief article 259
Armstrong, Kelley. The Masked Truth. Beck, Kathleen Book review 267
Armstrong, Kelley. The Unquiet Past: Secrets. Matson, Elizabeth Brief article 270
Arnold, Shari. Neverland. Terrile, Vikki Brief article 249
Atkinson, Elizabeth. The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball. Godbey, Samantha Brief article 225
Atkinson, Sam. The Sociology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book review 157
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren. Red Girl, Blue Boy: If Only. Axelrod, Rachel Book review 267
Become an ally: reach out to your LGBTQ teen community. Chapman, Jan 2069
Benjamin, Ali. The Thing about Jellyfish. Unruh, Marla; Withrow, Savannah Book review 331
Blackburne, Livia. Daughter of Dusk: Midnight Thief, Book 2. Miskec, Jennifer Brief article 173
Blue, Violet. The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online. Allen, Barbara Young adult review 230
Boone, Martina. Persuasion: Heirs of Watson Island. Pittman, Heather Brief article 250
Boorman, Kate A.: Darkthaw: A Winterkill Novel. Holbrook, Stacy; Quint, Victoria Book review 351
Bow, Erin. The Scorpion Rules: Prisoners of Peace. Lesesne, Teri S. Brief article 266
Braswell, Liz. A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale. Martincik, Lisa Book review 358
Braun, Melinda. Stranded. Anderson, Kristin Book review 243
Brockmann, Suzanne, and Melanie Brockmann. Wild Sky: Night Sky, Book 2. Hogan, Walter Brief article 283
Brooks, Adrian. The Right Side of History: 100 Years of LGBTQI Activism. Johnston, Barbara Book review 252
Butler, Rebecca P.: School Libraries 3.0: Principles and Practices for the Digital Age. Colson, Diane Book review 270
Carson, Rae. Walk on Earth a Stranger: Gold Seer, Book 1. Sundermann, Liz Brief article 272
Cart, Michael, Ed.: Taking Aim: Power and Pain, Teens and Guns. Christensen, Heather Book review 253
Chupeco, Rin. The Suffering. Rapacki, Sean Brief article 227
Clark, Kathy. The Choice. Chapman, Jan Book review 291
Clark, Simon P.: Tell the Story to Its End. Basye, Jonatha Brief article 243
Collier, Peter. Choosing Courage. Neff, Kate Book review 200
Curran, Abbey. The Courage to Compete: Living with Cerebral Palsy and Following My Dreams. Fiebelkorn, Cathy Book review 289
Curtis, Marci Lyn. The One Thing. Libra, Suzanne Book review 249
de Fombelle, Timothee. A Prince Without a Kingdom: Vango, Book 2. Connors, Kaitlin Brief article 225
Deen, Natasha. Sleight of Hand. Noone, Katherine Book review 305
Dickens, Charles. Great Expectations: Manga Classics. Rapacki, Sean Book review 240
Donnelly, Jennifer. These Shallow Graves. Frank, Ellen Book review 255
Duncan, Alexandra. Sound: Salvage, Book 2. Stover, Lynne Farrell Brief article 279
Eden, Bradford L., Ed.: Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the 21st-Century Academic Library. Brickey, Morgan Book review 260
Engel, Amy. The Revolution of Ivy. Noone, Katherine Brief article 270
Enigmas of History: 8 Volume Set. Sadowski, Kristi Book review 202
Ewing, Amy. The White Rose: Jewel, Book 2. Stover, Lynne Farrell Brief article 270
Extending the five-foot bookshelf: more essential books for professionals who serve teens. Honnold, Rosemary Recommended readings 919
Faulk, Richard. The Next Big Thing. Lieberman, Marissa Book review 208
Fine, Sarah. Of Dreams and Rust. Winfield, Cynthia Brief article 284
Fitzpatrick, Huntley. The Boy Most Likely To. Beck, Kathleen Book review 285
Flanagan, John. The Tournament at Gorlan: Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years, Book 1. Clark, Cheryl Brief article 264
Flinn, Alex. Mirrored: Kendra Chronicles, Book 3. Weaver, Matthew Brief article 270
Gaiman, Neil. The Sleeper and the Spindle. Fletcher-Spear, Kristin Brief article 219
Gilchrist, Kelvin K.: Inventions and Discoveries by People of Color. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Young adult review 219
Gillis, Bryan, and Joanna Simpson. Sexual Content in Young Adult Literature: Reading Between the Sheets. Williams, Sherrie Book review 279
Going, K.L.: Pieces of Why. Carter, Kim; Bedell, Amy Book review 408
Grant, Vicki. Small Bones: Secrets. Vallee, Etienne; Stockdale, Chelsea; Mills, Elizabeth Book review 405
Graudin, Ryan. Wolf by Wolf. Noone, Katherine Brief article 299
Grogan, Shannon. From Where I Watch You. Carlson, Pam Book review 346
Grosso, Mike. I Am Drums. Flowers, Sarah Brief article 253
Grove, S. E.: The Golden Specific: Mapmakers, Book 2. Martin, Sara; Toplineau, Raluca Book review 382
Guertin, Chantel. Leading Lines: A Pippa Greene Novel. Noone, Katherine Brief article 299
Hahn, Rebecca. The Shadow Behind the Stars. Segreto, Erin Brief article 255
Halpern, Jake, and Peter Kujawinski. Nightfall. Norby, Blake Book review 258
Harmon, Michael. Stick. Murphy, Jane Book review 276
Hart, Amy. RDA Made Simple: A Practical Guide to the New Cataloging Rules. Woodruff, Laura Young adult review 181
Hartzler, Aaron. What We Saw. McDuffie, Ann Brief article 276
Headley, Maria Dahvana. Magonia. Ehde, Ava Book review 240
Hepler, Heather. Frosted Kisses: The Cupcake Queen, Book 2. Libra, Suzanne Book review 252
Higgins, Wendy. Sweet Temptation: Sweet Evil, Book 4. Hollingsworth, Charla Book review 246
Hocking, Amanda. Crystal Kingdom: The Kanin Chronicles, Book 3. Garrison, Paige Book review 116
Hogarth, Ainslie. The Boy Meets Girl Massacre. Michael, Nina Book review 296
Hopkinson, Deborah. Courage & Defiance: Stories of Spies, Saboteurs, and Survivors in World War II Denmark. McIntosh, Jennifer Book review 255
Houck, Colleen. Reawakened. Meeusen, Meghann Book review 260
Hubbard, Mandy. Everything but the Truth: If Only. Martin, Bethany Book review 270
Hurst, Melissa E.: The Edge of Forever. Rapacki, Sean Book review 249
Hutchinson, Shaun David, et al.: Violent Ends. Sykeny, Karen Book review 262
Inglis, Lucy. City of Halves. Perenic, Laura C. Book review 286
Issues That Concern You. Cummins, Amy Brief article 271
It's a bizarre bizarro world. Tomsu, Lindsey Recommended readings 3583
It's the program issue! Honnold, RoseMary 960
Ius, Dawn. Anne & Henry. Van Wiemokly, Jane Book review 269
January, Brendan. Information Insecurity: Privacy Under Siege. Aman, Loryn Book review 344
Jarrow, Gail. Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary. Pierce, Nancy Book review 323
Jocelyn, Marthe. A Big Dose of Lucky: Secrets. Gov, Jane; Eng, Kara Book review 339
Johnston, E. K.: A Thousand Nights. Miller, Christina Book review 260
Jones, Kari. Shimmy. Rampey, Sherry Book review 351
Kacer, Kathy. Stones on a Grave: Secrets. Viviani, Deena; Raynor, Maia Book review 343
Kilpatrick, Nancy, and Caro Soles, Eds.: nEvermore!: Tales of Murder, Mystery & the Macabre--Neo-Gothic Fiction Inspired by the Imagination of Edgar Allan Poe. Phillips, Donna L. Book review 284
Klehr, Dawn. If You Wrong Us. Martin, Sara; Topliceanu, Raluca Book review 311
Klein, Jen. Jillian Cade (Fake) Paranormal Investigator. Miller, Christina Book review 231
Kurtagich, Dawn. The Dead House. Miskec, Jennifer Book review 239
Lackey, Mercedes. Hunter. McIntosh, Jennifer Book review 217
LaMarche, Una. Don't Fail Me Now. Perenic, Laura C. Book review 262
Lancaster, Mike A.: dotwav. Matson, Elizabeth Book review 256
Law and order in science fiction: an interview with Ben Winters, author of the Last Policeman trilogy. Hill, Rebecca A. Interview 1922
Leaver, Trisha, and Lindsay Currie. Hardwired. Schall, Lucy Book review 236
Lewis, R. C.: Spinning Starlight. Sykeny, Karen Book review 277
Lubar, David. Sophomores and Other Oxymorons. Boyer, Deanne Book review 233
Mackler, Carolyn. Infinite in Between. Phillips, Donna L. Book review 271
Mancusi, Mari. Smoked: Scorched, Book 3. Crew, Hilary Book review 267
Marquardt, Marie. Dream Things True. Godbey, Samantha Book review 257
Marshall III, J.: In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse. Krieger-Munday, Courtney M. Brief article 270
Masciola, Carol. The Yearbook. Phillips, Donna L. Book review 258
Maxwell, Lisa. Gathering Deep. Wallace, Nancy K.; Kusluch, Mary Book review 356
May, Nancy. Dogs Don't Talk. Atherton, Jessica Book review 234
Mayrock, Aija. The Survival Guide to Bullying: Written by a Teen. Martin, Sharon Book review 287
McAllister, Jenn. Really Professional Internet Person. Miskec, Jennifer Young adult review 247
McClintock, Norah. My Life Before Me: Secrets. Fenske, Cyndi Book review 263
McGovern, Cammie. A Step Toward Falling. Lesesne, Teri Book review 220
McKinley, Mary. Rusty Summer: Rusty Winters, Book 2. Bott, C.J. Book review 177
Mead, Richelle. Soundless. Schall, Lucy Book review 250
Monninger, Joseph. Whippoorwill. Rummel, Jennifer Book review 232
More VOYA at Honnold, RoseMary 232
Nelson, Colleen. 250 Hours. Wadham, Rachel Book review 262
Nielsen, Jennifer A.: A Night Divided. Nicosia, Jim Book review 271
Nix, Garth. Newt's Emerald. Karpas, Beth Book review 298
Noyce, Pendred E.: Remarkable Minds: 16 More Pioneering Women in Science & Medicine. Martincik, Lisa Young adult review 272
O'Porter, Dawn. Goose. Wadham, Rachel Book review 276
O'Reilly, Bill. Hitler's Last Days: The Death of the Nazi Regime and the World's Most Notorious Dictator. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Young adult review 187
O'Rourke, Tim. Flashes. Burleigh, Valerie Book review 376
On the "Real World". Wright, Zoe 628
Ormand, Kate. The Wanderers. Neff, Kate Book review 221
Petty, Heather W.: Lock & Mori. Sadowski, Kristi Book review 243
Phelan, James. The Last Thirteen: Are You One of Them? Pickel, Kirsten Book review 272
Pike, Christopher. Strange Girl. Baker, Jen Book review 218
Poblocki, Dan. The House on Stone's Throw Island. Straub, Lauren Book review 216
Pon, Cindy. Serpentine. Colson, Diane Book review 257
Preston, Natasha. Awake. Garrison, Pam Book review 193
Preus, Margi. The Bamboo Sword. Wika, Courtney Huse Book review 264
Prineas, Sarah. Ash & Bramble. Conklin, Kate Book review 243
Prinz, Yvonne. If You're Lucky. Schall, Lucy Book review 238
Ramos, Dania. Who's Ju?: The 7th Grade Sleuths, Book 1. Lehner, Laura Book review 227
Ramsey, Sherry D.: The Seventh Crow. Davis, Jewel Book review 266
Redman, Winston K.: Quest of a Bipolar Soldier. Terrile, Vikki Book review 270
Renn, Diana. Blue Voyage. Schall, Lucy Book review 257
Resau, Laura. The Lightning Queen. Fiebelkorn, Cathy Book review 292
Revamp, refresh, revitalize: overcome your fears and improve your summer reading program. Evans, Nancy 2424
Reverb effect: library services for grieving teens following the violent death of a friend. Dapier, Jarrett 3486
Richards, Natalie D.: My Secret to Tell. Martin, Bethany Book review 259
Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes. Karpas, Beth Book review 269
Robbins Rose, Judith. Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco. Wenk, Debbie Book review 270
Robotics and computer programming: digital literacy training in the idea lab. De La Cruz, Justin Report 2753
Ross, Jeff. Set You Free. Wilkes, Stephanie Book review 213
Rudnick, Elizabeth. A Frozen Heart. Allen, Susan Book review 226
Sayre, Justin. Husky. Osman, Suzanne Book review 236
Scheier, Leah. Your Voice Is All I Hear. Ehde, Ava Book review 233
Schmatz, Pat. Lizard Radio. Carter, Kim; Sullivan, Grady Book review 361
Schmitt, Sarah J.: It's a Wonderful Death. Norby, Blake Book review 265
Selznick, Brian. The Marvels. Ryder, Jonathan Book review 381
Serrell, Beverly. Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach, 2nd Edition. Nation-Vallee, Johanna Book review 247
Sheinmel, Alyssa. Faceless. Chapman, Jan Book review 269
Sheinmel, Courtney. Edgewater. Nation-Vallee, Johanna Book review 249
Sher, Emil. Young Man with a Camera. Axelrod, Rachel Book review 281
Sinel, Natasha. The Fix. Norton, Elizabeth Book review 223
Smith, Jennifer E.: Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between. Hayn, Judith Brief article 279
Smith, Roland. The Edge. Goldberg, Ed Brief article 264
So many good books! Kan, Kat 2043
Sommers, Jackie Lea. Truest. Talbott, Dawn Book review 264
Spears, Kat. Breakaway. Wolf, Marissa Book review 237
Stephens, Kate. College, Quicker: 24 Practical Ways to Save Money and Get Your Degree Faster. Aman, Loryn Young adult review 349
Stine, R. L.: Lost Girl: Fear Street. Vigdor, Richard Young adult review 199
Stohl, Margaret. Black Widow Forever Red. Carter, Kim; Shertzer, Kevin Young adult review 366
Stratton, Allan. The Dogs. Wyatt, Erin Book review 259
Students become authors. Lee, Lori Y. 1810
Submissions. Honnold, RoseMary 269
Summer, Mary Elizabeth. Trust Me, I'm Trouble. Boyer, Deanne Book review 234
Tansley, K. C.: The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts: The Unbelievables, Book 1. Kunzel, Bonnie Book review 274
Taylor, Nicole M.: Emergent Behavior: Bots, Book 1. Allen, Susan Young adult review 239
Teens mixing it up with media. Fesko, Shari 858
Teens teaching youth to code. Martinez, Gina 1668
The making of the teen entrepreneurial academy. Schuldner, Dina Essay 1633
Thomas, Sherry. The Immortal Heights: Elemental, Book 3. Hayman, Stacey Book review 276
Thrash, Maggie. Honor Girl. Hazlett, Lisa A.; Sweeney, Twila A. Book review 337
Toten, Teresa. Shattered Glass: Secrets. Vallee, Etienne Book review 310
Turnage, Sheila. The Odds of Getting Even. Miskec, Jennifer Brief article 266
Van Pelt, James. Pandora's Gun. Geers, Dianna Book review 260
Video Games and Society. Snodgrass, Mary Ellen Book review 271
Violent encounters in secondary school classrooms: representations of conflicts and wars in graphic novels. Sun, Lina Recommended readings 2027
Walters, Eric. Innocent: Secrets. Goldberg, Ed; Yan, Shirley Book review 342
What height is the heart? Macrae, Cathi Dunn 1055
Who cares where? Braun, Linda W. 1588
Wiviott, Meg. Paper Hearts. Burleigh, Valerie Book review 391
Yoga for You. Norton, Elizabeth Book review 271

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