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But Can You Sing? How much vocal training you really need to book musical theater. Hilton, Haley Apr 1, 2020 711
Vocal Accuracy in Preschool Children: Are The Curwen Hand Signs Really Useful? Boisvert, Stephanie Report Sep 1, 2019 4990
Reading and Listening Between the Lines: Ideas on Singing the Short and Open Vowels [i], [??], and [Y], and the Long and Closed Vowels [e[??]], [o[??]], and [o[??]] in German. De'Ath, Leslie; Neubert, Nils May 1, 2019 2565
Training Considerations for Recital Performance: Framing Vocal Dose in a Fatigue Resistance Training Model. Sandage, Mary J.; Hoch, Matthew Report Mar 1, 2019 2271
Five Things. McCoy, Scott Essay Mar 1, 2019 4601
Battling Pricing Pitfalls: Pricing Strategy for Today's Studio Owner. Deveaux, Michelle Markwart Essay Mar 1, 2019 4535
The Whole Voice Approach: Expanding the Understanding of the Adolescent Boy's Voice. Beynon-Martinec, Jennifer Case study Jan 1, 2019 5500
The Effectiveness of a Voice Care Program Among Primary School Teachers in Northeastern Malaysia. Sundram, Esther Rishma; Norsa'adah, Bachok; Mohamad, Hazama; Moy, Foong Ming; Husain, Nik Rosmawati Report Jan 1, 2019 3948
The Art and the Skills of Vocal Coaching: Pierre Vallet on l'accent d'insistance and Singing in French. Garrett, Margo Column Nov 1, 2018 2607
Modern Voice Pedagogy: Functional Training For All Styles. Benson, Elizabeth Ann Essay Jun 1, 2018 2940
"It Goes Like This": A Quick Introduction To Vocal Coaching For Pianists. Masters, Richard Jun 1, 2018 2877
Why /i/ and /e/ Can Be Effective Belting Vowels. Titze, Ingo R. May 1, 2018 814
The Art And The Skills Of Vocal Coaching. Garrett, Margo May 1, 2018 3070
The Efficacy of Vocal Cool-down Exercises. Ragan, Kari May 1, 2018 3625
Voice Class: A Learner-Centered Approach. Sauerland, William May 1, 2018 3787
Pedagadgets. McCoy, Scott May 1, 2018 2701
Exercise Physiology: Perspective for Vocal Training. Sataloff, Robert T.; Sandage, Mary J.; Hoch, Matthew Column Mar 1, 2018 4454
Make the Choice to Cherish Your Voice--World Voice Day, April 16, 2018. Edwin, Robert Mar 1, 2018 1013
Getting in the Zone, Part 2: Attention and Setting Goals. Helding, Lynn; McCarther, Sean Mar 1, 2018 3359
The Voice and Diction Connection: A Diction Instructor's Approach to Voice Pedagogy. Montgomery, Cheri Jan 1, 2018 4585
Stand on the Shoulders of Giants: An Appeal to New Media Voice Pedagogy Educators. Howell, Ian Column Jan 1, 2018 2112
Maffei's System of Voice Pedagogy. Honea, Sion M. Column Jan 1, 2018 6679
Honesty In Teaching. Sjoerdsma, Richard Dale Column Jan 1, 2018 1269
What's the Rush? McCoy, Scott Column Jan 1, 2018 2283
Vocal Education: Body, Mind, and Soul. Snyder, Linda J. Column Nov 1, 2017 1394
A 21st Century Primer on Vocalizing. Titze, Ingo Nov 1, 2017 5041
Voicing In Stop Consonants: Phonological Awareness. De'Ath, Leslie; Neron, Martin Nov 1, 2017 2750
Cultivating Instincts in Our Music Theater Students Using Spectral Pedagogy. Edwin, Robert; Gerbi, Elizabeth Essay Nov 1, 2017 4191
Teaching Transgender Singers. Part 2: The Singers' Perspectives. Manternach, Brian Column Nov 1, 2017 4312
Best Practices: Using Exercise Physiology and Motor Learning Principles in the Teaching Studio and the Practice Room. Nix, John; Helding, Lynn Column Nov 1, 2017 3135
RECENT RESEARCH IN SINGING. Simonson, Donald Nov 1, 2017 1037
Teaching Lucas: a transgender student's vocal journey from soprano to tenor. Sims, Loraine Mar 1, 2017 5444
Voice science and voice pedagogy vocabularies: can they merge? Titze, Ingo R. Column Jan 1, 2017 558
Preparing for music theater college auditions: the career begins now. Evans, Ann Column Nov 1, 2016 3225
Effective and meaningful grading in applied collegiate voice: assessing effort and progress, a grading toolbox, and a recommendation. Keeton, Seth May 1, 2016 5711
Imagine. McCoy, Scott Column May 1, 2016 1589
Motor learning and voice training, part II. Locus of attention: internal or external? That is the question. Helding, Lynn Column May 1, 2016 4103
Effectiveness of steroid injections for bamboo nodules: a case report. Imaizumi, Mitsuyoshi; Tada, Yasuhiro; Okano, Wataru; Tani, Akiko; Omori, Koichi Report Apr 1, 2016 124
Be a speaking authority. Barnett, Gina Brief article Mar 1, 2016 216
The effect of the position of the zygomatic musculature of the experienced baritone singer on the voice spectra. McQuade, Jennifer Helen Mar 1, 2016 5311
Incorporating practice strategies into voice instruction. Baughman, Melissa Mar 1, 2016 2546
What comes next? McCoy, Scott Mar 1, 2016 1933
Reclaiming group vocal instruction/Repenser l'enseignement du chant choral. Freer, Patrick K. Essay Jan 1, 2016 5966
An infusion of Western and Eastern singing styles into Chinese vocal art: introducing the teaching methodology for training Chinese bel canto singers. Zhang, Wen Jan 1, 2016 4924
One trick pony. McCoy, Scott Jan 1, 2016 2599
Using the second formant to achieve professional classical quality in the male singing voice. Robertson, Stephen Report Nov 1, 2014 3544
Educate your voice. Sjoerdsma, Richard Dale Essay Mar 1, 2014 1181
Nasalance and the Tenor Passaggio. Perna, Nicholas Report Mar 1, 2014 4618
Shaken, not stirred: practical ideas for addressing vibrato and nonvibrato singing in the studio and the choral rehearsal. Nix, John Report Mar 1, 2014 4700
The future of collegiate voice pedagogy: SWOT analysis of current practice and implications for the next generation. Meyer, David; Edwards, Matthew Column Mar 1, 2014 4798
Voice therapy and assistive techniques in voice disorders caused by unilateral vocal cord pareses/Fonoterapijske i asistivne tehnike kod poremecaja glasa uzrokovanih jednostranim parezama glasnica. Kasterovic, Bojana; Veselinovic, Mila; Mitrovic, Slobodan M. Report Mar 1, 2014 3946
Gestures and body-movements in the teaching of singing: a survey into current practice in Australia and Germany. Nafisi, Julia S.A. Report Jan 1, 2014 9237
Singers: what is normal? Sataloff, Robert T.; Hawkshaw, Mary J. Jan 1, 2013 1392
One more small step in solving the mystery of the benefits of semioccluded vocal tract exercises. Titze, Ingo R. Jan 1, 2013 688
Building strong voices--twelve different ways. Austin, Stephen F. Jan 1, 2013 3327
Checking the rearview mirror. McCoy, Scott Sep 1, 2012 2246
Troubleshooting Norwegian pronunciation in classical singing. Ophaug, Wencke Essay Sep 1, 2012 5237
Vocalizing vocalises. Pomfret, Bonnie Sep 1, 2012 3280
Science and art and true grit. Helding, Lynn Essay Sep 1, 2012 5061
The greatest generation ... Austin, Stephen F. Sep 1, 2012 2720
A conversation with Lloyd Schwartz, Part 2. Holmes, Leslie M. Interview Sep 1, 2012 4344
Mission. Sjoerdsma, Richard Dale Editorial Sep 1, 2012 2046
The female primo passaggio: a survey of its physiology, psychology, and pedagogy. Blyskal, Elena Report Sep 1, 2012 5564
Teaching adult beginning singing. Myers, Jeanette S. Essay Sep 1, 2012 4738
Some thoughts on singing and science. McCoy, Scott Conference notes May 1, 2012 2283
Health promotion and injury prevention education for student singers. Ziegler, Aaron; Johns, Michael M.; Miller, Laura Jane; Hopkin, Teresa; Gilman, Marina Essay May 1, 2012 5759
An appreciation of the Bozeman and Miller descriptions of Formant--harmonic relations in singing. Titze, Ingo R. Essay May 1, 2012 974
Voice pedagogy for aging singers (including the author). Edwin, Robert Essay May 1, 2012 1901
Drains and gains. Swanson, Carl Essay May 1, 2012 2432
Awesome voices! Austin, Stephen F. Essay May 1, 2012 1798
New technology for teaching voice science and pedagogy: the Madde Synthesizer (Svante Granqvist). Bozeman, Kenneth Mar 1, 2012 1613
Repertoire for child singers. Edwin, Robert Mar 1, 2012 1168
How young is too young? Teaching the unchanged voice. Pomfret, Bonnie Report Mar 1, 2012 3150
Bobble-heads. Austin, Stephen F. Essay Mar 1, 2012 1347
Tripartite unity: what students expect from their teacher and accompanist during individual singing lessons. Kiik-Salupere, Vaike; Ross, Jaan Report Dec 1, 2011 7533
Belting: as an academic discipline. White, Andrew R. Column Jun 1, 2011 2097
Formant frequency shifts for classical and theater belt vowel modification. Titze, Ingo Jan 1, 2011 789
Pedagogy from the archives. Austin, Stephen Jan 1, 2011 2291
Volitional control of vibrato in trained singers. Carter, Neisha; Hopkin, J. Arden; Dromey, Christopher Report Sep 1, 2010 5400
Teaching poetry through song: a modest proposal. Seminatore, Gerald Essay May 1, 2010 7457
Dispelling Vocal Myths. Part 1: "Sing from your diaphragm!". Michael, Deirdre Essay May 1, 2010 3252
Introducing a video for using straw phonation. Titze, Ingo May 1, 2010 976
Vocal fold cyst. Rutt, Amy L.; Sataloff, Robert T. Case study Apr 1, 2010 341
Our obligation to students and the profession. McCoy, Scott Column Mar 1, 2010 1578
Motor learning principles and voice pedagogy: theory and practice. Bergan, Christine Report Mar 1, 2010 8658
Pillars of voice work. Gener, Randy Jan 1, 2010 547
Tremor into action: Catherine Fitzmaurice, an innovator of voice work, prescribes a holistic regimen of freedom, release and transcendence. Meier, Paul Jan 1, 2010 2091
The importance of daydreaming: for actors, voice training and new discoveries in neuroscience can help bridge the disconnect between mind and body. Linklater, Kristin Jan 1, 2010 2459
A quest for the original voice: a renowned voice teacher advocates feeling, not intellect, to activate the creative visionary within. Lessac, Arthur Jan 1, 2010 2603
Voice check: 10 tips for healthy singing: voice therapists, trainers and performers give expert advice on how to protect and maintain your singing voice. Veltman, Chloe Jan 1, 2010 2383
The end of breath for singing: exhalation and the control of breath at the end of the phrase. Indik, Lawrence Nov 1, 2009 6308
The teachings of Jean-Antoine Berard: content, context, and legacy. Kenaston-French, Karen Critical essay Nov 1, 2009 4112
Training the artist-teacher: voice pedagogy at The Ohio State University. Peeler, Karen Nov 1, 2009 1610
Integration of singing into voice therapy. Spencer, Martin L. Nov 1, 2009 3276
Frederic W. Root's "systemizing voice culture". Austin, Stephen Nov 1, 2009 4064
Chiaroscuro and the quest for optimal resonance. Kirkpatrick, Adam Essay Sep 1, 2009 4341
Vocal exercise physiology: same principles, new training paradigms. Saxon, Keith G.; Berry, Samuel L. Sep 1, 2009 4698
The missing brain. Helding, Lynn Column Sep 1, 2009 3406
Stockhausen's method of singing (concluded). Austin, Stephen; Stockhausen, Julius Excerpt Sep 1, 2009 2363
"Bright is the ring of words". Kimball, Carol Column Sep 1, 2009 3418
Celebrating the vocal arts. Westney, William Editorial Jun 1, 2009 337
In support of Contemporary Commercial Music (nonclassical) voice pedagogy. Sep 1, 2008 2069
University/collegiate master class: the combined studio model. Errante, Valerie; Lavonis, William Sep 1, 2008 2589
YogaVoice: balancing the physical instrument. Moliterno, Mark Sep 1, 2008 4170
Consulting a voice doctor: when? Heman-Ackah, Yolanda D.; Sataloff, Robert T.; Hawkshaw, Mary J.; Divi, Venu Sep 1, 2008 3209
Cross training for the voice. Edwin, Robert Sep 1, 2008 2567
Teaching reaches out: class voice and the aging singer. Rayapati, Sangeetha Report May 1, 2008 4393
Teaching methods for correcting problematic vibratos: using sustained dynamic exercises to discover and foster healthy vibrato. Kirkpatrick, Adam May 1, 2008 3999
The seduction of nasality. McCoy, Scott May 1, 2008 1928
Finding a voice doctor and voice care team. Heman-Ackah, Yolanda D.; Sataloff, Robert T.; Hawkshaw, Mary J.; Divi, Venu May 1, 2008 6629
An appeal for patience and longsuffering by singing teachers in their assessment of the value of voice science. Titze, Ingo R. May 1, 2008 961
Music theater singing ... let's talk. Part 2: examining the debate on belting. Spivey, Norman May 1, 2008 5381
Managing voice problems in the private studio. Brunk, Amanda May 1, 2008 2310
Polyphony. Magrath, Jane Apr 1, 2008 1687
Voice science and vocal art, Part two: motor learning theory. Helding, Lynn Mar 1, 2008 7736
How do I maintain longevity of my voice? Heman-Ackah, Yolanda D.; Sataloff, Robert T.; Hawkshaw, Mary J.; Divi, Venu Mar 1, 2008 3828
Voice science and vocal art, Part one: in search of common ground. Helding, Lynn Nov 1, 2007 6712
Resurrection from the coffin. Titze, Ingo R. Critical essay Nov 1, 2007 1290
Christmas caroling: make more than a joyful noise! Bell, Barbara Nov 1, 2007 371
Vocal demands on teachers. Titze, Ingo R. Sep 1, 2007 1085
The multiplicity of belting. Popeil, Lisa Sep 1, 2007 2069
Le bon mot: texts for vocalises. Goldberg, Leslie Sep 1, 2007 2859
First things first. Austin, Stephen F. Sep 1, 2007 2413
Belting and a high larynx position. Titze, Ingo R. May 1, 2007 911
The child's voice: a closer look at pedagogy and science. Skelton, Kevin D. May 1, 2007 3952
A classical pedagogue explores belting. McCoy, Scott May 1, 2007 2150
An exploratory examination of voice behavior from an impression management perspective. Fuller, Jerry Bryan; Barnett, Tim; Hester, Kim; Relyea, Clint; Frey, Len Mar 22, 2007 7241
To turn singing on its ear: the singer's voice and the Tomatis listening curve, part I. Pauley, John-Bede Mar 1, 2007 5670
Some thoughts on tonal image. Piernay, Rudolf Column Mar 1, 2007 4349
How Richard Miller changed the way we think about singing. Kiesgen, Paul Jan 1, 2007 2324
A case for voice science in the voice studio. Bozeman, Kenneth Jan 1, 2007 4125
What Richard Miller Hath wrought. Edwin, Robert Jan 1, 2007 1652
Buried treasure. Austin, Stephen F. Biography Jan 1, 2007 4623
You're a what? Auctioner: Norman Abrahams might have something to sell you--but you'll have to compete to buy it. Torpey, Elka Maria Sep 22, 2006 929
Influence of intensive phonomotor rehabilitation on apraxia of speech. Kendall, Diane L.; Rodriguez, Amy D.; Rosenbek, John C.; Conway, Tim; Rothi, Leslie J. Gonzalez Clinical report May 1, 2006 5490
What is vocal coaching? Hoekman, Timothy Oct 1, 2004 1155
Vox eroticus: in singing the voice erotic, a world-renowned voice teacher lays bare the basic instincts--an anatomy--of theatre as a verbal art. (Women On Eroticism). Linklater, Kristin Apr 1, 2003 2399
Monotone. Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 117
V. The voice. (Eclectic Series). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 188
Elizabeth Smith: articulating the actor. Adams, Candi Jan 1, 1994 976

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