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Voice Of The People: Toast a new era.

THERE are only a few days to go before pubs will be allowed to stay open round the clock.

Yet the merchants of doom and gloom are now predicting an outpouring of vomit and violence as bingers drink themselves senseless. Poppycock!

Town centre trouble happens when every boozer chucks out at the same time and taxis and public transport cannot cope.

How much more sensible to have flexible opening and closing times as they do in Europe, especially as the majority of drinkers are responsible enough to control their intake.

Britain may not yet be ready for the continental cafe culture ministers promised when plans to relax licensing laws were first unveiled.

But at least when it comes to alcohol, we are at last about to be treated as adults.
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Title Annotation:Leader
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 20, 2005
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