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Vogue International.

Vogue International

600 McCormick Drive, Suite 320, Clearwater, Fla. 33759



Key contact: Stuart Hamilton, vice president of sales, America's,, (513) 232-6642

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Vogue International has been one of the fastest-growing hair care companies since 2007 with its launch of OGX Beauty. Since then, OGX Beauty has rapidly grown to be one of the most productive and largest hair care brands in the U.S.

The privately held company is based here in Clearwater, Fla., and it has approximately 120 employees worldwide, with offices in Australia, England and the U.S. Its products are manufactured in three different countries and it has three distribution centers.

Its products are sold in over 40 countries, with 170 customers, and it is in more than 75,000 retail doors around the world.

"At OGX we believe in focusing on product innovation and growing our base business. This has been our model for success. We actually are the only hair care brand in the top 15 whose new innovation is 100% incremental to its base business in 2015. We have delivered on this metric for years, and it has been our model for productive, healthy category growth for us and our retail partners," the company says.

This year alone in the United States, OGX is reported to be up 21% in xAOC (expanded all outlets combined, or FDM) sales and its base business is up 6% versus year-ago sales, a trend that it strives for year over year. The company says it is on track to gain another full dollar share point versus last year, according to Nielsen figures through September 5.

The company says its brand is built on four main pillars: iconic bottle shape, exotic ingredients, fragrances and the sensorial experience.

The bottle shape breaks through at shelf and consumers are drawn to the vibrant colors. She loves to display OGX in her shower.

The exotic ingredients allow consumers to discover and explore within the OGX range all the on-trend beauty ingredients. "We have developed our range of ingredients not only to deliver amazing results on hair but also to deliver an exotic escape with the ingredient and fragrance. All of our product ranges are handcrafted to help deliver that escape for consumers to take them to a place where they might find our ingredients. We pride ourselves on having the most delicious, complex, beautiful fragrances in the industry," the company says.

"As important to us is our consumer. She tends to be a Millennial and loves to try multiple products in our brand. As a brand we are media buying channel agnostic. We buy media and create content tailored for those channels where our consumer consumes the most media. Because of that, for the moment we spend most of our media against digital, social and search. We created a social campaign this year through instagram called #Badasshairday. We wanted to empower our consumers to banish the notion of bad hair days from their lives and lexicon. We believe that our OGX consumers are completely one of a kind, beautiful, unique and completely 'bad ass.' We believe in empowering our consumers and helping them celebrate what is unique about them. We don't focus on their 'hair problems' or try to sell them 'miracle hair fixes.' Instead, we just want help them bring out what they already love about their hair."

The company notes that its success would not be possible without the strong partnership that it has formed with its retailers. "We believe in leaning in with them to help grow their category, fuel their category margins and increase the average price paid for hair care," the company says, noting that its average retail price is about 50% higher than the category.

"Because of these attributes plus the fact that we are driving innovation in the category, retailers and OGX have a win-win partnership," the company says.
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