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Vogel's Bookshelf.

Vogel's Bookshelf

At Ground Zero

Marty Augustine

Privately Published

9781453894057, $10.95,

Disaster may strike at any time, and it is the unpreparedness that leads to the most damage. "At Ground Zero" discusses the disasters and major threats in our world to advise readers on the level of preparedness that we can find in our lives. Suggesting what to do to be prepared for many threats, be they work of God or man, "At Ground Zero" is worth considering for those looking for advice in preparing their lives for the shock of it all.

Ostrich in the Sand

Ramona Farley


1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

9781456725907, $17.72,

Being tossed out into the cold world after a decade of warmth, it can be quite difficult to adjust. "Ostrich in the Sand" is the story of Carol, a woman facing the world after her husband's death leaves her facing the world she blissfully ignored. Through her life, she finds hard decisions, makes mistakes, and must soon owe up to the mistakes she's made. "Ostrich in the Sand" is a story of facing the world we've ignored that won't go away no matter how much we wish it to.

Alzheimer's Killing Me Unknowingly

Jana Pryor

JDP Books

9780615426303, $11.95,

There is nothing more horrifying than losing one's mind literally. "Alzheimer's Killing Me Unknowingly" is a memoir of Jana Pryor as she tells the story of Jane, a woman who faced Alzheimer's and the perils and loss that comes with it. Warning of Alzheimer's poison and how it destroys live and hopes her stories will inspire others to do what they can to fight it as they age, "Alzheimer's Killing Me Unknowingly" is a poignant and simple read, highly recommended for those who fear the disease for themselves or their loved ones.

Matter Over Mind

Steve Caplan

Privately Published

9780615398617, $14.99,

Before you can go for the future, you need to face the past. "Matter Over Mind" is the is the story of Steve Miller, a biomedical researcher who is facing everything he's ignored at once. Frustrated that he has not had the success he wanted, he struggles to find a bit of peace and something worth living for in his life. As he faces the past, he learns much and finds there's more to the future than he understands. "Matter Over Mind" is a simple and thoughtful read, highly recommended.

Eye of a Fly

Justin R. Smith

Privately Published

9781460995105, $10.50,

We all have our failings, and how we seek to correct them makes us who we are. "Eye of a Fly" is a novel from Justin R. Smith who writes of many unusual characters who face their fears of the world, voodoo hexes, troubled family members, and those who would do what they can to save them all. "Eye of a Fly" is a moving work of the lives of those who are surrounded by those who look to them for help when they need help themselves.

Faking It

Elisa Lorello

Amazon Encore

PO Box 400818, Las Vegas, NV 89140

9781935597353, $13.95,

The trade of goods and services can lead to many unique situations. "Faking It" follows Andi Cutrone as she faces midlife and looks to Devin, a male escort, to give her the access to the freedom of life that she seeks and hopes to better understand. She offers to help him become a writer in return for helping her break out of her shell, but this agreement leads to much more, something that neither of them would ever expect. An enticing work of romance and facing life, "Faking It" is a fun and highly entertaining read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Paul T. Vogel

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Author:Vogel, Paul T.
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Date:Jun 1, 2011
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