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Vogel's Bookshelf.


Cindy Borgne

Privately Published

9781461024545, $10.99,

When humanity comes to Mars, corruption follows it through. "Vallar " is a science fiction tale set on Mars, following Ian Connors, a supernatural psychic who finds himself plunged into the intrigue of Marscorp, Ian chooses to pursue romance and sees his only chance for surviving his rebellion against Marscorp in a newly forming alliance in Vallar. "Vallar" is set in a dystopian where man comes to Mars and brings all their baggage with them.

The Sunwright Chronicles

Kevin M. Villegas

Outskirts Press

10940 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432772888, $16.95,

As an Empire trembles into potential collapse, hope comes in the strangest of places. "The Sunwright Chronicles" is the story of the Empire of Kirmar and the challenge it faces from barbarians and those who work against it. As a collection of children are left without their parents, they find that the fate of the empire lies in their hands in this epic fantasy. "The Sunwright Chronicles" is a fine pick for fans of the genre.

A Body on Pine

Joseph R. G. DeMarco

Lethe Press

118 Heritage Ave., Maple Shade, NJ 08052

9781590213452, $18.00,

When what matters to you is pushed out of the limelight, it can be in your own hands to get it done. "A Body on the Pine" is a mystery following Marco Fontana, a gay detective, as he discovers that is masseur friend has turned up dead. When a reporter takes the sensationalism and the police focus off of his death, Marco takes it into his own power, and Marco finds that Brad, the masseur in question, has plenty of things that may just have been the death of him. "A Body on the Pine" is an intriguing mystery and thriller for gay fiction readers, highly recommended.

Hiding the Stranger

Joan L. Kelly

Bezalel Books

9780984486489, $9.99,

To help a stranger is a noble act that is hard to find elsewhere in our world. "Hiding the Stranger: The Trilogy" is a collection of three novellas from Joan L. Kelly telling of a saga of Katie Rivers and the stranger Sam, who she tries to help against a gang of kidnappers who are out to kidnap the teenaged Sam. A story of sacrifice, friendship, and reaching out to help those in need, "Hiding the Stranger" is an exciting and thoughtful read, highly recommended.

The Perplexing Problem of the Porcelain Bandits

Dan Johnson

Privately Published

9780578057736, $13.99,

Life can come with a lot of strange twists and turns through it all. "The Perplexing Problem of the Porcelain Bandits" is a mystery from Dan Johnson as he follows his chosen hero of Alex Baker, your every day San Francisco gentleman who is surrounded by plenty of unusual strangeness and lots to deal with, most of which is not what it seems. Centering around the strange nature of San Francisco, "The Perplexing Problem of the Porcelain Bandits" is a read that has plenty to consider for mystery and thriller readers.

Finding Grace

Sarah Pawley

Privately Published

9781449559465, $14.99,

Trying to control your own destiny was not always viewed with the highest praise. "Finding Grace" is a novel from Sarah Pawley, telling of 1927 seventeen-year-old Grace, whose own stubborness and drive has left her unmarried. As her parents try to rush her marriage, she spurns their attempts and flees, trying to forge her own path. But 1927 Virginia isn't the most open to determined self-made women. "Finding Grace" is a moving story of driven individuals, highly recommended.

Ice Queen

Richard S. Lucas

Outskirts Press

10940 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO 80134

9781432773045, $14.95,

Knowledge is something sought, knowledge is also power. Sometimes you have to prevent knowledge from falling into the wrong hands. "Ice Queen" is an archeological adventure as Philip and Helen Franklin search of the legend of the Ice Queen. Also pursuing said legend is Justin Smythe, one driven by profit and power. The race is on against the two camps, and the Franklins understand that Smythe cannot be allowed to win, even if it means they lose. "Ice Queen" is a fun work of adventure, very much recommended reading.

Paul T. Vogel

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Author:Vogel, Paul T.
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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