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Vodafone K.K. to Launch New Chat and Multiplayer Game Services; Bluetooth(R) V-applis Enables Even Richer Communication.

Tokyo, Japan, Feb 28, 2006 - (JCN Newswire) - Vodafone K.K. today announces new services that use Bluetooth(R)*1 technology for wireless short-range communications. The services will launch together with the Vodafone 904SH, a new 3G mobile handset by Sharp scheduled to go on sale in late April 2006.

By activating Bluetooth(R) V-applis, friends or acquaintances will be able to enjoy instant messaging*2 and multiplayer games within an approximate 10-metre radius, free of charge. The services are made possible by functions embedded in new handsets that enable V-applis to communicate with each other using Bluetooth(R).

A standard feature in Vodafone K.K. 3G handsets, Bluetooth(R) is a technology widely used for connecting devices, such as mobile handsets, wireless headsets and PCs. By taking the next step of connecting people with mobile handsets running Bluetooth(R) V-applis, customers will be able to enjoy even richer communication with new services.

The 904SH will have a total of 5 pre-installed Bluetooth(R) V-applis, including the instant messaging application "Near Chat". Customers will also be able to download more Bluetooth(R) V-applis from Vodafone live! More Bluetooth(R) V-appli compatible handsets are also planned for the future.

*1: Short-range wireless communication technology for information devices that use the 2.45GHz frequency. Bluetooth makes it possible to connect devices like notebook PCs, PDAs, electronic accessories, mobile handsets and home appliances to connect cable-free for data and voice communications.

*2: Real time text conversations that take place on-screen among participants.

- Bluetooth(R) word mark is owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such mark by Vodafone K.K. is under license.

- V-applis are Java(TM) compatible applications.

- Powered by JBlend(TM), (c)1997-2006 Aplix Corporation. All rights reserved..

- Java and Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

- JBlend and all JBlend-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Aplix Corporation in Japan and other countries.

- The Vodafone 904SH is powered by JBlend(TM), developed by Aplix Corporation, to speed up the execution of Java(TM) applications.

- V-appli and Near Chat are trademarks of Vodafone K.K.

- Vodafone, Vodafone live! and the speech mark symbol are registered trademarks or trademarks of Vodafone Group Plc.

About Vodafone K.K.

Vodafone K.K. is a leading mobile operator in Japan with over 15 million customers and a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc, the world's largest mobile community. The Tokyo-based company offers a wide range of sophisticated mobile voice and data services including Vodafone live!, which provides mail and internet access to 85% of its customers, and pioneered the picture messaging service called Sha-mail first introduced in November 2000. In December 2002, Vodafone K.K. launched the world's first commercial 3G W-CDMA service based on 3GPP international standards. Vodafone K.K.'s 3G service offers its customers rich content and roaming on 156 networks in 117 countries and regions. For more information, please visit

Source: Vodafone K.K.

Vodafone K.K.
Matthew Nicholson

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Publication:JCN Newswires
Date:Feb 28, 2006
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