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Vocent Upgrades Password Reset Features, Channels, and Pricing; New Options Extend Password Reset Flexibility and Performance.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 19, 2004

Vocent Solutions Inc., the leading provider of packaged voice authentication solutions, today announced new channel, pricing, and call routing options for Vocent Password Reset, a packaged application that uses voice authentication to securely automate password resets. Vocent Password Reset saves large enterprises millions of dollars every year through password reset automation, lowering help desks costs while maximizing security. The new options include:

-- More reseller choices, as M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.

is now offering Vocent Password Reset as part of its identity

management solutions.

-- A new Help Desk Call Routing option, available as an add-on to

Vocent Password Reset, which uses speech to help identify help

desk callers and route them to the appropriate agent or

automated system.

-- Flexible per-reset pricing, allowing enterprises to only pay

for the volume of password resets that are automated.

"As more large enterprises experience the benefits of password management using Vocent Password Reset, we continue to ensure that our customers can buy the features they want, from the channel they prefer, with pricing that suits their budgetary requirements," said Chuck Buffum, President & CEO of Vocent. "We are pleased that M-Tech has joined the Vocent Reseller Program, adding secure password resets through the telephone to its industry-leading identity management solutions. Our new Help Desk Call Router module enables help desks to continue improving automation rates and boosting security. In addition, pricing based on password reset call volumes makes it easier for enterprises with limited budgets to securely automate password resets."

M-Tech is offering Vocent Password Reset as an add-on to its identity management solution, complementing its web-based password reset capabilities with secure telephone access. Vocent Password Reset integrates seamlessly with M-Tech, offering an easily deployed solution for enterprise customers. Users can choose to reset passwords using the telephone or by using M-Tech's web browser interface. The integrated solution is immediately available through M-Tech.

"With the number of remote and traveling workers on the rise, offering secure telephone access leveraging voice biometrics is a substantial benefit to our hundreds of worldwide customers," said Gideon Shoham, CEO of M-Tech. "Vocent's packaged applications give our customers an effective solution that is up and running quickly, helping them meet their password management goals."

The Help Desk Call Router module for Vocent Password Reset replaces clunky and frustrating touch tone-based IVR systems with an easy speech interface to help guide callers to the proper agent or automated system. Using a speech interface is much easier for the caller, and helps to ensure callers get routed correctly, improving help desk efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction. The system can identify the caller before transferring them to a live agent and lets the agent know who the caller is before the call is picked up, saving the agent time and allowing them to resolve problems more quickly.

With password reset call volume pricing now available, enterprises can deploy a self-service password reset solution without requiring a large capital expenditure. In many cases this speeds the internal approval process, allowing users to begin resetting their own passwords more quickly and accelerating the benefits of the solution. According to recent research from Gartner, password reset calls to the help desk cost between $10 and $31 per call. Vocent's price is as low as $2 per automated call, a substantial savings over manual resets.

About Vocent

Vocent is the leader in packaged voice authentication solutions. For the call center, Vocent's solutions offer a tactical way of combating fraud and identity theft while giving customers peace of mind and saving millions of dollars per year. For the help desk, Vocent's solutions automate high-risk requests, such as password resets, eliminating a costly task while maximizing security. At the heart of all of Vocent's products, Vocent DecisionMaker(TM) analyzes all available data to ensure the best possible authentication decision. Vocent's packaged applications can be fully deployed in less than 60 days, with seamless interoperability with leading voice platform, speech technology, enterprise software, and call center infrastructure products. Customers that have selected Vocent include US Bank, The Hartford, Cox Communications, Southern Company, First Tennessee Bank, and Inovant (a Visa Solutions company). For more information about Vocent, visit or call 650-316-3000.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 19, 2004
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