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Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Independent Living Centers.

The Arkansas Rehabilitation and Training Center has provided us a helpful source to understanding Independent living Centers and the services provided. This is a soft cover book that covers a variety of concepts and issues including: definitions; historical and legislative perspective of the disability rights movement; implications of independent living for vocational rehabilitation; current employment practices in independent living centers and programs; model employment programs in independent living centers; and future directions and recommendations.

This can be an especially helpful reference to professionals in the field who may be planning an Independent living Program. It can be helpful in gaining an understanding of the current status of Independent Living in service delivery systems currently underway. Since so much of the language and conceptualization is at times difficult to understand, a reading of this resource can clarify much of that for the professional who is planning a program.

This resource can be very helpful to students and faculty in graduate and undergraduate programs in rehabilitation as well. A reading of this manuscript can provide necessary information to students who may be interested in involving themselves professionally in Independent Living Services.

Each chapter is organized by listing objectives first, providing a summary, and then the discussion. This organization lends itself well to using this manuscript as a resource for research on Independent Living and in helping the reader to locate specific definitions, issues, or discussions.

This is a useful tool to all rehabilitation professionals who need a greater depth of understanding of independent living services. The organization of this book lends itself well to checking on specific items of information or to a comprehensive look at the independent living movement.
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Author:Byrd, E. Keith
Publication:The Journal of Rehabilitation
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 1992
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