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Vizioncore Inc. Releases First Enterprise-Class Hot Backup and Recovery Solution for VMware Infrastructure 3; New esxRanger Professional 2.0 Offers New Features That Enable Both Image and File-Level Restore Capabilities for Virtualized Environments.

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. -- Vizioncore Inc., a leader in backup, restoration, and disaster recovery tools for VMware(R) ESX Server, today announced the release of esxRanger Professional 2.0, the first and only software solution currently on the market that provides enterprise-class robust functionality for image-level and file-level recovery for VMware Infrastructure 3.

In addition to providing hot backups of the entire image of virtual machines, esxRangerProfessional 2.0 features a differential backup engine that identifies and stores only the sections of the virtual machine that have changed from the preceding full backup. Smaller differential files can travel over LANs and WANs faster to remote locations and require less storage space. Administrators can perform backups more frequently and to offsite locations to support disaster recovery.

The esxRanger Professional 2.0 interface can also mount and present the entire disk image or differential disk image of a particular virtual machine, permitting users to select individual files to restore. This file-level recovery function allows companies to decrease, or eliminate, the need to install agent software on each virtual machine for file-level backups, thus cutting significant cost out of the backup process.

To keep the number of backups from proliferating to unmanageable levels, esxRanger Professional 2.0 also provides an intelligent "Archive Retention Policy" function, which automatically sweeps files on set parameters, removing outdated backups to provide storage for new backups. esxRanger Professional 2.0 offers an expanded interface for a comprehensive, detailed view of backups for greater ease of management. The interface also enables administrators to easily restore multiple virtual machines simultaneously through a single window. As the only full image hot backup and recovery solution on the market today that supports VMware Infrastructure 3, esxRanger Professional 2.0 also supports the full quiescing capabilities delivered with the new platform.

"VI3 offers companies true enterprise-class virtualization to keep their applications up 24/7/365. Any new product that supports VI3 needs to provide the same level robust functionality, and esxRanger Professional 2.0 was designed for the enterprise user," said Azeem Mohamed, senior director of marketing and products at Vizioncore Inc. "esxRanger Professional 2.0 provides solid features that equip companies to put sophisticated backup and recovery strategies in place, and more cost-effectively than ever before."

Pricing & Availability

esxRanger Professional 2.0 pricing starts at $499 per CPU socket. Enterprise licensing is also available. For more information about esxRanger Professional 2.0 and all Vizioncore products, please contact

About Vizioncore Inc.

Founded in 2002, Vizioncore Inc. is a leading provider of innovative dynamic backup, performance monitoring, migration and disaster recovery software applications that enhance VMware(R) Infrastructure. The creator of the first commercially-available hot backup disaster recovery tool for VMware ESX Server, Vizioncore's products now include esxRanger, the leading backup and recovery tool for VMware Infrastructure; esxCharter, a real-time monitoring tool that provides key host metrics; esxReplicator, which provides host-level replication of virtual machines; and esxMigrator, which supports automated migration to the VMware Infrastructure 3. Vizioncore's products are available through the VMware distribution and reseller channel. Additional information about Vizioncore and its products can be found at or can be obtained by contacting
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 31, 2006
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