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Vivid Video insures top male adult star's genitalia for $1 million against accidental severance.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 2, 1996--Vivid Video, the leading international adult entertainment company, based in Van Nuys, Calif., has acquired a $1 million insurance policy on the genitalia of its top male performer, Steven St. Croix.

The policy was sought by Vivid Video President Steven Hirsch shortly after St. Croix, the first male adult entertainer with an exclusive production deal, purchased a new motorcycle.

The insurance affords Vivid and St. Croix 24-hour, worldwide coverage, and is payable to Vivid upon ``accidental bodily injury which results in physical severance of his (St. Croix's) genitalia.''

The policy is intended to protect the company against lost profits in the event St. Croix is unable to completely perform his contract, and is calculated to offset the increased risk of bodily injury attributable to the motorcycle purchase.

``Unless you are an expert rider, buying a motorcycle is like buying a first-class ticket to the emergency room,'' said Hirsch. ``I asked Steven to forgo riding his motorcycle until our contract was up in December. He refused. The insurance policy idea came about as a way to balance out the increased risk to the business while allowing Steven to ride.

``I have also encouraged him to take a motorcycle safety course so he can master road-riding skills. We absolutely do not want to collect on this policy,'' said Hirsch.

In December 1995, St. Croix signed an exclusive contract with Vivid to appear in 33 movies and direct two feature films for the company. On May 2, 1996, St. Croix bought the motorcycle -- a brand new 1996 Honda Shadow American Classic. Shortly thereafter, he rode it to the Vivid offices, and was spotted by Hirsch.

``I'm a little embarrassed by the stir caused by the insurance policy, but am flattered that Vivid thinks enough of me to go to this kind of extreme measure. I'm very happy to be working with a company that recognizes the value of male talent in an industry where women have traditionally held all the power,'' said St. Croix.

The insurance policy is significant to the adult entertainment industry for two reasons: first, it signifies a breakthrough for male performers in a business long dominated by women. The insurance policy, together with the exclusive performance contract, confirms St. Croix's status as a valuable corporate asset, and will help pave the way for other men in the industry.

Second, the advent of male stars such as St. Croix may also bring a larger audience of women to adult entertainment. This increased awareness may help increase acceptance of adult entertainment among women -- forwarding Vivid's corporate goal of producing products acceptable to mainstream audiences.

The value that Vivid Video attaches to St. Croix is not based on the size or unusual abilities of his penis, but rather on the many attributes that St. Croix brings to a project. St. Croix is not only considered a ``reliable performer'' in adult terms, but is also considered a highly versatile actor as well.

His unique, multi-ethnic features enable him to assume a wide variety of roles, and his performances have earned him numerous adult acting awards and nominations. St. Croix is also highly regarded by his female co-stars for his easy-going nature and professionalism on the set.

Dyanna Lauren, an international star of adult entertainment exclusively with Vivid Video, recently completed a full-length feature film with St. Croix.

``Steven is absolutely wonderful to work with, a true gentleman. He is a fascinating character in that one minute he can be very funny, sweet and lovable, just like a little boy, then the next minute, he can become very wild, unpredictable, dangerous and sexy. I enjoy working with him more than any other male in the business.''

The policy was purchased for $2,000, and has a term of one year beginning May 17, 1996. The insurance provider wishes to remain anonymous.

St. Croix recently announced plans to buy a second motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson, in the near future.

CONTACT: LunaCom, Hollywood, Calif.

Susan Yannetti, 213/461-0195
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Date:Jul 2, 1996
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