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Viviana Waisman, ed. Cuerpos Nuestros: Redefiniendo la justicia.

Lima: CLADEM and Women's Link Worldwide, 2004. 165 p.

Our Bodies: Redefining Justice is the culmination of a joint project that brought together CLADEM. Spain's Family Planning Federation, the Danish Centre for Human Rights and the Irish Family Planning Association to contribute to the Women's Link Worldwide virtual database of judicial decisions related to women's rights with a special focus on violence against women and sexual and reproductive health and rights, On line at http://www.womenslinkworldwide. org, this database is unique in that it provides both case summaries as well as direct access to case law from national, regional and international tribunals. Our Bodies includes an in-depth analysis of a case presented before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and an essay examining the differences between the IACHR and the European Tribunal.

* For more information about these publications, visit the CLADEM website,, or contact the coordinators e-mail:
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Publication:Women's Health Journal
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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