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Producer with deep pockets stakes a claim: Gaston Pavlovich came out of nowhere to finance Scorsese, with the goal of proving himself in Hollywood. Dec 14, 2016 1262
Women of the Arab world: spotlight shines on fierce female characters in fresh batch of feature films. Nov 29, 2016 728
Regional and int'l market makes waves: slate of 13 impressive Arab film projects compete for funding and distribution. Nov 29, 2016 450
Major investment in feature film biz. Nov 29, 2016 241
Under the Tuscan Sun, fans gather and play: with over 220,000 geeks walking down medieval streets, the Italian fest puts Comic-Con to shame. Oct 25, 2016 753
Survivor in the face of political waves: Antalya's steadfast spirit means the show will go on despite turbulence in Turkey. Oct 4, 2016 708
Freedom of voice at the movies: Turkish auteurs score at international festivals by tackling difficult issues. Oct 4, 2016 625
Boffo 2016 at the B.O. bodes well for the biz: despite coups and bombings, Turkey is enjoying another strong year in cinemas. Oct 4, 2016 345
Political turbulence kept at bay: Turkey's filmmakers wait for government coin, carry on with production. Brief article Oct 4, 2016 270
Colliding festivals and the battle for hot films: on the cusp of Venice, Toronto, and Telluride comes a call for greater cooperation. Aug 30, 2016 679
Robust U.S. delegation brings more star power to the Lido: awards hopefuls also looking to create buzz in first fest of the fall. Aug 23, 2016 672
Regional talent fuels powerful new pics: Sarajevo's 22nd edition uncovers untold stories and ups the ante on co-productions. Aug 9, 2016 688
Int'l film, TV prods. converging on Cuba: as the political thaw allows U.S. producers to rediscover the nation, European shoots continue apace. Jul 20, 2016 746
Mad men meet marketing mayhem: the advent of digital content drives today's merger of advertising and entertainment. Jun 7, 2016 686
Pan-continental vision fuels Euro merger: France's Vivendi and Italy's Mediaset pact in a TV-focused plan to take on Sky, Netflix. May 3, 2016 714
Topical themes at forefront of Arab films: directors, producers and film institutions aim to reflect 'the world we live in' by addressing issues of terrorism, war and new democracies while adhering to cultural mores. Apr 5, 2016 742
Picture perfect: Sky Arts Hub's 'Photography' competition develops new ambitions. Mar 29, 2016 403
Raffaella Leone: Italian cinema royalty drives new wave of distrib deals, adds production arm. Mar 29, 2016 423
Local laffers fight force with comic chops: European comedies slay local audiences, giving producers a lift vs. Hollywood tentpoles. Jan 26, 2016 724
Sorrentino and crew work on dual fronts: Italo auteur tackles television and film projects by leaning on the team that helped him create 'beauty'. Dec 15, 2015 644
Producer shoots first, seeks buyers later: Pietro Valsecchi forges singular path through global TV landscape. Dec 15, 2015 447
And then there was one: co-prods enable lone remaining Gulf film fest to thrive. Dec 1, 2015 838
Sheikhdoms Spawn 'Star Wars': UAE earns reputation as international hub for state-of-the-art productions. Dec 1, 2015 597
Get me to the geeks: Tuscan confab draws Hollywood majors to medieval mecca. Oct 27, 2015 472
Italy's genre feast mixes in Asian flavor. Brief article Oct 27, 2015 194
Iran biz may power up on nuclear deal: local film industry hopes that economic sanctions may be lifted, giving pics a boost. Oct 27, 2015 1239
Liliana Cavani. Interview Oct 20, 2015 409
Pierfrancesco Diliberto: Italian TV star saw his directing debut click at the B.O. and sets his next pic. Brief article Oct 13, 2015 291
Italy seeks int'l partners: government backs new fall market that aims to drive global co-productions and exports. Sep 29, 2015 739
Speed dating: make it with Italy seeks to match co-production partners with funds and other support for global filmmakers. Sep 29, 2015 445
Alberto Barbera: August 30, 1989. Interview Sep 1, 2015 392
Barbera opens Venetian finds: Lido lineup lands some major movies but puts the focus on smaller gems. Interview Aug 24, 2015 665
Newbies and notables get equal time Swiss showcase committed to diverse, eclectic lineup. Aug 4, 2015 638
Hollywood on the Tiber puts Rome back to work: tax breaks give foreign shoots an incentive to rediscover Italy. Jul 22, 2015 1054
Mainstream mingles with cutting edge: Glam event takes on serious task of shoring up Italy's sagging summer biz. Jun 9, 2015 1028
Saudi entrepreneur opens doors for Arab women: new opportunities in the Middle East and U.S. indicate a growing push for diversity. May 26, 2015 700
European biz helps fund Arab new wave: Middle East filmmakers work closely with Continental partners to tap international markets. May 12, 2015 774
Arturo Puglia & Isabella Cocuzza: Italian duo use their own cash to take risks on pics with global possibilities. Brief article Apr 21, 2015 303
Productive learning curve: DFI uses a savvy mix of local talent and ambitious strategic initiatives to flourish on a global stage. Mar 31, 2015 649
Team owner looks east for sport's global growth: Aurelio De Laurentiis applauds China's entry into Euro soccer. Brief article Mar 17, 2015 249
Laura Bispuri: Italian helmer is making a splash with her debut, an unusual tale told in a remote part of the world. Mar 10, 2015 357
Sky sets strategy to raise its game: in the face of fierce competition, 21st Century Fox's European pay TV giant leverages high-end content to deliver big ambitions. Feb 25, 2015 806
Italo actor would rather produce: Riccardo Scamarcio turns in his 'chef's' hat and rolls up his sleeves on a growing slate of films. Feb 10, 2015 397
Al Jazeera English's fight for independence: the news network is expanding fast, and working hard to establish its integrity, but it's still dogged by challenges. Jan 28, 2015 872
Doha Film Institute chooses flash freeze: moves forward with regional events that replace Hollywood-focused fest. Dec 16, 2014 764
Fighting fire with fire: Abu Dhabi Media Summit seeks tools to counter extremists. Nov 11, 2014 740
Building a biz from scratch: in a land of mosques and deserts, a film industry now flourishes. Oct 14, 2014 856
Twofour54 thrives as region's content capital: media zone houses 160 companies and the local film commission. Oct 14, 2014 476
Rome Film Fest's eternal renewal: director Marco Mueller survives another topsy-turvy year with a slimmed-down event and more populist fare. Oct 14, 2014 660
Nurturing Cinema's Young Turks: created to boost local filmmakers, 50-year-old sprocket opera revamps for growth. Oct 7, 2014 575
Narrow appeal for fest faves: culture ministry aims to broaden the reach of Turkish films. Oct 7, 2014 342
Antalya mayor has big dreams for town and fest. Brief article Oct 7, 2014 196
Fest fosters filmmaking in gulf and beyond: local funds give boost to nascent movie biz and mix cultures in volatile region. Sep 30, 2014 610
Funds hold key to the Greenlight: Auteurs demand more coin to get their pics made, but subsidy system imposes discipline. Sep 30, 2014 867
MTV Intl.'s got social media live-wired: cabler marries Twitter, Instagram and others to event programming for total audience involvement. Aug 28, 2014 885
Don't play that game: Venice topper Alberto Barbera would rather discover gems than spin pic premiere roulette. Aug 19, 2014 819
College boosters: the success of Venice's unique program adds fuel to its sophomore year. Aug 19, 2014 438
Swiss mix of pix: diversity--from tyros to global cinema auteurs--is key to fest success. Aug 5, 2014 555
Italy's MOB mentality: local TV producers spin crime skeins to generate global sales. Aug 5, 2014 771
The maestro and 'me': Bertolucci talks about his latest film and riffs on 3D plans. Interview Jul 16, 2014 707
Fountain of youth: Italian festival celebrates children's cinema while redefining its local role. Jul 16, 2014 625
Italo pics must make a break: as local biz staggers, some filmmakers find co-production partners. May 13, 2014 700
A shift in Middle East reality: provocative new unscripted TV shows challenge cultural expectations and boost ratings. Apr 22, 2014 670
Giving voice to a culture of hope: MBC's lineup of talent shows offer pan-Arabic youth a chance at the spotlight. Apr 22, 2014 614
Producer builds a biz with Tyro talent: Rula Nasser's Imaginarium shingle helps a film industry bloom in Jordan. Apr 8, 2014 381
Brand new reality: Fremantle Italia's business model focuses on format, and puts corporate sponsorship squarely into the budget mix. Apr 1, 2014 573
For Sky Italia, all shows are not equal: top Italo paybox creates two-tiered development model, one for shows that travel, the other for locals only. Mar 25, 2014 461
Is Iran at the cusp of a new wave? Nation's filmmakers cheer government's small steps in bringing the biz back onto the global stage. Feb 25, 2014 1009
Celluloid diplomacy: film biz can impact politics, perception of Iran. Brief article Feb 25, 2014 219
May El Calamawy: bilingual actress has gotten a fast start in genre films. Brief article Feb 18, 2014 304
Judi Dench: 'Philomena' actress talks of faith, the importance of getting a story right and why she owes a friend a vacation. Interview Feb 4, 2014 510
Pursuit of Hollywood happiness: Italian director Gabriele Muccino hopes starry indie pic 'Fathers and Daughters' puts him back on studios' radar. Jan 28, 2014 653
Arabs wowed by American's oud talent: singer Jennifer Grout creates sensation on MBC's Middle Eastern reality show as millions tune in. Brief article Dec 17, 2013 254
Despite Berlusconi ouster, mediaset rides high--for now: but with Teflon Don's armor pierced, the net faces a more competitive climate. Dec 10, 2013 653
Local investment Bridges Gulf: Middle East money still funds some Hollywood pics but more than ever fuels locals who are building the biz. Dec 3, 2013 904
Dubai dedicated to local core: Arab films are backbone of festival with strong int'l ties. Dec 3, 2013 460
Burgeoning bazaar: Dubai's politically calm oasis boosts market's attraction. Dec 3, 2013 308
Dubai tailors its perk's to foreign projects: one-stop permit shop with customized incentives lures o'seas shoots. Dec 3, 2013 536
Rome fest rebuilds Brick by Bric: Topper Marco Mueller adds Chinese pics as well as an industry focus on the Asian country while feeding his passion for preems. Nov 12, 2013 375
Unscripted drama grows in the Middle East: a new generation of docmakers push the artistic envelope. Oct 15, 2013 403
Abu Dhabi: celluloid oasis: festival mandate is to nurture new regional pics. Oct 15, 2013 346
Love, Italian style: porn star brings his experience to relationship reality series. Oct 8, 2013 557
Turkish soaps slip by Middle East censors: the wildly popular sexy series stay a step ahead of politicos and rake in big bucks for producers. Oct 8, 2013 379
Meryem Uzerli: soap star has had her fill of controversy. Brief article Oct 8, 2013 297
Italy turns gaze outward. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 126
Vanessa Hessler: Italian thesp hits American shores looking to stir up Hollywood. Interview Sep 25, 2013 253
Friendships help Elkann establish arthouse rep: Italian shingle Asmara sees box office opportunity in niche pics, even as the nation's economy struggles. Sep 25, 2013 564
Helmer's tale of economic woe hits too close to home: Greek director Olga Malea picks up the tab for 'Marjoram' after the film's funding falls through. Brief article Sep 3, 2013 303
Mediaset doing just fine despite Berlusconi verdict: conviction on tax evasion charges puts Teflon Don on the defensive politically, but leaves his TV empire untouched. Sep 3, 2013 565
Future bound: Venice fest topper Barbera offers 3D thrills and surprises in 70th edition. Aug 20, 2013 655
It's Lido love, Italian style, for Friedkin. Brief article Aug 20, 2013 238
College grads: three pics make the grade with Venice's microbudget program. Aug 20, 2013 473
Lido shakes up market with more venues. Brief article Aug 20, 2013 256
New goal for De Laurentiis: producer gets a big kick on the soccer field and the soundstage. Aug 12, 2013 364
Berlusconi's roller-coaster week. Brief article Aug 5, 2013 314
Locarno's new topper raises the stakes: Carlo Chatrian builds on advances established by predecessor Olivier Pere. Aug 5, 2013 644
Saidel to boost Rome pic mart. Brief article Jul 15, 2013 148
TV viewers riveted by unrest. Brief article Jul 8, 2013 283
Mohamed Hefzy: amid Egypt turmoil, Film Clinic founder helps build local biz with pics that also play globally. Jul 8, 2013 691
Meet Mr. Digital Agenda. Brief article Jun 24, 2013 104

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