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VivaMusica!--A agenda de Musica Classica do Brasil.

Heloisa Fischer, editorial director; Andrea Fraga d'Egmont, operational director, http://www.

A major contributor to public awareness for classical music in Brazil is VivaMusica, which is the calendar of choice for musical events nationwide. VivaMusica began as a monthly review of classical music in 1994, published until it was incorporated in the Brazilian edition of Classic CD in 1997. It produced a Web site at the dawn of the Internet in Brazil in 1995, and began publishing an annual guide in 1998. The guide includes more than fifteen hundred entries for Brazilian musical organizations, including agents, bands and orchestras, libraries and archives, publishers, and producers--in short, everything having to do with the business of classical music in Brazil. It is intended for an international readership, so portions of the content as well as the indexes are translated into English. The VivaMusica Web site, in Portuguese only, includes daily listings for concerts, organized by location (click on the day in the calendar, and you see what is on tap). The listings database can also be searched for a range of dates, and restricted by concert location. The keyword search means that you can quickly find a particular performer, composer, or instrument. Registered users can easily submit their concerts electronically for listing in the calendar. The site has a useful collection of links to other Brazilian music Web sites.


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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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