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EFFECTS OF IMMUNE MODULATORS ON GROWTH AND ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE OF BROILER CHICKENS. I. S. Sheikh, T. M. Asmat, M. A. Bajwa, M. Z. Mustafa, N. Rashid, M. Rafeeq, M. M. T. Kiani, H. M. A Jun 22, 2021 3983
Associations Between Antioxidant Vitamin Status, Dietary Intake, and Retinol-binding Protein 4 Levels in Prepubertal Obese Children After 3-month Weight Loss Therapy. Gajewska, Joanna; Ambroszkiewicz, Jadwiga; Szamotulska, Katarzyna; Klemarczyk, Witold; Weker, Halina Report Jun 1, 2021 7949
10 Skin-Soothing Superfoods: Add these nutritious foods to your diet to boost the health of your body's largest organ. Schoffro, Michelle May 27, 2021 1780
Degradation kinetics of vitamins in premixes for pig: effects of choline, high concentrations of copper and zinc, and storage time. Yang, Pan; Wang, Hua Kai; Zhu, Min; Li, Long Xian; Ma, Yong Xi Report Apr 1, 2021 9136
Abetalipoproteinaemia arising from a new variant of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein in a child presenting with chronic fat malabsorption. Eke, C.B.; Marais, A.D.; De Lacy, R.J.; Hooper, A.J.; Ratanjee, B.D.; Goddard, E.A. Mar 1, 2021 3022
Fat and vitamin E intake affect multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients' quality of life: A cross-sectional study. Fitri, Maria Lucia; Nurwidya, Fariz; Manikam, Nurul Ratna Mutu; Permadhi, Inge; Sawitri, Neni; Rahay Report Feb 28, 2021 2834
Agronomists grow low-gluten wheat crop. Asif Mehmood Feb 8, 2021 566
Vitamin E improves antioxidant status but not lipid metabolism in laying hens fed a aged corn-containing diet. Ding, X.M.; Mu, Y.D.; Zhang, K.Y.; Wang, J.P.; Bai, S.P.; Zeng, Q.F.; Peng, H.W. Report Jan 27, 2021 6276
Changes in vitamin E levels as a marker of female infertility. Ashraf, Mussarat; Mustansir, Fatima; Baqir, Syed Mujtaba; Alam, Faiza; Rehman, Rehana Report Oct 31, 2020 3439
To Evaluate the Effect of Vitamin E Therapy on the Oxidative Stress Markers (Nitric Oxide, SOD, Glutathione Peroxidase) & Vitamin E Levels in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients. Chaudhary, Rohit John; Uppal, Bharti Kwatra Oct 5, 2020 3888
Does the addition of vitamin E to conventional UHMWPE improve the wear performance of hip acetabular cups? Micro-Raman characterization of differently processed polyethylene acetabular cups worn on a hip joint simulator. Foggia, M. Di; Affatato, S.; Taddei, P. Oct 1, 2020 7505
TOCOTRIENOLS: Prevent DNA Damage and Combat Aging. Chisen, Julia Sep 1, 2020 2165
Vitamin D and COVID-19. Sharninghausen, Jody; Paauw, Douglas S. Sep 1, 2020 1165
LDL Oxidation and Vitamin E and Vitamin a Contents of LDL in Male Patients with Early-Onset Coronary Heart Disease and in Their 1st-Degree Male Relatives. Ozkan, Elife Sep 1, 2020 4341
The Impact of Antioxidant Supplementation and Heat Stress on Carcass Characteristics, Muscle Nutritional Profile and Functionality of Lamb Meat. Chauhan, Surinder S.; Dunshea, Frank R.; Plozza, Tim E.; Hopkins, David L.; Ponnampalam, Eric N. Aug 1, 2020 6580
Effects of Flaxseed Oil and Vitamin E Supplementation on Digestibility and Milk Fatty Composition and Antioxidant Capacity in Water Buffaloes. Agustinho, Bruna C.; Zeoula, Lucia M.; Santos, Nadine W.; Machado, Erica; Yoshimura, Emerson H.; Rib Aug 1, 2020 9137
The Effects of Broiler Breeder Dietary Vitamin E and Egg Storage Time on the Quality of Eggs and Newly Hatched Chicks. Yang, Jun; Ding, Xuemei; Bai, Shiping; Wang, Jianping; Zeng, Qiufeng; Peng, Huanwei; Xuan, Yue; Su, Aug 1, 2020 8680
Plasma Vitamin Levels and Total Antioxidant Capacity Status after Low-Intensity Exercise Training in Sedentary Young Women. Klarod, Kultida; Thamviriyasati, Niramon; Hongprapas, Pranithi; Tangrassameeprasert, Roongpet; Boons Aug 1, 2020 4999
Obese people need more vitamin E than others. Jul 11, 2020 369
Obese people need more vitamin E than others. Jul 11, 2020 369
Review of Cases of E-Cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI) and Brief Review of the Literature. Essa, Amr; Macaraeg, Jeffrey; Jagan, Nikhil; Kwon, Daniel; Randhawa, Saboor; Kruse, Matthew; Thomas, Jun 30, 2020 3458
Effect of Macleaya cordata and Magnolia officinalis plant extracts on oxidative stress control in lambs fed a high-concentrate diet. Ferreira Lima, Tiago Ronimar; Bonagurio Gallo, Sarita; Fernandes Rosa, Alessandra; da Luz e Silva, S Jun 1, 2020 5738
Efficacy of Vitamin E in Methotrexate-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Open-Label Case-Control Study. Vaidya, Binit; Bhochhibhoya, Manisha; Nakarmi, Shweta May 31, 2020 4009
Teen vaping Linked to more health problems. Kathleen Raven May 6, 2020 2223
Effect of Different Doses of Vitamin E with Selenium on Renal Damage Caused by Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction Model? Avci, Esin; Cil, Nazli; Aybek, Hulya; Aybek, Zafer May 1, 2020 4708
Evaluation of Extrusion Temperatures, Pelleting Parameters, and Vitamin Forms on Vitamin Stability in Feed. Yang, Pan; Wang, Huakai; Zhu, Min; Ma, Yongxi May 1, 2020 11914
Supplementation of L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, and Green Tea Extract Enhances Serum Nitric Oxide Content and Antifatigue Activity in Mice. Chen, Yi-Ming; Li, Huashuai; Chiu, Yen-Shuo; Huang, Chi-Chang; Chen, Wen-Chyuan Apr 30, 2020 6477
Influence of Irradiation Temperature on Oxidative and Network Properties of X-Ray Cross-Linked Vitamin E Stabilized UHMWPE for Hip Arthroplasty. Mulliez, M.A.; Schilling, C.; Grupp, T.M. Apr 30, 2020 6595
The Effects of Road Transportation under Hot Climatic Conditions and the Administration of Antioxidants on the Physiological Responses of Rouen Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus). Minka, Ndazo Salka; Hassan, Fatima Bukar; Ayo, Joseph Olusegun Apr 1, 2020 5737
Obese people need more vitamin E than others. Mar 20, 2020 365
Obese people need more vitamin E than others. Mar 3, 2020 365
Vitamin E acetate found in more vapers' lung fluid. Splete, Heidi Mar 1, 2020 573
A Case Series of Vaping-Induced Lung Injury in a Community Hospital Setting. Ali, Mohammed; Khan, Kashmala; Buch, Mihir; Ramos-Ramirez, Manuel; Sharma, Munish; Patel, Seema; Cho Mar 1, 2020 3152
TO EVUALATE THE AMELIORATIVE ROLE OF VITAMIN E ON NEPHROTOXICITY INDUCED BY VANCOMYCIN IN RABBITS. Shabana Ali, Mahwish Qaisrani, Kulsoom Farhat, Akbar Waheed, Muhammad Faisal Afridi and Muhammad Was Feb 29, 2020 2669
Characteristics of Persons Who Report Using Only Nicotine-Containing Products Among Interviewed Patients with E-cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use-Associated Lung Injury--Illinois, August-December 2019. Ghinai, Isaac; Navon, Livia; Gunn, Jayleen K.L.; Duca, Lindsey M.; Brister, Sarah; Love, Sarah; Brin Report Jan 24, 2020 4140
Study strengthens link between vitamin E, vaping illness. Report Jan 3, 2020 315
Study strengthens link between vitamin E, vaping illness. Report Jan 3, 2020 315
Vitamin Analysis, Trace Elements Content, and Their Extractabilities in Tetrapleura tetraptera. Oteng, Prince; Otchere, John K.; Adusei, Stephen; Mensah, Richard Q.; Tei-Mensah, Emmanuel Jan 1, 2020 7487
Vitamin E acetate confirmed as likely source of EVALI. Splete, Heidi Jan 1, 2020 505
Findings reinforce connection between vitamin E acetate and vaping-related lung injuries. ANI Dec 31, 2019 329
Short Communication - Effect of Vitamin E Supplementation on Humoral Immunity Following the Administration of Enterotoxaemia Vaccine in Goats. Mumtaz Ali Khan, Sher Bahadar Khan, Shakoor Ahmad, Irshad Ahmad, Ikramul Haq, Kashif Prince, Asad Ul Dec 31, 2019 2071
Evidence mounts that vitamin E acetate is to blame for vaping-related deaths. Lena H. Sun The Washington Post Dec 30, 2019 845
Evidence mounts that vitamin E acetate is to blame for vaping-related deaths. Lena H. Sun The Washington Post Dec 30, 2019 967
Vitamin E Acetate ID'd in Lungs of Most Vaping Illness Patients; And, special report notes decrease in ED visits with EVALI-related diagnostic codes since September 2019. Dec 24, 2019 287
Assessment of the Effectiveness of Vitamin Supplement in Treating Eczema: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhu, Ziyu; Yang, Ziyi; Wang, Chunyi; Liu, Handeng Report Nov 30, 2019 6344
Vitamin E Compound Likely Culprit Behind Vaping Lung Illnesses, Study Finds. Nov 26, 2019 621
CDC recommends that people should not use THC-containing e-cigarette, or vaping, products. Daily News Egypt Nov 19, 2019 187
Federal Prohibition Of Cannabis (Not Vitamin E Acetate) Is The Real Cause Of The Vaping Crisis. Benzinga Cannabis Nov 18, 2019 819
Vaping-Related Lung Disease And Vitamin E Acetate: What You Should Know. Dave Royse Nov 11, 2019 584
Vitamin E Reportedly Behind Vaping Illness Outbreak. Darwin Malicdem Nov 11, 2019 379
'Strong culprit' for vaping illnesses identified. Mike Stobbe AP Medical Writer Nov 9, 2019 591
'Strong culprit' for vaping illnesses identified Vaping: Doctor likens oily substance to honey. Mike Stobbe AP Medical Writer Nov 9, 2019 591
CDC Says Vitamin E Acetate 'Strong' Culprit In Vaping Lung Damage Cases. Marcy Kreiter Nov 9, 2019 464
Vitamin E Acetate Is Leading Suspect in Vaping-Linked Lung Illnesses: CDC. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Nov 8, 2019 589
The effect of adding ethanolic saffron petal extract and vitamin E on growth performance, blood metabolites and antioxidant status in Baluchi male lambs. Alipour, Fereshteh; Vakili, Alireza; Mesgaran, Mohsen Danesh; Ebrahimi, Hadi Nov 1, 2019 7985
Evaluation of the Effect Derived from Silybin with Vitamin D and Vitamin E Administration on Clinical, Metabolic, Endothelial Dysfunction, Oxidative Stress Parameters, and Serological Worsening Markers in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients. Federico, Alessandro; Dallio, Marcello; Masarone, Mario; Gravina, Antonietta Gerarda; Di Sarno, Rosa Oct 31, 2019 8547
Effects of Vitamin C and Vitamin E on Cryopreservation of Guanzhong Donkey Semen. Yu, Xiaohui; He, Shuai; Wang, Liqiang; Kang, Mengyang; Zhu, Yanjiao; Wang, Shuhui; Sun, Xiuzhu Report Oct 31, 2019 2551
Eye Love Releases All Natural Eye Cream and Face Moisturizer with Vitamin E Oil, Raw Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil on Amazon at a Competitive Price. Oct 4, 2019 559
CannaSafe Offers Tests For Vitamin E, Other Additives To California Companies. Nina Zdinjak Oct 2, 2019 390
Oregon Lab Offers Vitamin E Acetate Test For Vapes. Sep 17, 2019 349
America's Outbreak Of Vaping Illness. Sep 11, 2019 684
Colorado Cannabis Brand, Northern Standard Vape Oils Do Not Contain Vitamin E Acetate: Northern Standard Responds to Vitamin E Acetate Concerns. Sep 10, 2019 771
Fatty Food Not Required Immediately For Vitamin E Absorption, Study Finds. Sep 10, 2019 707
NY Department Of Health: Vitamin E Acetate Could Be Culprit For Vaping Illnesses. Sep 6, 2019 483
Vaping-Linked Lung Illnesses Double, Vitamin E Acetate Leading Suspect. Report Sep 6, 2019 836
Contaminant found in vaping products. Sep 6, 2019 615
Tests show contaminant found in vaping products linked to deadly lung illnesses. Sep 6, 2019 1157
Health Officials Close in on Culprit in Vaping Lung Injury Cases. Sep 5, 2019 269
Health Officials Close in on Culprit in Vaping Lung Injury Cases; Vitamin E acetate can be dangerous when inhaled, leading to cough, shortness of breath, chest pain. Sep 5, 2019 217
Effect of High Vitamin E Dosages on Lipid Peroxidation and Fatty Acid Profile of Labeo rohita Fingerlings. Fatima, Mahroze; Afzal, Muhammad; Shah, Syed Zakir Hussain Report Aug 31, 2019 6195
Preventative Effects of Vitamin E on Testicular Damage and Sperm Parameters in the First-Generation Mice Pups due to Pre- and Postnatal Mancozeb Exposure. Saddein, Esmaeil; Haghpanah, Tahereh; Nematollahi-Mahani, Seyed Noreddin; Seyedi, Fatemeh; Ezzatabad Aug 31, 2019 6194
Sources of Vitamin E (and How to Make Sure Your Body Can Use It): Many people don't get enough vitamin E. Find out where to get good sources of this essential nutrient. Smith, Kristen N. Jul 24, 2019 347
Nutrient Patterns and Risk of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Eslamian, Ghazaleh; Hekmatdoost, Azita Jul 1, 2019 4742
Effect of Dietary Vitamin E, Selenium and Their Combination on Concentration of Selenium, MDA, and Antioxidant Enzyme Activities in Some Tissues of Laying Hens. Celebi, Saban Report Jun 30, 2019 4445
7 reasons you must eat olives. May 23, 2019 752
Evaluation of Hepatotoxicity of Carbon Tetrachloride and Pharmacological Intervention by Vitamin E in Balb C Mice. Mughal, Tafail Akbar; Saleem, Muhammad Zubair; Ali, Shaukat; Anwar, Khawaja Khurshid; Bashir, Muhamm Report Apr 30, 2019 4729
Vitamin E Loaded Naringenin Nanoemulsion via Intranasal Delivery for the Management of Oxidative Stress in a 6-OHDA Parkinson's Disease Model. Gaba, Bharti; Khan, Tahira; Haider, Md Faheem; Alam, Tausif; Baboota, Sanjula; Parvez, Suhel; Ali, J Apr 30, 2019 14134
Feeding behavior of goats, castrated and uncastrated, supplemented with Vitamin E. Silva, Igor Cassiano Saraiva; Junior, Jose Antonio Alves Cutrim; da Silva, Edneide Marques; Pereira, Apr 1, 2019 5090
Effects of Fluorides With or Without Vitamin on Adult Albino Mice. Mar 31, 2019 3026
Eating patterns and nutrient intake for older people: analysis with different methodological approaches. Ferreira-Nunes, Patricia Moraes; Papini, Silvia Justina; Corrente, Jose Eduardo Dec 1, 2018 7039
Skin Findings in Cystic Fibrosis Cases. Daye, Munise; Pekcan, Sevgi; Mevlitoglu, Inci Report Dec 1, 2018 3729
United Orthopedic Corporation awarded US FDA approval for E-XPETM hip liner. Nov 28, 2018 226
United Orthopedic Corporation awarded US FDA approval for E-XPETM hip liner. Nov 28, 2018 222
The Effects of Omega-3 and Vitamin E Co-supplementation on Carotid Intima-media Thickness and Inflammatory Factors in Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Talari, Hamid Reza; Poladchang, Somayyeh; Hamidian, Yaser; Samimi, Mansooreh; Gilasi, Hamid Reza; Eb Report Nov 1, 2018 4329
How to make your skin glow with Vitamin E. Oct 30, 2018 379
Merck Consumer Health India launches handbook on Vitamin E. Oct 19, 2018 496
What Vitamins Should You Take to Improve Your Heart Health? Sep 1, 2018 715
Moderation is the key when it comes to vitamin E. Jul 9, 2018 537
Moderation is the key when it comes to vitamin E Massey: Studies on vitamin E conflict. Jul 9, 2018 537
White muscle disease in three selenium deficient beef and dairy calves in Argentina and Uruguay/Doenca do musculo branco em tres bezerros para carne e leite deficientes em selenio na Argentina e Uruguai. Rodriguez, Alejandro Martin; Schild, Carlos Omar; Canton, German Jose; Riet-Correa, Franklin; Armend May 1, 2018 2727
Moderate Dose of Trolox Preventing the Deleterious Effects of Wi-Fi Radiation on Spermatozoa In vitro through Reduction of Oxidative Stress Damage. Ding, Shang-Shu; Sun, Ping; Zhang, Zhou; Liu, Xiang; Tian, Hong; Huo, Yong-Wei; Wang, Li-Rong; Han, Report Apr 1, 2018 7861
The role of nutritional and environmental health in preventing birth defects. Setright, Russell Report Mar 22, 2018 4043
Effect of ursodeoxycholic acid and vitamin E in the prevention of liver injury from methotrexate in pediatric leukemia. Bordbar, Mohammadreza; Shakibazad, Nader; Fattahi, Mohammadreza; Haghpanah, Sezaneh; Honar, Naser Mar 1, 2018 4428
Bounty of Vitamins from "Golden" Potato. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 259
Literature Review & Commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Feb 1, 2018 2002
A short-term supranutritional vitamin E supplementation alleviated respiratory alkalosis but did not reduce oxidative stress in heat stressed pigs. Liu, Fan; Cell, Pietro; Chauhan, Surinder Singh; Cottrell, Jeremy James; Leury, Brian Joseph; Dunshe Report Feb 1, 2018 5058
Evaluation of Natural Antioxidants Action in Oxidative Stability of Commercial Biodiesel. Pina Moreira Ramos, Talita Cuenca; Ferreira de Souza, Eliane; Cuenca Pina, Camila; Adriano Cavalheir Report Jan 15, 2018 2827
Haptoglobin Genotype Is a Determinant of Hemoglobin Adducts and Vitamin E Content in HDL. Goldenstein, Hagit; Levy, Nina S.; Ward, John; Costacou, Tina; Levy, Andrew P. Jan 1, 2018 4404
Counteraction of Oxidative Stress by Vitamin E Affects Epigenetic Regulation by Increasing Global Methylation and Gene Expression of MLH1 and DNMT1 Dose Dependently in Caco-2 Cells. Zappe, Katja; Pointner, Angelika; Switzeny, Olivier J.; Magnet, Ulrich; Tomeva, Elena; Heller, Jutta Jan 1, 2018 9475
Hepatoprotective Activity of Vitamin E and Metallothionein in Cadmium-Induced Liver Injury in Ctenopharyngodon idellus. Duan, Yajiao; Duan, Jing; Feng, Yang; Huang, Xiaoli; Fan, Wei; Wang, Kaiyu; Ouyang, Ping; Deng, Yong Jan 1, 2018 8221
Durability and Biological Response of a New Posterior Dynamic Stabilization System Using Polyethylene with Vitamin E. Matsumoto, Koji; Tokuhashi, Yasuaki Jan 1, 2018 2768
Annatto: Delivering Tocotrienols from Amazonia: A new perspective on an old-fashioned vitamin E staple is opening a new range of health applications. Tan, Barrie Jan 1, 2018 1568
The Effect of Vitamin E and Metallothionein on the Antioxidant Capacities of Cadmium-Damaged Liver in Grass Carp Ctenopharyngodon idellus. Feng, Yang; Huang, Xiaoli; Duan, Yajiao; Fan, Wei; Duan, Jing; Wang, Kaiyu; Geng, Yi; Ouyang, Ping; Medical condition overview Jan 1, 2018 4794
Effect of Prepartum Vitamin E and Selenium on Antibody Transfer in Colostrum and Cattle Calves. Prince, Kashif; Khan, Muhammad Sarwar; Ijaz, Muhammad; Anjum, Aftab Ahmad; Prince, Atif; Khan, Naima Report Dec 31, 2017 6408
Vitamin E find paves way for 'more nutritious' maize. Nov 4, 2017 228
Vitamin E find paves way for 'more nutritious' maize. Nov 2, 2017 244
Power Up on Foods Packed with Vitamin E. Ellis, Esther Nov 1, 2017 454
Repair of tibiotarsal rotation in 7 Chukar partridges (alectoris chukar) and 12 domestic pigeons (Columba livia domestica) with type-2 external skeletal fixator intramedullary pin tie-in. Kaya, Didar Aydin; Ozsoy, Serhat Sep 1, 2017 3929
Second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide poisoning in a captive andean condor (Vultur gryphus). Hydock, Kira L.; DeClementi, Camille; Fish, Pilar H. Sep 1, 2017 4231
Vitamin E-coated polysulfone membrane-based hemodiafiltration attenuates inflammation in a rat model of lipopolysaccharide-induced systemic inflammation. Hatanaka, Yoshihiro; Inoue, Satoru; Goto, Koji; Yasuda, Norihisa; Hidaka, Seigo; Kitano, Takaaki Report Sep 1, 2017 4015
Ovarian Damages Produced by Aerosolized Fine Particulate Matter (PM[sub]2.5) Pollution in Mice: Possible Protective Medications and Mechanisms. Gai, Hui-Fang; An, Jian-Xiong; Qian, Xiao-Yan; Wei, Yong-Jie; Williams, John; Gao, Guo-Lan Report Jul 27, 2017 8126
Study: vitamin E, selenium fail to reduce dementia risk. Jun 1, 2017 142
Vitamin E: the importance of Gamma-Tocopherol. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial Jun 1, 2017 1341
An Antioxidant Combination Improves Histopathological Alterations and Biochemical Parameters in D-Galactosamine-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats. Catal, Tunc; Tunali, Sevim; Bolkent, Sehnaz; Yanardag, Refiye Report Jun 1, 2017 4143
Vitamin E, selenium do not prevent dementia. Farham, B. Report May 1, 2017 245
Blood Selenium and Vitamin E Levels in Heifers: Regional and Seasonal Differences in Northern Cyprus. Sayiner. Serkan; Karagul, Hilal Report Apr 30, 2017 6034
Vitamin E could help protect older men from pneumonia. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 195
Selenium, vitamin E don't prevent colorectal polyps in men. Mar 1, 2017 166
Vitamins C and E associated with decreased risk of Dementia. Report Mar 1, 2017 179
Vitamin E supports heart, brain, eye, and immune health: sixty percent of Americans don't get enough of this vital vitamin. Feb 1, 2017 501
The Response of Macro- and Micronutrient Nutrient Status and Biochemical Processes in Rats Fed on a Diet with Selenium-Enriched Defatted Rapeseed and/or Vitamin E Supplementation. Rydlova, Michaela; Runova, Karolina; Szakova, Jirina; Fucikova, Alena; Hakenova, Anna; Mlejnek, Petr Report Jan 1, 2017 11997
Antioxidant Treatment Induces Hyperactivation of the HPA Axis by Upregulating ACTH Receptor in the Adrenal and Downregulating Glucocorticoid Receptors in the Pituitary. Prevatto, Jessika P.; Torres, Rafael C.; Diaz, Bruno L.; Silva, Patricia M.R. e.; Martins, Marco A.; Report Jan 1, 2017 6368
Oxidative Stress: Harms and Benefits for Human Health. Pizzino, Gabriele; Irrera, Natasha; Cucinotta, Mariapaola; Pallio, Giovanni; Mannino, Federica; Arco Report Jan 1, 2017 11264
Influence of Dietary Supplementation with Prebiotic, Oregano Extract, and Vitamin E on Fatty Acid Profile and Oxidative Status of Rabbit Meat. Mattioli, Simona; Cardinali, Raffaella; Balzano, Michele; Pacetti, Deborah; Castellini, Cesare; Bosc Report Jan 1, 2017 11887
Micronutrient Intake in a Cohort of Italian Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: Adherence to Dietary Recommendations. Giorgini, Marisa; Vitale, Marilena; Bozzetto, Lutgarda; Ciano, Ornella; Giacco, Angela; Rivieccio, A Report Jan 1, 2017 4084
Chromium Toxicity and Oxidative Stress in Broiler Chicks and its Amelioration with Vitamin E and Bentonite. Mashkoor, Javaria; Khan, Ahrar; Khan, Muhammad Zargham; Hussain, Iftikhar Report Dec 31, 2016 5774
Vitamin E and Alzheimer's. Etingin, Orli R. Dec 1, 2016 300
Protective Effects of Vitamin E and Selenium Administration on Small Intestinal Damage Prior to Abdominal Radiation. Karabulut-Bulan, Omur; Bolkent, Sehnaz; Kizir, Ahmet; Yanardag, Refiye Report Oct 31, 2016 4776
Vitamin E can modify pneumonia risk in older men. Oct 29, 2016 274
SDK Discovers TPNa Vitamin E Derivative Improves Dark Circles. Oct 24, 2016 535
Role of Vitamin E in Neural Tube of Mouse (Mus musculus) Embryos and Fetuses treated with Valproic Acid: Immunohistochemical Study of Sonic Hedgehog/Rol de la Vitamina E en el Tubo Neural de Embriones y Fetos de Raton (Mus musculus) Tratados con Acido Valproico: Estudio Inmunohistoquimico de Sonic Hedgehog. Valencia, Daniel Conei; Guerra, Barbara Soler; Contreras, Gustavo Saint-Pierre; Rauco, Mariana Rojas Sep 1, 2016 2949
Fertility Improvement in Cross-Bred Dairy Cows Through Supplementation of Vitamin E as Antioxidant. Khan, Ikramullah; Qureshi, Muhammad Subhan; Akhtar, Sohail; Ali, Ijaz; Ghufranullah Report Aug 31, 2016 5387
Vitamin E improves quality of life in patients with alcoholic liver disease. Kolasani, Bhanu Prakash; Sasidharan, Prasanand; Divyashanthi, C.M.; Kumar, Adithiya Report Jul 1, 2016 4022
Virun[R] Receives U.S. Patent 9,351,517 for Its Vitamin E, Esolv[R], All-the-While Rebranding Itself as a Notable Formulation and Development Giant. Jun 16, 2016 783
Yeast culture and vitamin E supplementation alleviates heat stress in dairy goats. Wang, Lizhi; Wang, Zhisheng; Zou, Huawei; Peng, Quanhui Report Jun 1, 2016 5977
Effects of Treatment with Vitamin E in the Neural Tube and Spinal Cord Mus musculus Mouse Embryos Exposed to the use of Valproic Acid/ Efectos del Tratamiento con Vitamina E en el Tubo Neural y Medula Espinal en Embriones y Fetos de Ratones Mus musculus Expuestos al uso de Acido Valproico. Valencia, Daniel Conei; Guerra, Barbara Soler; Contreras, Gustavo Saint- Pierre; Contreras, Jovita O Jun 1, 2016 4537
Efficacy of antioxidant vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene) and selenium supplement on D-galactosamine-induced lung injury. Bayrak, Bertan Boran; Catal, Tunc; Oztay, Fusun; Yanardag, Refiye; Bolkent, Sehnaz Report Jun 1, 2016 4356
Mejoramiento del estatus antioxidante y de la calidad del semen por suplementacion oral con vitaminas C y E en carneros. Cofre-Narbona, Eileen Jennifer; Peralta-Troncoso, Oscar Alejandro; Urquieta-Mangiola, Bessie Elvira; Ensayo May 1, 2016 5095
Vitamin E for periodontal disease. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article May 1, 2016 178
A comparison of natural (D-[alpha]-tocopherol) and synthetic (DL-[alpha]-tocopherol acetate) vitamin e supplementation on the growth performance, meat quality and oxidative status of broilers. Cheng, K.; Niu, Y.; Zheng, X.C.; Zhang, H.; Chen, Y.P.; Zhang, M.; Huang, X.X.; Zhang, L.L.; Zhou, Y Report May 1, 2016 6117
Vitamins C and E associated with decreased inflammation in diabetics. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 205
Vitamin E delays progression of cellular senescence. Faloon, Chancellor Brief article Mar 1, 2016 210
Supplementing vitamin E to the ration of beef cattle increased the utilization efficiency of dietary nitrogen. Wei, Chen; Lin, Shixin; Wu, Jinlong; Zhao, Guangyong; Zhang, Tingting; Zheng, Wensi Report Mar 1, 2016 4469
Metabolic syndrome may increase vitamin E need. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 187
Obese adults need more vitamin E, but absorb less. Jan 1, 2016 128
Vitamin E on the brain: Vitamin E-rich foods may help keep your brain sharper as you age. Thalheimer, Judith Report Jan 1, 2016 573
Experimental Colitis Is Attenuated by Cardioprotective Diet Supplementation That Reduces Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Mucosal Damage. Robles, Hilda Vargas; Madrid, Ali Francisco Citalan; Ponce, Alexander Garcia; Olivares, Angelica Sil Jan 1, 2016 5670
Antiaging Effect of Inula britannica on Aging Mouse Model Induced by D-Galactose. Chen, Hui; Long, Yuanyuan; Guo, Lei Jan 1, 2016 5737
Evaluation of otoprotective effect of antioxidant supplementation with vitamin E on sensorineural hearing loss in patients treated with cisplatin concurrent chemoradiotherapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Shivappa, Lohith; Huvin, Ganga; Goel, Harish Chandra; Morodia, Surender Kumar Dec 7, 2015 2191
Vitamin E may boost bone mineral density in Chinese women. Dec 1, 2015 277
Obese People Need More Vitamin E, but Actually Get Less. Nov 3, 2015 611
High triglycerides, LDL may interfere with vitamin E absorption. Nov 1, 2015 230
Role of vitamin E in preventing arteriohyalinization in kidneys of streptozotocin induced diabetic mice. Oct 31, 2015 2015
Protective effect of vitamin E against nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 215
Vitamin E keeps muscles healthy. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 199
Vitamin E's role in head and neck cancer. Abstract Sep 1, 2015 623
DSM comments on EFSA review of vitamin E. Sep 1, 2015 427
Protective role of vitamin E: on diazinon-induced hepatotoxicity by biochemical and histological alterations in Wistar rats. Damodar, D.; D'Souza, Urban John; Bhat, Shankar Report Sep 1, 2015 4172
Sclerotial formation inhibition by vitamin A, C, and E in Aspergillus flavus. Jose, Mark Anthony I.; Teves, Franco G. Report Aug 1, 2015 2288
The technical and financial effects of parenteral supplementation with selenium and vitamin E during late pregnancy and the early lactation period on the productivity of dairy cattle. Bayril, T.; Yildiz, A.S.; Akdemir, F.; Yalcin, C.; Kose, M.; Yilmaz, O. Report Jul 17, 2015 5497
Add daily vitamin E to the treatment of NASH. Freeman, Sara Jul 1, 2015 800
Get your E. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 102
Add vitamin E to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis 'toolkit'. Freeman, Sara Jun 1, 2015 714
The State of California Invests in VIRUN[R] NutraBIOsciences[TM]; VIRUN[R] Receives Two More Patent Grants in China While Premiering Esolv[R] Vitamin E Encapsulator. Apr 7, 2015 1033
Vitamin E intake critical during 'the first 1000 days'. Stauth, David Apr 1, 2015 694
Effects of dietary supplementation with ferulic acid or vitamin e individually or in combination on meat quality and antioxidant capacity of finishing pigs. Li, Y.J.; Li, L.Y.; Li, J.L.; Zhang, L.; Gao, F.; Zhou, G.H. Report Mar 1, 2015 6264
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Vitamin E could make bones weaker. Mar 5, 2012 435
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