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Vitamin E prevents cell damage caused by exercise.

Vitamin E Prevents Cell Damage Caused By Exercise

LA GRANGE, ILLINOIS: New studies show that a vigorous workout can cause damage to the body's cells if vitamin E levels are not adequate.

Exercise groups that are at greatest risk include skiers, mountain climbers, and others who work out at high altitudes; marathoners and others who exercise to exhaustion; persons who exercise in an environment where the air is polluted; and the "weekend warrior" - the sporadic exerciser who doesn't work out on a regular basis and is out of condition.

With every breath we take, molecular by-products known as free radicals are created. Free radicals are highly reactive particles that can cause oxidative damage, which has been linked to the development of such degenerative diseases as cancer, heart disease, cataracts, arthritis and even the aging process itself.

During vigorous exercise, the body takes in and uses oxygen at a high rate - up to 10 to 20 times as much as in normal, day-to-day activity. The greater the use of oxygen, the more free radicals are created and the higher the potential for cell damage. And if we exercise in an environment where the air is polluted, the free radical threat is exacerbated.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Jun 22, 1990
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